Stansberry Research and The Fruits of A Tree Rooted in Excellence

There are companies that are one-hit wonders in that when they succeed, they just as soon go bankrupt and disappear from the market without a trace. There are also companies that are intelligent enough to understand that success takes time, takes patience, like waiting for a tree to bear fruit or farmers waiting for their produce to get harvested. Just as the fruits of a tree will be ready to harvest, a company will get its success after planting the right seeds into its leadership. And the kind of seeds being planted by Stansberry Research right now are seeds of excellence.


Stansberry Research is one of the most trusted, established and pioneering subscription-based publishers of any kind of information that’s related to finance. It is a publishing firm aiming to educate millions of investors all over the world, guiding them how to plant their own seeds, so to speak, and how to grow their assets in ways that are both risk-averse and opportunity-ready. Stansberry Research’s seeds of excellence have now resulted to growing companies, individuals and other investment entities into where they should be in terms of profit growth.


It’s also worth noting that the approach of Stansberry is multi-franchise-based. This means that the experts in the company are varied, diverse and in-depth with their own specializations. This gives them more breadth in the advice that they give, and this allows them to home in on the right strategies for their clients.


What also stands out in the approaches of Stansberry is the fact that their approach is long-term. They want to build relationships with their clients for the longest time possible through their actionable and profitable advice. The transactions that Stansberry is engaging with are also all transparent. Whether they deal with fiduciaries, other publishers and investment advisors, it is the unique strength of Stansberry to go all ethical and accountable with their advice and suggestions. They have Skin in the Game in that they directly hold themselves accountable to the kind of financial advice that they offer their clients. Not many firms are able to do this, much less in a competitive industry like finance.

Tony Petrello Helps Houston Emergency Teams Through Manpower From Nabors Industries

Hurricane Harvey has already been recorded as one of the most damaging storms to ever hit the US, and there is no quick fix to the suffering that the city of Houston and its communities have gone through. But there are many people who’ve opened their checkbooks and have even come alongside emergency personnel to help survivors, and included on the generosity list is Nabors Industries CEO Tony Petrello. Petrello wanted his employees to help if they could, so he gave them a period of time to assist emergency workers for which they were compensated, and he also offered a facility where victims could stay and be given hot meals. He also started a fundraiser for which he donated over $170,000 to match a total of that amount given by other donors.

Nabors Industries has been a world leader in oil drilling technology and Tony Petrello has led several mergers and acquisitions including buying Tesco Corporation just this last year, and also moving into new markets with the Saudi Aramco company. Nabors Industries has invested in many new automated rig systems and uses state-of-the-art analytics systems, and Petrello has led the company’s strategic investment initiative over the last several years. He has had success not only in the oil industry but also in mathematics and law.

Anthony Petrello was raised in New Jersey, and his skills in math were discussed by an old college roommate who now is a journalist. He would often solve problems during lunch breaks, and as a high school student he earned a high enough GPA to attend Yale University. He studied under Serge Lange, a world famous math theory professor and earned both a bachelor’s and master’s in advanced mathematics. Petrello took his numbers skills and applied them to law and finance by completing law school and serving 13 years at Baker & McKenzie, a New York law firm. He left the firm to become chief operating officer at Nabors in 1991, and after taking over as CEO he got a compensation raise of $68.7 million that made him America’s highest-paid CEO.

CEO Tony Petrello loves living in Houston and along with his hurricane Harvey fund, he’s supported education, arts and healthcare foundations. He donated $7 million not long ago to the Texas Children’s Hospital to fund research at their facility. This initiative has been important to Petrello because he is the father of a young girl who has cerebral palsy, and he hopes one day that a cure for it will be found.

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George Soros Helping Fight Against Injustice and Discrimination

The political sphere of the United States has many influential public figures, but one of the prominent personalities that have been associated with the political circle of the country for long is George Soros. He has been indirectly playing a very critical role in the United States’ political sphere and is also pulling the political strings globally through his power of wealth and influence. George Soros is amongst the wealthiest people on the planet today with the wealth exceeding over $26 Billion, which he has made through smart investments in the financial market. George Soros is considered to be amongst the most successful hedge funders to have ever lived, and his earnings continue to soar with each passing day.

