Sunday Riley’s Successful Skin Care Line

Sunday Riley is a brand that a lot of women have been praising on social media websites. Sunday Riley, the women, created her skin care line after she realized there was a need for infused skin care. She created her line with what she calls ‘green technology” which is described as the combination of botanicals with proven active ingredients.

One of the hardest formulas for Riley to create was her new Good Gene serum. Lactic acid is a scientific-backed ingredient included in the formula, to remove dead skin cells and improve the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and puffy eyes. Licorice, lemongrass, amica, and yeast are also used in the serum to make the user’s skin appear more youthful. The creator designed the foundation in 20 shades to appeal to all customers.

Even though she spent a lot of time developing her Good Genes formula, Riley claims that she does not have a favorite. Besides Good Genes selling very well, C.E.O. a vitamin C serum has been doing well in sales as well. In addition, U.F.O, the Ultra-Clarifting Face Oil has become very popular. Luna is a sleeping oil that has been very profitable as well. Tidal is a skin brightener which Riley claims also has been doing very well in profits.

The female entrepreneur claims to have learned to create formulas by experimenting with different blends. She has had to try different formulas until she felt like she got the right texture, scent, and blend of ingredients. She feels that learning on the job is the best form of training that a person can get.

Riley is pleased to learn that her skin care line has become a regular part of many women’s routines. She has designed products for all different times of the day so that users have a morning and evening staple. She feels that her line is a dream come true and is happy to continue formulating products that are popular with women. At the same time she knows that if a product is not profitable, it is okay to let it go.

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The Growing Fascination With Organo Gold Career Opportunities

Organo Gold is taking off in a very unexpected way. There is a lot of interest in this company and there is potential for it to break beyond Asia and America. It has easily become a game changer in the gourmet coffee industry, but this is just one small portion of what this coffee brand is able to do. It is also a leader inside of the personal care product line as well. This has been somewhat unexpected because the brand did not originally start off with any type of personal care products. Now there is strong showing for health products that support things like detox. There are bountiful number of options for people buy from independent distributors.

Bernardo Chua has been able to make sure that coffee consumption is completely different now. He knows that there are more people that are utilizing the Internet when it comes to coffee. Chua realized that there are people that only hear about new products by way of television. This is why he has been able to bypass the traditional television marketing. He does not worry about print ads either. He knows that his biggest audience is going to reside online. This is why I put so much training independent distributors. This is also why Bernardo makes a conscious choice to embrace social media like Twitter and Facebook. It is evident that he realizes that the shift in coffee culture is going to come from the Internet crowd. You realize that this is the best platform to get business out to the mainstream, and this has allowed him to reach millions. It has even given him the opportunity to gain more independent distributors as he looks for ways to connect more consumers to a plethora of Organo Gold products that are coming into the spotlight.

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Isabel dos Santos: The Champion for All

Women’s rights and equal rights for LGBT has been a hot topic and a hot issue for a long time now. Women’s rights and women fighting for equal rights are deeply rooted in human history and the champions of women’s rights have been making waves and making efforts into achieving equal right between all genders. The toxic patriarchal culture that has been ironed in our culture and history has been a big hurdle and adversary for champions of equal women’s rights. Until now women still face inequality and discrimination in all aspects of community and society:


  1. In the workplace, women still do not receive equal pay compared to men – even if they do the same workload and work for the same hours.
  2. In the society, women are still commonly harassed on the streets with cat-calling and harassment.


A champion of Women’s Rights, and the richest woman in Africa, Isabel dos Santos punctuates on the fact that women’s rights is a fundamental issue in the world and that discriminatory claims against women are insults to their potential as great leaders of the community. Isabel dos Santos firmly believes that equal rights for women are one of the critical keys in the ultimate evolution of the society. This is why she has brought up this concern to the United Nations.


Isabel dos Santos is all for empowering women all around the world, and she has exerted extreme efforts into forwarding the rights of women in all communities. As an African local, where culturally women are equal to men in society, she makes it a point to bring up the fact that patriarchy is a concept made by society that has only retrogression in its interest.


