End Citizens United-Shining a Light on Campaign Finance Reform

Anyone can make a poor choice, a bad decision. The people have the power to do something about it when the government makes poor choices and bad decisions. That’s the beauty of our right to free speech. Groups of concerned citizens like End Citizens United freely speak out, join together and advocate change to make the nation better, stronger. Here are some facts about the empowered grassroots movement and their impact on the American political landscape.

 End Citizens United Origins

End Citizens United began life in 2015 firmly dedicated to eliminating the disastrous fallout from the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United vs F.E.C. The court ruling empowered corporations to act as citizens in support of political candidates.

This effectively opened the doors for billions of dollars in campaign contributions by big business and super wealthy individuals. Money that is untraceable and unregulated in any way. End Citizens United fights to get the decision overturned. Learn more about the group on Crunchbase

 Influence and Action

Limiting the power of big business to influence the electoral process at the grassroots level puts emphasis on garnering popular support for legislation at the state and federal level and promoting candidates in favor of campaign finance reform.

The grassroots awareness group strives to raise public awareness regarding campaign finance abuse and overturn the court ruling. One way to achieve the goal is working in partnership with elected reform-minded public officials like Rep. Tom MacArthur and Rep. Claudia Tenney.

 Shining a Light on Abuse

Putting campaign finance abuse under a spotlight goes a long way towards creating public awareness. Former Florida Gov. Rick Scott is under that spotlight now with charges of campaign finance abuse filed with the Federal Election Commission by End Citizens United.

The increased public scrutiny by this group and the public, in general, is producing positive results. Several prominent members of Congress now report they will no longer accept campaign funding by corporate PACs.


Soros Takes The Charge In Fighting Fake News

“Fake news” has become a hot-button topic after the surprising 2016 presidential election, in which Donald Trump won. Many on the liberal side have stated that people sharing “fake news” stories on Facebook swayed the election by spreading deliberate lies that painted Hillary Clinton and other liberal causes in a negative light.

However, many conservative officials have been just as concerned, as “fake news” spread by liberal people have also painted them in a negative light.

To combat this flood of problematic posts, George Soros, the liberal billionaire and Hungarian financier, will help fund a fact-checking initiative on Facebook that will flag “fake news” and help protect people from misinformation. There are many people praising this idea, though many are worried about what it could mean for the future of Facebook.

What Is Fake News?
“Fake news” comes from stories posted online on questionable sites or those that are either making up stories or reporting rumors and conspiracy theories as true news. This is different from sites like “The Onion,” as they explicitly label themselves as a parody or satirical site. These are typically sites with a specific agenda that report stories that have no grounding in reality.

Examples of this from both sides of the political fence are “Pizzagate,” which includes allegations that Hillary Clinton and other Democrats are committing sex crimes in a pizzeria, and reports of Donald Trump saying things he didn’t say. For example, many people still share the meme of him saying that he would run for president as a Republican “as they were stupider” and easier to manipulate. He never said anything like this.

How Soros’ Initiative Can Help
George Soros’ funding will help Facebook implement a non-profit and apolitical fact checker that will automatically gauge each piece of content posted on the site. It will then let users know whether or not the stories have passed fact check. For example, stories will be checked out by both ABC, Snopes, and other groups to ensure they are real.

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The idea is to create a positive and truthful environment on Facebook that will help stem the tide of harmful “fake news” that has spread so much wrong information. People tend to do very little research before posting a story from a preferred news site, and this may help stem that tide.

There Are Some Complaints
Some conservative commentators, particularly those of the “alt-right” movement” have claimed that Soros’ involvement with the project shows a liberal bias and they are worried that conservative content will be censored and removed in favor of liberal ideas.

George Soros has stated multiple times that it is a bipartisan effort and that conservative fact checkers will be included to help balance the fairness of the process.

Whatever the complaints, it is important that somebody do something to help eliminate the negative cycle of “fake news” that is misinforming so much of the American public. Continual denial of reality could put them in a state to be more easily manipulated or cause them to turn further away from their government and the culture around them.

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George Soros is Stronger Than Ever

George Soros is a prominent investor who is on the up and up these days. He cut down on his political donations after he forked over an incredible $27 million in an attempt to thwart George W. Bush’s efforts back in 2004. He’s recently back on the scene, however. That’s because he’s currently a top Democratic party funding enthusiast. He’s also a big opponent of conservatives at the moment.

Soros has parted with $25 million plus to help advance Hillary Clinton’s presidential wishes. He’s done the same to advance the efforts of other members of the Democratic party as well. This information comes from records gathered by the Federal Election Commission on Bloomberg. It also comes from interviews with people who work alongside Soros. Many people who know Soros indicate that he may be planning on giving more money as the election gets closer and closer. Soros earned his money by performing currency trades that were thought to be quite dangerous and unpredictable. He’s believed to have roughly $24.9 billion.

Soros is 85 years in age. Although he resides in New York, New York right now, he originally comes from Hungary in Central Europe. George Soros was going to stop by the Democratic convention this year to witness Clinton in action. He had never been to the major event before. He chose to back out from the trip, however, because he was compelled to assess economic happenings all the way over in Europe. Soros has only been back in the active trading game for a short period of time.

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Individuals who know Soros well indicate that he cares more about politics than he has in an extremely long time. George’s encouraged by a mix of strong belief in Clinton and intense doubt regarding Donald Trump of the Republican party. Trump, of course, is running against Clinton in her race to the White House. Soros has stated in the past that he thinks that Trump is representing the notorious terror group ISIS by instilling fear and nerves in people.

Michael Vachon serves as a politic advisor to George Soros. He’s stated that Soros has never stopped giving money to Democratic efforts. He’s also stated that things have gotten particularly serious for the party in recent times. Vachon noted that the situation was pressing prior to Trump attaining the nomination. He said that that was due to resentment about matters that are extremely valuable to Soros. These various matters are criminal justice reform, religious tolerance and immigration reform, among many others. Vachon said that Soros has worked tirelessly for a long time to improve matters in those realms. Many people view Soros’ assistance to Clinton as being positive news for her campaign. Soros may encourage other activists to help, too.

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