John Goullet’s Incredible Success Story

John Goullet’s Career

John Goullet is an IT staffing professional behind the success of a series of ventures in the IT marketplace. After graduating with a degree in Computer Science from Ursinus College, John began his career as a computer consultant before transiting to an IT staffing professional in 1994. Having worked both as a consultant and IT staffing professional gave John a broad perspective in the world of IT staffing. As a veteran in navigating market shifts, John Goullet founded Info Technologies to develop services and solutions for Fortune 500 companies throughout the United States. Within five years, his leadership proved efficient as Info Technologies’ worth grew to $30 million, placing it on the list of the fastest growing enterprises in the United States.

As a visionary, Mr. Goullet merged Info Technologies with Diversant resulting in the formation of Diversant LLC. John became the Principal of the newly formed IT staffing company. As the Principal of Diversant LLC, John Goullet participates in the formulation of the company’s strategies. He ensures that Diversant develops mechanisms to conquer different challenges facing the IT staffing industry. Under Goullet’s guidance, Diversant has integrated industry leaders to its innovative team to form a stable workforce.

Since 2010, John Goullet has demonstrated professionalism in steering Diversant. While other firms experience hardship, Diversant has registered a continued growth even during economic hostility. Mr. Goullet encourages his team at Diversant to be creative and uphold ethical behavior. By embarking on teamwork, Diversant has grown to an internationally recognized organization. Today, Diversant ranks as the largest African-American owned firm in the US. Additionally, Diversant has been certified as a Minority-Owned Business Enterprise.

Having been certified as a Minority-Owned Business Enterprise testifies that Diversant meets clients’ specific IT needs. John Goullet attributes Diversant’s success to the recognition of individual efforts. Being committed has been instrumental in building a strong organization based on the current market trends. Today, John Goullet strives to establish new, innovative mechanisms for addressing challenges facing the ever-evolving IT sector. In an interview with IdeaMensch, John Goullet said that he brings his creative ideas to light by focusing on the current market trends.