Saad Saad Invents Devices that Mitigate the Health Risks on Patients.

After Dr. Saad Saad left the University of Cairo, he was so determined to make tremendous changes in the medical field in the way operations, and procedures were done. He went for his internship in England and later flew to the United States to start his medical practice. Throughout his medical career, Saad Saad had felt that there was a need to improve the methods and the procedures that the physicians used to reduce the risk to which the patient’s health is subjected. This pushed him to keep learning during his practice so that he could be able to identify the underlying problems and the best solutions that they required.


One of the main problems that he identified was with the use of the traditional endoscope while locating objects inside the children’s bodies. This device helps the pediatricians to locate and remove external materials that may have been swallowed by children accidentally, without having to operate them. However, for this device to function, there must be a lens that enables the doctors to keep the visual of the target objects inside the bodies. This lens, however, when they come into contact with the body fluids, they form a mist that obstructs the doctors from focusing on the object.


Recently, Saad Saad came up with a more advanced endoscope that is fog-proof and will enable the efficient operations by the pediatricians. These modern devices will allow the physicians to complete their work without having to stop and trying to retrace the target objects due to the effect of the fog. Another invention that Dr. Saad Saad has made is that of a modern catheter that will be using electromagnetic energy to function. To explain a little bit, a catheter is a device that is used to treat various diseases by the physicians. The gadget is also involved in the performance of complex surgical procedures that the doctors need to treat critical health conditions. Learn more:


The problem with these catheters was that they had to be placed in the patient’s body using a guide wire which would sometimes break and cause some complications to the patients. Upon insertion, the devices had to be traced again in case the patient needed further medical attention. To locate the position of the catheters, doctors and surgeons have been using X-rays, which have been causing a lot of health complications to the patients. For instance, the constants exposure to the X-ray leads to various cancerous diseases that put the health of the patients in a riskier position. To overcome this challenge, Saad Saad invented this catheter with its locator that would use electromagnetic energy to detect the gadget. Once the device identifies the location of the catheter in the body, it transmits some electric signals that enable the doctors to locate the catheters without having to put the patient’s health at risk.

Sightsavers Urging Health Groups to Prevent Blindness in the Commonwealth

Sightsaves and several other health organizations have come together to issue a letter to take preventative action for people losing their eyesight. There are over 85 million people in the Commonwealth who either have poor vision or are completely blind. The governments are being pressured to bring together supporters, advocates, and service providers to bring vision back to everyone.

The CEO of Sightsavers, Dr. Caroline Harpe, has stated that to bring about this change everyone must work together. The goal is to raise the quality of care offered by eye health services since it’s been estimated that the amount of people with limited or no eyesight will triple in 2030. To prevent this from happening, they want organizations to join together to provide better eye care to these people.

People with limited or no eyesight will face greater challenges compared to people who have excellent eye health. Today people are living longer lives and as they age their eyesight will continue to decline if preventative measures aren’t put in place ahead of time. People across the world are a disadvantage since they face a greater risk of economic, educational, and social hardships.

The open letter is urging leaders from several countries to come together to bring vision to everyone, everywhere and to take action now. The goal Sightsavers has set their eyes upon is 2020 and the meeting carries with it the urgency of preventing or at least limiting these hardships for people of the Commonwealth. In the letter, it’s stated the tools to start taking preventative measures are there, but unless leaders and their countries take action people with declining eye health will only continue to suffer.

The submission of the letter will hopefully urge leaders into action to start taking these measures seriously and looking into bringing people quality eye care services. Millions more people could potentially be facing declining eyesight with others who may end up going completely blind. Sightsavers is stating now is the time to act to prevent the numbers of people with poor eye health from rising and to help those with declining eyesight now, not later.

Neurocore Takes Charge In The Treatment Of Depression

Based on research within various sectors of the society, it has become evident that most people in the community are stressed, yet they don’t have an idea of the risk that stress can cause in their lives. Stress is the primary cause of depression in life, and it results when the particular issues continues to affect the life of an individual.

