How Securus Technologies is Innovating in Our Prison System

It’s rare that a client or consumer of a company will give a positive testimonial. Heck, I shop at Target at least three times a week and I can tell you I LOVE Target. However, would I take the time and effort to write up a testimonial to the amazing experience I have there? Likely not.


However, dozens and dozens of Securus Technologies’ clients wrote incredible testimonials on how the company’s services and technologies have helped them to do better work. Not only that, many wrote in specific instances where the technology has helped them to complete specific acts of justice.


One example comes as a Sheriff’s Department was able to find and confiscate more than a million dollars worth of illegal drugs, cash and other items. The Sheriff’s Department wrote in thanking Securus Technologies for their monitoring services that allowed them to make this incredible find. Another example was a testament to Securus’ call monitoring technology. A correctional institute successfully monitored phone calls coming from their institution. From these phone calls, one inmate was heard and recorded talking to his brother about his case. His brother had a completely clean criminal record and the inmate was coaching him to lie about his alibi. That lie could have resulted in perjury, which would have resulted in the young man also facing criminal charges. However, due to Securus Technologies, the inmate was recorded and that information was used in the inmate’s trial to put him behind bars.


Securus Technologies is a prison security technology company that offers a suite of technology designed to make prisons safer. The company also offers a phone calling system to inmates. To date, they serve over one million prison inmates. They also have been noted to have contracts with over 2,500 correctional facilities throughout North America.


Securus Technologies Proves To Be the Best by Unveiling Investigator Pro 4.0

Investigators, correction facilities, and the entire criminal justice cannot control their joy after learning of the new software developed by Securus Technologies. The Innovator Pro 4.0 is a product of the JLG Technologies.

The software has unique features that would enhance the fight against criminal activities associated with the inmates. In addition, the technology will significantly aid investigators in their quest to uncover fishy gang-related activities. It is a solution expected to improve the safety of the citizens and monitoring of the inmates. Furthermore, the Investigator Pro 4.0 will ease and simplify the investigation process.

The Securus Technology software has advanced voice features that are vital for monitoring, investigating, and correcting inmates. I noted that the Investigator Pro has a searchable voice that is important in differentiating various voice samples among the prisoners. Therefore, it becomes simpler to track inmates’ incoming and outgoing telephone calls. The move will help to prevent any criminal activities conspired by the incarcerated parties before they happen.

Moreover, the investigators and the correction agencies are happy since they can know the people the inmates are talking about, the content of their conversation, and the criminal history of the person calling the prisoners. Besides, the investigators are having an easy time dismantling any illegal activities planned by the inmates by using the software to establish inmates communicating with each other via telephone.

Securus Technologies lead among the companies that offer civil and criminal justice technology solutions in North America. The solutions are crucial to investigators, correction agencies and the law enforcers in their quest to eradicate crime.

Today the technology organization services the largest number of correction centers in North America. Their main offices are in Dallas Texas. Securus has over one million inmates and dedicates to provide emergency responses among other services to their clients.

With this innovation, I perceive that the Innovator Pro 4.0 will be a game-changer in the fight against crime in America.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Securus Announces Huge Downloads in New Technology

Securus Technologies has hit a landmark in their business sector with over 65,000 downloads of their Video Visitation app for both Android and Apple Devices. The app has only been on the market less than 6 months, but is already being downloaded and used at a phenomenal rate. The Apple version has only been on the market around and week and was already downloaded more than 5,000 times. 

The app marks a new level in technology, it allows to serve and connect inmates with their family on the outside. Not all loved ones can make the strenuous and often expensive and time consuming trips to prisons for visitation, which can often get cancelled at the last minute. This technology allows inmates to video conference with their loved ones on the outside and keep in contact on computers and mobile devices. 

Securus Technologies is a company that creates and provides both criminal and civil justice technology solutions. It is used by thousands of public safety, corrections agencies, and law enforcement officials to attain secure and accurate information. The company is also the creator of an app that connects incarcerated inmates with their loved ones on the outside. For a small fee you can video conference or send voicemail to and from inmates. To get help setting up your account, click here.

Securus is located in Dallas, Texas and currently serves over 3,400 agencies as well as over one million inmates. They currently serve over 2,200 correctional facilities to connect inmates to their families and work with numerous agencies to provide emergency response, public information, aid in investigations, inmate communication efforts, information management, incident management, and monitoring and surveillance services.