Sam Boraie Supports the People

Boraie Development, which was started by Sam Boraie, is a real estate company that is located in and focuses on New Jersey. According PR Newswire, Boraie Development offers their clients a wide range of services. All of their services are focused on all of the areas that are a part of the property market. Their main services include those of real estate development as well as real estate sales and marketing and also property management.

In an article on NY Times, Sam Boraie has become one of the real estate business’ most visionary executives. He has been a crucial part of New Brunswick’s property market for over two decades. He is the head of Boraie’s Development business development division. It has been under Boraie’s leadership that the business development division has started to become vibrant. He is continually using all of his different connections not only within the industry but also beyond the industry to be able to market their assets. Because of Boraie’s exceptional skills with marketing, most projects completely sell out.

In addition to all of the corporate duties that Sam Boraie holds, he is also very much a consummate humanitarian. He is a part of Elija’s Promise’s advisory board. Elija’s Promise is a nonprofit organization that is located in New Brunswick. Their goal is to use food to help empower lives as well as to alleviate hunger among the members of the society who are most vulnerable. Elija’s Promise also makes it their mission to stand up for the rights of those who live in New Jersey and who are underprivileged.

In addition to this, Boraie also serves as a member of the State Theater’s Board of Trustees. The State Theater is a venue in New Jersey that is nonprofit as well as a part of history. This theater is used both for entertainment as well as the performing arts. The role of the State Theater is to be able to enhance the lives of the people of New Jersey by helping contribute to all of the urban development. It helps to build the future of different communities through not only education but also through awareness.

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