Herbalife Nutrition Gives Generously

Herbalife Nutrition just announced that yet another generous donation of their Herbalife Nutrition Protein Deluxe Bars would be donated by the company to 120 blood donation centers across the United States. These blood drive centers are run by the American Red Cross, and over 280,000 of these tasty and satisfying bars will be donated.

Their generous donation is worth a staggering half a million dollars, and this is the fourth consecutive year that Herbalife has generously given this gift. Herbalife Nutrition is well-known for their Formula 1 protein shakes as well as its Herbalife24 sports drink. The company has been working with the Red Cross in order to combine their efforts for many decades, and they will continue to do so.


Herbalife Nutrition’s protein bars are high in many nutrients including vitamin B6 and riboflavin which are both very important for bringing up the red blood cell count. They’re a great way to get donators a boost after donating a pint of their blood. They are also a kind of thank you to all those who donate their time as well as their blood to help others.

Herbalife Nutrition’s involved in many other efforts to help those in the community. The company has hosted over 50 blood drives at its offices and with its Herbalife Nutrition mobile blood drive that operates in California. It’s estimated that because of their efforts it’s been possible to save as many as 25,000 lives every single year.

The company also encourages its employees and customers to donate their blood as well. There are over 8,000 employees at Herbalife Nutrition, and there are over three million distributors. They also have millions of customers. In 2015, the company recruited 25,000 blood donors from their employee and distributers pool at the Herbalife Nutrition Extravaganza that they hosted in St. Lois, Missouri.

They were there when the California wildfires got out of control, and they were there in the aftermath of the hurricanes that hit hard in the southeastern part of the United States.

Herbalife Nutrition has also participated in the Missing Types Campaign put on by The American Red Cross. This campaign raised awareness about the different blood types and which ones are the most sought-after in order to save lives. Because of their combined efforts with the American Red Cross, many people are able to stay alive and to have a second chance at life.


Using the Neurocore for Better Mental Health

Unfortunately, a lot of people who are suffering from mental health conditions are finding that they are not receiving the help that they need. Medications might not be working or have nasty side effects and conventional therapy just isn’t cutting it. Read more about Neurocore at Patch.com.

For these people, it is a good idea to consider using the Neurocore program. The reason the Neurocore program is so popular is because it helps you to train your brain and get over the many mental health issues that you might be experiencing right now. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

If you feel it is time for a change and want to feel better about yourself, it is important to get onto the Neurocore site and learn more for yourself. This particular program is ideal for people of all ages and all mental health disorders, so you are a viable candidate if you want to make use of the Neurocore company. You will love what the company is able to do for you and how it is going to change your life for the better simply because it is something that you will enjoy doing for yourself and how you will feel about this when you want to get it done in your life.

Check: https://patch.com/florida/miami/neurocore-abridged-history-applied-neurofeedback

Successful career journey of Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest is a famous producer in broadcast and cable television. Apart from that, he is paramount in significant programs in international and local radio stations. Seacrest has interests in entrepreneurial activities from his childhood. For this reason, he has involved himself with various activities and projects in media.

Also, Ryan Seacrest has a wide range of ventures in various entertainment companies. The investments include “Civic Entertainment Group” e.t.c. His entrepreneurial skills and interests fuel these investments. Apart from investing in media companies, Seacrest also has a nose for men’s fashion wear and has a men’s fashion clothing business dubbed as Ryan Seacrest Distinction.

Ryan Seacrest’s work experience

Ryan Seacrest works in various media houses. In national and local television and radio stations, he holds topmost positions. Most of his shows win various nominations and Awards nationally, for instance, his American Idol television show.

Seacrest has been demonstrating his unique media skills as a host in Seacrest radio station. In this national station, he hosts “On Air with Ryan Seacrest,” a program which is winning nominations such as top 40 radio show nationwide.

