Sunday Riley’s Successful Skin Care Line

Sunday Riley is a brand that a lot of women have been praising on social media websites. Sunday Riley, the women, created her skin care line after she realized there was a need for infused skin care. She created her line with what she calls ‘green technology” which is described as the combination of botanicals with proven active ingredients.

One of the hardest formulas for Riley to create was her new Good Gene serum. Lactic acid is a scientific-backed ingredient included in the formula, to remove dead skin cells and improve the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and puffy eyes. Licorice, lemongrass, amica, and yeast are also used in the serum to make the user’s skin appear more youthful. The creator designed the foundation in 20 shades to appeal to all customers.

Even though she spent a lot of time developing her Good Genes formula, Riley claims that she does not have a favorite. Besides Good Genes selling very well, C.E.O. a vitamin C serum has been doing well in sales as well. In addition, U.F.O, the Ultra-Clarifting Face Oil has become very popular. Luna is a sleeping oil that has been very profitable as well. Tidal is a skin brightener which Riley claims also has been doing very well in profits.

The female entrepreneur claims to have learned to create formulas by experimenting with different blends. She has had to try different formulas until she felt like she got the right texture, scent, and blend of ingredients. She feels that learning on the job is the best form of training that a person can get.

Riley is pleased to learn that her skin care line has become a regular part of many women’s routines. She has designed products for all different times of the day so that users have a morning and evening staple. She feels that her line is a dream come true and is happy to continue formulating products that are popular with women. At the same time she knows that if a product is not profitable, it is okay to let it go.

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