Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff Sean Penn’s Reality Check

Sean Penn’s career has spanned many years, he is a director, Academy Award winning actor, producer, screenplay writer, has worked as war correspondent, wrote several articles, and interviewed some top political and non political figures. With all of this he is still upping the game, with putting aside his acting to become an author with Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.

Sean Penn was recently in Los Angles, CA. finishing up that leg of his book tour before heading to Austin, TX. Sean looks at writing his first book as he can walk away and its all his, good or bad, its completely all his own. When you are doing a film’s he has explained that you can walk away perhaps proud of the final outcome but you are collaborating and this can lead to disappointments and basically something of your own, you do not have to be apologetic. Sean does have more to come as far as another book on the back burner. Sean has stated that he lets his readers come to their own assumptions about where his creativeness comes from, some associates compare him to other novelist and he is not saying yes or no to any of his flair coming from authors his has read.

Sean looks at Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff not as an opinion piece. It is about the culture and the reality of our society at the present time. Sean has pointed out that the book is about including people and if we are not, then we are just dividing ourselves as a society.

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff follows the life of Bob Honey. He is a character with a blue collar job as a septic tank worker and his alter career as a hired killer for the United States government. It includes American politics, everyday life, and the reader can see through the main character the struggles of a changing culture in his country. Penn has his own unique style that he lends to the character and situations, Penn’s own detachment from the movie industry tends to go in the same vein as the main character in Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.