Needless to say, Isabel dos Santos is one of the most inspiring leaders of the community today and she has undoubtedly helped the progress of developing the equal rights of women all around the globe. Isabel dos Santos’ core values are values that should be imitated and instilled in every individual’s life. Isabel dos Santos is an inspiration to all and she is a woman of strong character and beliefs. Unshaken and unscathed by anyone.

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How Alex Pall is Redefining EDM/Pop Music Scene

The Chainsmokers music is arguably the best music brand in the world of EDM. They have given the world some of the best tunes and innovative music videos. To many fans, this approach was lacking prior to 2013. It is important to note that this impressive musical journey could have been impossible without two talented acts, Andrew, and the legendary Alex Pall. For less than a decade, the duo has made a name in this genre of music making fans all over the world, even to places traditionally perceived to be non-EDM locations. However, this broad fan base is a clear indication that Alex Pall and his band fellow are unique in their approach to product and writing music.

Alex Pall by all standards (in EDM) is a smart risk taker, and he has challenged some traditions in the world of EDM. For example, prior to the Chainsmokers, many creatives never wrote their songs. However, Pall and the group have been involved in each project. If they are collaborating with another creative, Pall confesses that they co-author the song. Involvement in the creation process has always given their song a certain level of consistency, which unfortunately lacks in many songs. Some of the songs they have successfully co-written include ‘closer’ and ‘Rosses.’ These songs have one thing in common. Apart from having some beautiful hooks, they have deep and classical lyrics. Combining a hook with some memorable lyrics is slowly becoming the new reality in this genre thanks to Alex Pall innovative mind.

Alex Pall, however, has one of the most inspiring journeys to the world of music. Although he points out that, he once worked in ‘regular job’ music was still his passion. The New York music scene and especially the EDM niche at the time he was growing up was still underdeveloped as it is today. However, his efforts and Andrew’s have already transformed the music scene to become a multi-billion industry. His was fortunate enough to have a manager who understood the music scene. Through this manager, Pall points out that working with Drew was not a farfetched reality.

Jeunesse Global Brings A New Twist To The Energy Drink Game

There are a a number of energy drinks on the market. However, one health and wellness company its shaking up things with their advanced energy drink line. That company, Jeunesse Global, is winning loyal fans with their NEVO energy drinks.

An Advanced Approach to Energy Drinks

Unlike other energy drinks, NEVO is developed by a health and wellness company with a tradition of using extensive research to create their products. The result is a line of drinks that are free of artificial colors and flavors. With just 50 calories per serving, NEVO energy drinks delivers without adding to too many calories.

Natural and Powerful Ingredients

Each flavor of NEVO energy drinks is packed with healthy, natural ingredients. These ingredients include green tea, Guarana, Yerba mate, Vitamin C, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12. That means each NEVO energy drink is packed with antioxidants and critical vitamins not usually found in most common foods.

Four Unique Flavors

NEVO offers four unique flavors that are designed to appeal to a wide range of energy drink fans. There is NEVO Açai Grape, NEVO Lemon Ginger, NEVO Peach Mango and NEVO Mixed Berry. These drinks contain 20% of fruit juice, taste great, have a full rage of B-vitamins, only 50 calories and no artificial sweeteners.

Part of the Youth Enhancement System

NEVO energy drinks are part of Jeunesse Global’s Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.). These products are designed to help people look, feel and think younger. Y.E.S. products include AM & PM Essentials daily supplements, FINITI longevity supplements, Instantly Ageless anti-aging skin cream, Luminesce skin and beauty cream, M1ND mental focus liquid supplement, Naara collagen liquid supplement, NEVO energy drinks, NV skin care products, RVL hair care products and ZEN Bodi weight management system.

About Jeunesse Global

For over a decade, Jeunesse Global has been one of the top health and wellness companies offering a full line of advanced products. These products are sold through a network of global distributors. As the company enters its next decade of operation, Jeunesse Global seeks to find new innovations to the health and wellness space.

