End Citizens United-Shining a Light on Campaign Finance Reform

Anyone can make a poor choice, a bad decision. The people have the power to do something about it when the government makes poor choices and bad decisions. That’s the beauty of our right to free speech. Groups of concerned citizens like End Citizens United freely speak out, join together and advocate change to make the nation better, stronger. Here are some facts about the empowered grassroots movement and their impact on the American political landscape.

 End Citizens United Origins

End Citizens United began life in 2015 firmly dedicated to eliminating the disastrous fallout from the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United vs F.E.C. The court ruling empowered corporations to act as citizens in support of political candidates.

This effectively opened the doors for billions of dollars in campaign contributions by big business and super wealthy individuals. Money that is untraceable and unregulated in any way. End Citizens United fights to get the decision overturned. Learn more about the group on Crunchbase

 Influence and Action

Limiting the power of big business to influence the electoral process at the grassroots level puts emphasis on garnering popular support for legislation at the state and federal level and promoting candidates in favor of campaign finance reform.

The grassroots awareness group strives to raise public awareness regarding campaign finance abuse and overturn the court ruling. One way to achieve the goal is working in partnership with elected reform-minded public officials like Rep. Tom MacArthur and Rep. Claudia Tenney.

 Shining a Light on Abuse

Putting campaign finance abuse under a spotlight goes a long way towards creating public awareness. Former Florida Gov. Rick Scott is under that spotlight now with charges of campaign finance abuse filed with the Federal Election Commission by End Citizens United.

The increased public scrutiny by this group and the public, in general, is producing positive results. Several prominent members of Congress now report they will no longer accept campaign funding by corporate PACs.