Beneful and The High Quality Food Competition

Over the years, pet food companies have chosen to use more grain free and organic recipes. With the surge of healthy pet foods, companies have been forced to get creative in order to keep up their profits. Colgate-Palmolive created a new recipe that will help dogs lose weight while PurinaStore is allowing customers to create their own special recipes for their pets.

One pet food company that is well known in the pet food competition is Beneful. Beneful dog food produces its products in different factories across the United States. Each factory has on-site quality testing laboratories to ensure the safety of the food products. Every product made by Beneful is tested for over one hundred and fifty substances including lead and mycotoxins.
Beneful dog food has a variety of different products that they offer on Wal-Mart including wet and dry food. With four types of wet food and eight types of dry food, no dog will ever get bored of the flavors. If someone is unsure of how much food to give their dog, they can simply look on any package of Beneful dog food and read the feeding guidelines. Since Beneful is so proud of their product, they offer a refund for anyone who is not one hundred percent satisfied. Beneful dog food can be purchased at basically any pet or grocery store across the United States.
While Beneful is not the only dog food brand that offers one hundred percent satisfaction and an abundance of choices, they are one of the healthiest. They provide multiple tests for chemicals and substances and they exceed every major food quality standard issued by the FDA and USDA. Visit the Beneful Channel :