Four Factors that Will Make You a Great Investor with Igor Cornelsen

The best lessons are learned from people who have been through the same path of life we are at the moment. Igor Cornelsen is among the people we can learn from having been in the financial industry for four decades. He went to school to study engineering but he developed an interest in finance that he couldn’t ignore, so he went ahead and shifted to finance.

Here are some valuable lessons you can learn from Igor;

Develop Good Habits

As a new investor, you have a chance to develop healthy habits to see that you grow in your business. Habits such as focusing on long-term goals and relying on your common sense instead of emotions could really help.

Have a Mentor

Experience is very important in the business world. It is , therefore, critical that you seek advice from the individuals who have been in the field for longer than you. Igor gives an example of a business person investing in stocks they have a good feeling about and losing everything. Having a mentor teaches you about the factors to consider to pick a stock.

Drop Bad Investments

Many people operate their businesses with emotions. They stick to it even when the business is not yielding any profits. Igor does not stay to watch his end. As an investor, you’re supposed to predict and know if a business is going through a tough time or it’s just not a good investment. Whenever Igor Cornelsen realizes that the economy of a country is deviating, he drops investments in that nation because he knows his business will be affected as well.

Start as Early as Possible

Don’t wait to accumulate a lot of money to invest. Igor advises people to start even with a $100 and reinvest the money to grow. This is better than waiting until you are 40 or 60 to start investing.


Blockchain technology can be defined as the expertise that manages a record database of a network of global networks. In 1989, Serge Belamant created the first incarnation of blockchain technology. This brilliant entrepreneur holds the patent for this amazing technology.

Net1 Technologies came up with the blockchain technology that caused a revolution in banking. This is because through Mr. Belamant the company came up with the first debit card that can use blockchain technology. The company produced the first smart card which can be used as more than a debit card.


Serge Belamant grew up partly in South Africa and France. However, the brilliant inventor was born in France in the Tulle locale. When he was 14 years he migrated to South Africa. He even learned English while studying at a school called Highlands North High. In addition to this, he was also an excellent chess and rugby player.

The magnificent inventor then proceeded to Witwatersrand University in South Africa. He first chose to study engineering but later he decided to study Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. However, this was only for a period of two years. Thereafter, he decided to discontinue with the studies and he took courses through UNISA where he studied information systems.

In July 2018, Mr. Belamant started Zilch Technology Limited. He is also Net1 UEPS Technologies consultant. Prior to this, he worked for the latter company as a CEO between May 2000 and 2017. From October 1989 to September 1995, he worked for the same company as The Net1 Investment Holdings Limited Managing Director.

Apart from the current roles, Serge Belamant also holds a number of advisory and board member roles for some companies. They include MediKredit Integrated Healthcare Solutions where he is the Director of the board and Prism Group Holdings where he is also the Director of the board. He started both of these roles in 2000. However, he was the Director of the Net1 UEPS board between May 1997 and May 2017. He was also the chairman of the same board between February 2003 and April 2017.

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OSI Group McDonalds Ventures into Global Expansion under the Guidance of Innovative Leaders

OSI McDonalds is an American privately owned meat processor that services the retail food industry. It’s centrally situated in Aurora, Illinois and operates 65 facilities in 17 countries. The company was founded in 1909 by Mr. Otto Kolschowsky who had just emigrated from Germany and settled in Chicago. It all started as a small butcher shop that served the locals. In 1917, Kolschowksy expanded the business into Maywood, one of Chicago’s suburbs before involving his sons into the company. In 1928, Otto named the business Otto & Sons after introducing the two sons into the business. With time, Otto & Sons established a stellar reputation in the meat industry for providing quality food.