One of the companies that is significantly investing in the well-being of the stressed persons in the society is Neurocore. After being established in 2104, the organization has continually ensured that people can be pulled out of the cocoon of depression. Adults are profoundly affected by depression, and this is as a result of the major technicalities that they face in life.

In most cases, stressed people fail to have someone to talk to so that they can vent out their problems and get help. As a result, they end up keeping issues to themselves, which eventually become monumental. 7% of the citizens of the United States tend to suffer from depression and its harmful effects. Depression has been underlined by many specialists as the common mental illness in the society, and all people can be affected by its different forms.

Information is shared on various platforms on the most suitable ways that can be used to control cases of depression. Joining hands can help in resolving hopelessness as it is something that may end up encouraging the well-being of every person. Mental illness can affect any person, and it is essential to understand how we can help all people in the society. Neurofeedback is a method that allows specialists to treat depression and give people a healthy life in the most suitable manner.

Therefore, Neurocore is employing this technique to help the depressed people become better in their daily undertakings. Depression is a very challenging condition as there is no primary causative agent of the complication. Therefore, treating the problem requires excellent care on the part of specialists to ensure that perfect results can be obtained. The sings of depression vary widely, and it entirely depends on what is affecting an individual.

Neurocore Assures Mentally Unstable Patients of Peace of Mind

Technology and innovations have brought some shift in the management of neurological conditions. It is discouraging when your kin starts experiencing memory lapse, lack of sleep and reduced alertness and concentration. Neurocore is a company established to remedy the fore-mentioned conditions. Through their Brain Performance centers, it will be easy to tell the severity of the conditions, leading symptoms. After detection, a patient can be enrolled in an individualized program as per their comprehensive assessment.

Clinical diagnostics are conducted through the Qeeg technology that critically analysis’s the brainwave, breathing and heart rate. Medics use information obtained therein to draw lines of what is happening in your brain. Consequently, a customized program is developed differently from patient to patient depending on an individual assessment of brain functioning. After that, Neurocore help deals with the cause and possible overcoming those to enable one lead a quality life following this program.

Qeeg technology is a brain mapping software that step by step assess brain wave frequency and give impromptu feedback. This improves the functioning and as a result increase alertness, concentration and is a good tool for stress management. However, there are various methods to get the neurofeedback.

About Neurocore
As a neurological company, Neurocore seeks to bring brain stability to patients suffering from neurological malfunctioning. The brain performance is responsible for realigning brain functioning to ensure patients do not suffer from anxiety, stress, depression, or insomnia. This program has remarkably helped individuals both children and adults be freed from emotional instability.

Neurocore has specialized in data-driven management, brain assessment using the Qeeg technology and training to self-manage oneself. With a workforce of about 200 employees, the company has offered exceptional services to patients since 2004 throughout Florida and Michigan. Neurocore offers the following services neurofeedback, qEEG biofeedback training, heart rate variability training, attention assessment and nervous system diagnostics and regulation. Their supportive customer service works around the clock to ensure all enquiries are responded to promptly. The company’s website – which is an open access site- can be freely accessed for questions, inquiry or any other information one would like to obtain from them.

For more information follow Neurocore on Facebook, here.

Building Online Presence with White Shark Media

White Shark is the best company concerning the establishment of online presence. Many companies that value digital platforms are finding White Shark a good company because it has been helping them to establish themselves on the internet. It is important to note that internet marketing has become a very significant move in today’s business and if a company fails to take the proper steps to market, then there is a possibility that such a company may not succeed in doing business. White Shark Media is an organization that consists of professionals that are always keen to make sure your business is at the top. They have mastered the art of SEO and web management among other products and services such as the development of web and management of your content.


