Isabel dos Santos: The Champion for All

Women’s rights and equal rights for LGBT has been a hot topic and a hot issue for a long time now. Women’s rights and women fighting for equal rights are deeply rooted in human history and the champions of women’s rights have been making waves and making efforts into achieving equal right between all genders. The toxic patriarchal culture that has been ironed in our culture and history has been a big hurdle and adversary for champions of equal women’s rights. Until now women still face inequality and discrimination in all aspects of community and society:


  1. In the workplace, women still do not receive equal pay compared to men – even if they do the same workload and work for the same hours.
  2. In the society, women are still commonly harassed on the streets with cat-calling and harassment.


A champion of Women’s Rights, and the richest woman in Africa, Isabel dos Santos punctuates on the fact that women’s rights is a fundamental issue in the world and that discriminatory claims against women are insults to their potential as great leaders of the community. Isabel dos Santos firmly believes that equal rights for women are one of the critical keys in the ultimate evolution of the society. This is why she has brought up this concern to the United Nations.


Isabel dos Santos is all for empowering women all around the world, and she has exerted extreme efforts into forwarding the rights of women in all communities. As an African local, where culturally women are equal to men in society, she makes it a point to bring up the fact that patriarchy is a concept made by society that has only retrogression in its interest.


Needless to say, Isabel dos Santos is one of the most inspiring leaders of the community today and she has undoubtedly helped the progress of developing the equal rights of women all around the globe. Isabel dos Santos’ core values are values that should be imitated and instilled in every individual’s life. Isabel dos Santos is an inspiration to all and she is a woman of strong character and beliefs. Unshaken and unscathed by anyone.

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