OSI Group McDonalds Expands its Horizons

In 1955, the first McDonald’s restaurant was established by Ray Kroc with Otto and his sons as the significant suppliers for beef patties. It also marked the onset of Cryogenic food processing for preserving fresh food via liquid nitrogen. Otto and Sons were appointed to serve as the main meat suppliers. A fifth supplier was added in the long run. In 1973, Otto opened the first high-volume meat processor in Chicago. Over the years, the OSI Group McDonalds has operated under different brand names with the latest being OSI Group. It has taken the meat industry by surprise especially with the many acquisitions.

Major Acquisitions in 2016

In 2016, OSI McDonalds purchased a food processing plant in managed by Tyson Foods. The processor encompasses 20,000 square feet. It is also conveniently situated near one of OSI’s plants. The purchase enabled the company to expand its operations thereby catering to more clients. Moreover, its customer’s needs are rapidly changing. The extra processing space makes it possible for the company to meet the needs. In the same year, OSI Group McDonalds continued its quest to increase the number of facilities by acquiring Baho Food, a manufacturer of deli meats, convenience foods, as well as snacks. The acquisition gave OSI Group McDonalds a visible presence in Europe. Baho Food operates five subsidiaries situated in Germany and the Netherlands. They have the capacity to process various types of meat-based proteins.

Sunday Riley Holiday Box

The skin care wellness company Sunday Riley is releasing a three-piece holiday skin care kit to only 1,000 customers. The three-piece holiday skin care kit is going to include a few of Sunday Riley’s new products and a reformulated product. So what’s in the kit?

The first product is one that most people who are familiar with Sunday Riley would recognize. Sunday Riley’s Good Genes reformulated liquid exfoliator serum will be a part of the limited edition holiday collection. products were discontinued in Europe due to the formulation not having approved ingredients in the UK because of the UK not permitting the use of lactic acid ingredients in their products. The company reformulated the product to contain glycolic acid instead of lactic acid. This was more of a plus for the United Kingdom customer base, but the holiday collection is the first time this reformulated version of Good Genes is going to be available stateside of the pond.

The skin care company also included their Luna sleeping night serum product. This retinoid filled product is perfect for anyone seeking to add more collagen to their skin with the use of this retinol infused product. The product is not recommended for sensitive skin. The Sunday Riley company recommends that people use a small amount of the product at a time to build up a tolerance to it so their skin won’t react to it.

The third product in the holiday collection is their C.E.O. Glow. the C.E.O. Glow is made up of turmeric oil and vitamin C. The product contains glow-inducing ingredients to make skin look radiant.

The early access holiday kit retails for about $185. It contains products that retail on their own for $230. You can try to be one of the early access customers to get one of the kits by purchasing one when they’re released limitedly on November 19.

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Achievements of OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions is among the most prestigious food production firms around the globe. The company has been operating since 1989, and it is based in the united kingdom. It majorly focuses on the production of both pork and beef products. It distributes the high-quality products to a vast number of restaurants in various parts of the country. Besides, the company has established many of its subsidiaries in various parts of the world. It continues to maintain its reputation as a leader in the industry. Besides, the incredible quality of its products has seen the company attract many customers.

OSI Food Solutions prides itself in it’s dedicated and highly skilled staff. The workers have always had a solution for every challenge that the firm experiences. In recent years, they have worked together to ensure that the company keeps rising to the top to keep up to its competitive advantage and excellent reputation. The firm has also successfully handled the numerous challenges that it has been experiencing, with the sector of IT being the major ones that have been a challenge to it. In the recent issues that the firm experienced about malicious people interfering with their emails, the firm executives gathered a strong team of IT developers, who took the initiative of handling the matter. Today, the data of the firm is highly secured and encrypted with the largest IT companies in the world. Through the step they took, the executives also believe they played a significant role in protecting their customers, and this has continued to help the firm maintain its clients besides bringing a smile on their faces.

Additionally, the firm also seeks to make its operations simple and not complicated to anyone. They overly pay attention to the lives of their clients by giving them a chance to give their opinions about their products. The top-notch services of the OSI Food Solutions firm have seen the company receive numerous awards from various companies in the United Kingdom as well as other countries. The honor that the OSI Food Solutions has received is the major reason behind their motivation and great achievements.

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