Required Services


Internet marketing is very crucial in today’s world, and everyone knows that. It is, therefore, significance to make sure that you do everything to make yourself and your company visible on the internet. However, with experts who have already established themselves and who know what they are doing, you do not have to waste so much of your time thinking about how to go about it. All you should do is to contact White Shark Media, and all your problems will be solved. They know what it takes for every small company to build an online presence. They will guide you through every step into ensuring that you can succeed in the end. If you seek the services of White Shark Media, you will get traffic that you require for your business, and you will be able to meet your missions and visions.


White Shark Media has been able to establish a firm ground on internet marketing because of doing professional work and working with professionals. They are people who are always doing research to come with innovative ways to help your company grow. Some customers are already flying with great success simply because they approached White Shark Media. Do not be left behind, seek the services of White Shark and you will find success.


More Stunning Inventions as the Union between Technology and Fashion Intensifies

The union between technology and fashion is achieving unbelievable feats. We have to thank those distinguished men and woman that spotted this trend ahead of the multitude and was kind enough to announce it. I know of one person in this category, Chris Burch is the name.


Mr. Burch is not a man of just one industry. He excelled in all the industries he ventured into,these include fashion, technology and real estate. He is worth listening to as he has all the proofs of success. The company he controls currently, Burch Creative Capital, is doing exceedingly well with formidable and impressive brand of portfolio.


Mr. Burch shared his experiences from the 70s to the close of the century. For music lovers, the 70s was all about boom box, which made carrying great tunes and stations easy and enjoyable. Many had great times then, but something better was around the corner. The invention of the Walkman in the 90s opened a new chapter in the music world, the personal music experience that came with it was dame thrilling, but again something better was getting closer by the day. Before the turn of the century, the iPod came up and overthrew the Walkman in the hearts of many. This trend has never stop, always an improvement technologically and fashion-wise.


Modern fashion seems helpless without technology. Almost all accomplished fashion designers agree to the fact that much will be lost in functionality and innovation if technology is kept away. Anouk Wipprecht could not agree more when she responded:”technology is like a playground, a place of experiment, and as you dive deeper and deeper into the technology and systems, it rewards you with endless possibilities.” Wipprecht pioneered what is today known as avant-garde designs.


It is good to know that modern fashion is expanding its scope. In addition to attraction, consideration is now given to the need for some measure of protection against injuries. The works of Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin exemplify this novel approach. They came up with a fancy airbag for cyclists to protect their heads in case of a collision or fall. An airbag is superior to a helmet in terms of better visibility of the surroundings when it face is closed.


What about cloths designed to capture kinetic energy. It has never been heard before. The whole idea is centered on movement, which can be changed into electrical energy. These cloths can be used to power appliances like mp3 and watch.


The list of unbelievable feats that the union of fashion and technology is achieving is lengthen, and more stunning inventions are yet to come.

Dr. Walden, Texas Native and Superstar Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Jennifer L. Walden is a Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon, who has been featured on ABC, NBC, and E! Dr. Walden is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in accordance with the American Board of Plastic Surgery. She was nominated as one of the Best Plastic Surgeons in America and has numerous patient testimonials to attest to her skills, superior customer service, and utmost respect for her clients. Dr. Walden was formally fellowship-trained in cosmetic surgery. She focuses on women’s health issues and cares for women’s self-empowerment and autonomy. A native of Texas, Dr. Walden chose to relocate to Austin, Texas to be closer to family. She moved away from her established busy practice in New York City and continued to offer her superior cosmetic surgery services to clients in Texas. Dr. Walden is well established in her business as a top Plastic Surgeon. She works with her dedicated team so that together they maintain extraordinary levels of standards of patient care and safety.


Being a woman and mother, in addition to being an amazing Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Walden is able to offer a unique assessment of client’s needs and concerns. Dr. Walden focuses on breast augmentation, nose jobs, face-lifts, liposuction, and mommy makeovers. Clients can feel at ease with Dr. Walden, as she is capable of giving clients a walkthrough of procedures, without feeling judgment or bias. Dr. Walden understands that despite her history of Manhattan aesthetic in cosmetic surgery, that clients seeking a more “natural” look will know that her skillful hand will give them the new look they desire. Dr. Walden is also a believer in her own products and services, having undergone laser and Botox to tighten up her skin and rejuvenate her own look. She is dedicated to her career as a top Plastic Surgeon because of the ability to give women their self-confidence back, and enrich lives and self-esteem, one client at a time.