Ryan also works as a producer of various programs. The shows that he create and present has a national viewership. The famous programs that he hosts and produce include;

  • Eve with Ryan Seacrest
  • E Live from the red carpet
  • Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin

Ryan Seacrest’s achievements

Ryan Seacrest has been successful in all his media activities. All the programs that he produces have a substantial impact on the whole nation. Currently, he is hosting “live with Kelly and Ryan” show, where he co-hosts with Kelly Ripa. This program is among the major programs which Seacrest has been hosting, and it is anticipated to win several Awards.

Seacrest has also been successful in launching Ryan Seacrest Productions. The program has been producing digital shows in the entertainment world. The shows include; Shades of Blue and Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution among other shows. This program is also expected to win an Award with the famous “Emmy-Winning Team.”

Seacrest is now the CEO of Ryan Seacrest Foundation which has successfully established ten media stations nationwide in eight years. In most of his shows, he inspires the youths on how to live positively. Ryan Seacrest also chairs various foundations.

How Agera Energy Is Outperforming Their Competitors

Striving to simplify energy buying once and for all, Agera Energy is a retail energy supplier specializing in natural gas and electricity. From homes to businesses, Agera Energy offers their renowned services to a vast clientele. In fact, they’ve amassed a sizable following over the last five years. 1.8 million people, to be exact. Agera Energy proudly serves their valued clients and strives to offer reliability, affordability, and durability.

At the forefront of their operations lies client-driven initiatives that set them apart from the competition. Agera Energy maintains that other suppliers are merely money-grubbing corporations looking to swindle their patrons. Fortunately, Agera Energy boasts an air of sincerity that lets their consumers know they’re committed to their needs. Both long-lived and thriving, Agera Energy is firing on all cylinders.

Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is an entity which places keen interest in the provision of advisory services to clients. This range from private equity, mergers, valuation, tax planning, venture capital, and investment banks among other services and these have boosted the Madison Street Capital reputation.


The entity holds strong values in regards to maintaining integrity and honesty while dealing with potential clients. Its products are often separated to meet the varying business needs which have contributed to the company success.


Management and leadership at Madison Street Capital are heavily reliant on the understanding of clients business models and the provision of quality services to aid in the accomplishment of the business goals.


It is imperative to note that through education to clients on financial services and the incorporation of capital markets, businesses are valued accordingly and it becomes easier to form a strategic plan resulting in wealth creation.


The article on Madison Street Capital highlights on the recognition of the business. The company was awarded a turnaround M&A deal of the year by the M&A advisor. This award is in regards to the exemplary services offered by Madison Street to Sachs Capital Group.


The award is timely since with the aid of Madison Street, the entity was able to close a deal in the take-private of RMG Networks. This comes as no surprise since the advisory team focused on ensuring that Sachs Capital group in conjunction with Virgo Capital and Merion Investments collaborated to have the best deal.


The team is seen to have a turnaround of over 25MM to 50MM which the M&A declared to be among the best in recent years. The success of Madison Street in this deal could be attributed to their strategic view and approach to the business transactions.


This is by the implementation of their policy where the team ensured that all parties involved were well educated on the financial aspects of how to have a huge turnaround. This, coupled with a good debt financing strategy ensured that the parties involved reaped the highest levels of business returns. The nature of the business transaction is viewed to be quite complex and this was sufficient proof of Madison Street Capital level of competency and excellence.


Mergers and acquisition transactions are often clouded by the risk of loss of investments but with a good team, the return on investment is quite high. This can be attributed to the fact that with the presence of global markets, the transfer of ownership is crucial in the process of market diversification. Madison Street Capital deserves the award for the numerous business transactions it has helped clients maneuver through while maintaining a high level of professionalism, integrity, and excellence.


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InnovaCare Health’s Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides Recognized as Health Leaders

InnovaCare Health, a leading healthcare operational firm, has spent the past 20 years creating ways to improve the value of health care. CEO Rick Shinto and CAO Penelope Kokkinides contribute to this as well as overall quality of medical technology. As a result, they have been recognized as leaders in their own ways.

