Jaime Garcia Dias – Introducing Virtual World For Writers

Marketing your literature work is not that hard in virtual world. When traditional methods of marketing has failed, you can use online for your advantage, This community is very welcoming when it comes to writing when the real-world becomes resistant to it.

Jaime Garcia Dias has worked for Carioca Literature Academy for more than a decade and has taught his students about new and creative ways of writing. One of his lessons deals with marketing literature. Jaime Garcia Dias advises his clients to make the best use of what the internet has to offer. He keeps himself and others updated with the latest trends and technology when it comes to his favorite field. In return, aspiring writers have found that their best bet is to be part of the writing culture on the net. This is a place where writers can support one another, discuss and give opinions at the same time. In much the same way that other gigs can be marketed, writers can make an impressions on the virtual market. Companies that hire these writers participate a lot in some of the forums meant for writers. Writers are encouraged to go beyond the conventional form of writing and be creative with their work. When these companies come into the virtual world, it makes a public splash with its demands and announcement. Writers have great opportunity here and Jaime Garcia Dias is one of the well-knwon figures encouraging these aspiring writers.

Internet proves a good audience for promoting your books as well, and Dias has enjoyed great success through Twitter and other outlets. Based on marketing and popularity, people enjoy participating in books and author discussions and being on the edge of the interactive scene. When writers are promoting their books here, they feel connected to the several audiences providing the needed attention. The audience who are mostly book enthusiasts feel connected to the writers and their work creating a devoted following. Internet is one such avenue where writers can reach maximum number of people within a short time. Many writers such as Jaime Garcia Dias have sold their books online while participating in many online networks meant for literature lovers and writers, and extending beyond to sites like Vimeo which can be more interactive with fans. The definitive difference with online promotion is that they give people or audience more to talk about a particular book. Several aspiring writers are discovered this way noting how their audience responds.

As communities are formed for writers, it becomes easier to find a specific category in literature to be associated with. This kind of networking of writers used to take years to happen or unfold. Jaime Garcia Dias has been a pioneer among writers in building a network through many websites including his official one. His work and advice for writers in Brazil have been valuable as well.