Talk Fusion: The People’s Choice

When a company can appeal to both the people out there and media giants like the Technology Marketing Corporation (, they are doing something right, for sure. When it comes to the people, they are outspoken and that is meant in a good way. After all, freedom of speech is important and people should feel comfortable expressing how they feel without any worries or any fears about it. Of course, it is always great when it is respectful and well thought out and that is how all of the reviews are for Talk Fusion, which is a video communications provider. They excel in this area with groundbreaking video chat, video newsletters, video emails, and video conferences.


When it comes to the media giant that was spoken about earlier, they look at the best products that are out there and they look for ones that are looking to improve and expand in various ways. If a product is just staying the same and not making any improvements, it still might be a good company, but it is not a great company. By winning the the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award, they have proven to be a great company. That is a big difference. If people are going to get involved in a community or be invested in it, they have to know it is the right company. In many cases, people have quit their jobs to use Talk Fusion and all of the services it provides.


It has allowed them a whole new way of life and a whole new way of thinking of their situation. In the past, they might have thought there was no way out and they were stuck. Now, they are realizing they have options and those are a wonderful thing to have. No one wants to feel like they only have one choice on the menu. They want multiple choices. When someone has multiple choices, the world is their oyster, as they say.


They are in control of their lives once again and they can start a brand new career. As they say, it is never too late in life to start over and get a fresh start on things. Life gives second chances.

QNet Provides Generous Donation for Chennai Flood Relief

In November and December of 2015, the annual northeast monsoon, spurred by El Nino, deluged South Indian states with hundred year record rainfall totals, with a record breaking twelve inches falling on the first day of December. The hardest hit areas included Tamil Nadu and the city of Chennai. More than 500 people lost their lives and 1.8 million people were displaced. The cleaning and restoration efforts after such a devastating natural disaster is immense. For this very reason, QNET-WE CARE handed over a generous contribution of Rs. 75 Lakhs to the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. The presentation was made at the glittering awards function “BE1ForChennai”, held for the first time in Hyderabad. Before this donation, QNET had helped to fund the acquisition and distribution of household relief kits which included sheets, mats, cooking utensils and other household goods to people whose homes had been washed away in the flood.

QNET – WE CARE is a CSR initiative of QNET in India which has been supporting the causes of underprivileged individuals ranging from promoting the health of destitute adults to actively promoting sports for the physically challenged as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. QNET’s philosophy of “Raise Yourself to Help Mankind”, is resonated throughout its many charitable giving campaigns. Earlier this year, they partnered with Lion’s Club International donating a Kidney Dialysis Unit at the Shirdi Sai Hospital, Devasandra, Bangalore. The one hundred bed unit will help allay the costs of dialysis treatment for patients that have been referred and deemed financially limited. 

QNET is one of Asia’s direct selling leaders and pioneer in e-commerce. Based in Hong Kong, the company sells a variety of products from weight management, nutrition, luxury goods and fashion apparel. With twenty-five offices worldwide, their life enhancing products are offered through its proprietary e-commerce platform to customers and distributors in more than 100 countries. Through the company’s strong belief that drive, passion and teamwork mirror the same principles of QNET, they make it their mission to support and sponsor football, badminton and other sports around the world. Established in Hong Kong in 1998, QNET is a member of the Direct Selling Association of Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines. QNET is also a part of the Hong Kong Health Food Association and the Health Supplements Industry Association of Singapore among others.

QNET is quite active on social media so you can keep up with them on multiple platforms! Subscribe to their YouTube channel or follow them on Twitter and Instagram.