InnovaCare Health Moves Forward

This company is more than a century old. However, InnovaCare Health has began to accelerate its efforts toward sustainable, value-based systems within the past two decades. This includes initiatives launched in Puerto Rico, where MMM Healthcare now is recognized as one of the “most trusted and largest federal health care plans.” At the same time, solutions are becoming less of a carbon footprint.

InnovaCare Acquired MMM Healthcare in 2006. Since then, MMM’s structure became reshaped, which involved the streamlining of the way they carry out analytics and contracts. This includes new ways of helping patients take charge of their own well-being. To keep patients well is one goal, and the provision of a new network of physicians that are incentivized to engage with their community is another. This mixed with new technologies has all been set up to improve the quality of care each patient receives.

Dr. Richard is one of Top 25 Minority Executives

In 2018, President and CEO Dr. Richard Shinto received the honor of “Top 25 Minority Executives in Healthcare.” This award was given to the executives who advocated for more affordable healthcare solutions for people of color. It also recognized the company management who worked hard to see that people who lived through natural disasters received the protection and help they needed.

Penelope Kokkinides InnovaCare Health Contributions

CAO Penelope Kokkinides is well-known for her contribution to InnovaCare Health. She has applied her two decades’ worth of experience in clinical program development to every company project. In addition, she has tapped into her health care management expertise when focusing on improving the efficiencies of healthcare structures. This resulted in physicians being able to work in a way that more quickly provided patients what they needed.

Examples of health models designed by Kokkinides before InnovaCare Health include those created for UnitedHealth Group. In addition, she provided the strategies that set the overall direction for Touchstone Health and Americhoice.


The peaks and valleys of Victoria’s Doramus’s life

Victoria Doramus is a media personality whose life is an inspiration to the current and future generations. A BA holder in journalism and mass communication, Victoria has experienced both the good and the bad that life has to offer. She is an alumnus of the University of Colorado and is a force to reckon in the creative industry due to her unique talents and way of doing things. She began her career at Mindshare immediately after her graduation, and since then has worked with a series of other notable companies in the same realm such as Stila cosmetics, Creative arts agency and Trendera.

Being a graduate in mass communication and journalism, Victoria Doramus boasts excellent writing abilities which have seen her write for a long string of renowned platforms such as the USA today, the Cassandra report, the cosmopolitan and the Huffington Post among many others.

Victoria’s drug addiction experience

Addiction is something that millions of people in the world struggle with on a daily basis. It is also something that has taken the lives of a million others. Fortunately, there are those who struggle with it for a long time, and finally, manage to become clean, and Victoria Doramus is among them.

Having struggled with addiction to hard drugs for fifteen years, Victoria now works arm in arm with the Army Winehouse foundation, a non-profit organization which continuously comes up with initiatives aimed at eradicating stigma among the youth, and educating them about addiction. Victoria uses her successful struggle with drugs to inspire those who are struggling with the same, that they can make it out and also uses her experience to prevent other youths from indulging in drug use.

Besides the Amy Winehouse Foundation, Victoria Doramus has a big heart and her love extends to both humans and animals. This is why she works with various charity organizations, such as the Women’s prison association, a non-governmental organization focused on offering women behind bars proper representation, as well as helping those who are free avoiding arrest, by helping them make positive changes in their lives. She also works with the Best friends animal’s society, also a non-profit foundation dedicated to rescuing animals in kill shelters.

The welcome of Artificial Intelligence by Paul Mampilly

The path that Paul Mampilly followed for the motivated investors they can gain inspiration from it because he paved success for him and others. The success that he has achieved in Wall Street is the reason why he earned an unimaginable profit. The other thing is that he makes excellent use of his talents. The one skill that Paul Mampilly makes good use of is writing and educating people. His profit unlimited research newsletter has over 60,000 subscribers. All the subscribers one thing that they appreciate is that he offers expert information.

The newsletter will offer more than the real momentum and extreme fortunes, it also will provide guidance in making an important decision when investing. Currently, the one thing that Paul Mampilly is recommending is the artificial intelligence (AI) that investors should consider trying. For him, the idea that makes him different from the others is that what others may consider scary he use his objective approach and learn about the stocks. To him the use of AI will make life easy, it’s something not to fear because it’s simple to use and harmless too.

On him publications, Paul Mampilly will offer his subscribers financial advice to assist them in making investment decisions. After intensive research he will recommend stocks that he is sure investors will receive success. The other platform that he uses to give guidance is through televisions the common one that he attends is the economic market. The ability that Mampilly has to understand the average investor’s needs is the reason why he has an insight that is helpful in investments. Paul Mampilly possesses an MBA from New York Fordham University that he attended in 1996.

What surprises many is that he doesn’t have a business degree but still possess the best intellectual prowess. For Paul the different positions that he had in Wall Street were necessary for him because he got to learn about Wall Street. No substitute can be able to take from all that he learned from the experiences. The work that he does has not gone unnoticed because in 2008-2009 he received an award from Templeton Foundation Investment.

Sunday Riley’s Successful Skin Care Line

Sunday Riley is a brand that a lot of women have been praising on social media websites. Sunday Riley, the women, created her skin care line after she realized there was a need for infused skin care. She created her line with what she calls ‘green technology” which is described as the combination of botanicals with proven active ingredients.

One of the hardest formulas for Riley to create was her new Good Gene serum. Lactic acid is a scientific-backed ingredient included in the formula, to remove dead skin cells and improve the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and puffy eyes. Licorice, lemongrass, amica, and yeast are also used in the serum to make the user’s skin appear more youthful. The creator designed the foundation in 20 shades to appeal to all customers.

Even though she spent a lot of time developing her Good Genes formula, Riley claims that she does not have a favorite. Besides Good Genes selling very well, C.E.O. a vitamin C serum has been doing well in sales as well. In addition, U.F.O, the Ultra-Clarifting Face Oil has become very popular. Luna is a sleeping oil that has been very profitable as well. Tidal is a skin brightener which Riley claims also has been doing very well in profits.

The female entrepreneur claims to have learned to create formulas by experimenting with different blends. She has had to try different formulas until she felt like she got the right texture, scent, and blend of ingredients. She feels that learning on the job is the best form of training that a person can get.

Riley is pleased to learn that her skin care line has become a regular part of many women’s routines. She has designed products for all different times of the day so that users have a morning and evening staple. She feels that her line is a dream come true and is happy to continue formulating products that are popular with women. At the same time she knows that if a product is not profitable, it is okay to let it go.

Find out more about Sunday Riley: https://www.skinstore.com/brands/sunday-riley.list

The Growing Fascination With Organo Gold Career Opportunities

Organo Gold is taking off in a very unexpected way. There is a lot of interest in this company and there is potential for it to break beyond Asia and America. It has easily become a game changer in the gourmet coffee industry, but this is just one small portion of what this coffee brand is able to do. It is also a leader inside of the personal care product line as well. This has been somewhat unexpected because the brand did not originally start off with any type of personal care products. Now there is strong showing for health products that support things like detox. There are bountiful number of options for people buy from independent distributors.


Bernardo Chua has been able to make sure that coffee consumption is completely different now. He knows that there are more people that are utilizing the Internet when it comes to coffee. Chua realized that there are people that only hear about new products by way of television. This is why he has been able to bypass the traditional television marketing. He does not worry about print ads either. He knows that his biggest audience is going to reside online. This is why I put so much training independent distributors. This is also why Bernardo makes a conscious choice to embrace social media like Twitter and Facebook. It is evident that he realizes that the shift in coffee culture is going to come from the Internet crowd. You realize that this is the best platform to get business out to the mainstream, and this has allowed him to reach millions. It has even given him the opportunity to gain more independent distributors as he looks for ways to connect more consumers to a plethora of Organo Gold products that are coming into the spotlight.

Organo Gold’s Twitter