George Soros had very humble beginnings growing up in Hungary in a Jewish family. However, due to the Nazis occupation of his homeland and the threat to his life and family, he was forced to move to London along with his family. Over 500,000 Jewish people died in the Nazi Holocaust in Budapest, but due to the political connections of the father of George Soros, they miraculously got saved. In London, George Soros worked part-time along with studying Economics at the London School of Economics. However, even while studying, George Soros always dreamt of moving to the United States to pursue his career in the field of finance while being active in the world’s biggest financial district, Wall Street.

It is what George Soros did after completing his studies in London. He moved to New York, United States, and after working for a merchant bank for a couple of years started his own hedge fund company by the name of Soros Management. The first fund he started was Quantum Fund with $12 Million along with his partner and other investors. It continues to be one of the most significant and most profitable funds of all times, and the due credit has to be given here to the smart investment ideas and choices of George Soros. Along with his tremendous business success and acumen, George Soros is also known for his philanthropic work. He recently transferred a massive sum of $18 Billion to the organization he started in 1993. The organization works in conjunction with many other charities from across the globe to help the poor, fight against injustice and discrimination, and provide help and support to the poor in various ways and forms.

George Soros is an out and out democrat and has been supporting democratic ideals in every single way he can. One of the reasons he is so politically inclined is because he feels that the wealth he has earned and accumulated over the years gives him the responsibility to use it wisely for the betterment of the world we live in. In one of the articles George authored recently, George Soros wrote about how people today should be worried about not communism but a Capitalist threat. It is for this very reason he supports democratic ideals as he believes everyone is equal and everyone should be treated equally, given equal opportunity, and there should be no discrimination based on caste, creed, or color.

“Adam Milstein – Relentless in Business and Charitable Works”

Mr. Adam Milstein is an unstoppable entrepreneur, as well as an incredible philanthropist. He is a supervising partner at Hager Pacific Properties, a real estate firm that engages in obtaining and restoring properties, including office, multi-family and industrial.

Born in Israel, A.M. enlisted into the Israeli Defense Forces and served throughout the Yom Kippur War.

After his time in the Army, he registered at Techneon University, where he received his Bachelor of Science degree in economics and business.

With the desire of continuing his education, A.M. enrolled into the University of Southern California and graduated with a MBA.

During his time at the university, various individuals would come to the campus to recruit students for jobs. A.M. felt the payment they were offering was too low, compared to his lifetime experiences and capabilities. He felt that he could find employment on his own.

He began working as a Real Estate Commercial broker and was successful doing his three year tenure. Later on, he decided to become a real estate investor.

When first started out in the field of investing, Milstein did not have a clue how his day would turn out, but as time progressed and he was able to take action and gain capital, he became more organized.

Now, the happiest days for him now, is the result of having the opportunity to participate in all of the charitable projects.

Adam Milstein enjoys working hard and believes contacting every lead, being consistent and persevering is the foundation for his success and the growth of his business.

When Mr. Milstein is not busy with his realty work, you will find him making a difference in a variety of programs that are extremely important to him.

With the help of his wife, Gila, A.M. established a foundation that helps promote the Jewish culture and traditions.

This includes, providing material educating Jewish-American students in schools, college and universities with information about their heritage and The State of Israel.

He is also the co-founder and Chairman of Israeli-American Counsel, an organization that has multiple programs supporting everything Jewish, including connecting Jewish-Americans and Israeli-Americans over a Sabbath dinner, a Hebrew language after school program as well as entrepreneur and leadership workshops.

As you can see A.M. loves his work and the future of his people.

Adam Milstein, the Realtor Keeping the Jewish Heritage Intact

Adam Milstein is a prominent real estate investor who has left a great mark in the industry. As the managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties, he left a great mark with his outstanding portfolio which has over $2 billion worth of properties owned and managed by the firm. On the other hand, Mr. Milstein is a well-recognized philanthropist I the Jewish community.

Adam was born in the year 1952 in Haifa, Israel. He grew up in Kiryat Motzki and in 1971; he enrolled to join the Israeli Defense Forces where he served in the Yom Kippur War. After the war, Adam acquired his Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Economics. After completing his Masters, he moved to the United States and worked as a sales agent for commercial real estate properties.

While working at Hager Pacific Properties, Adam was introduced to philanthropy by one of his workmates who suggested they should get into it together. Since Mr. Milstein was not only interested in making money, but also leaving behind a legacy, he decided to start the Adam and Gila Family Milstein Family Foundation with his wife. This foundation was aimed at empowering and supporting other pro-Israel organizations, as well as activities.

Since Mr. Adam Milstein was an active member of the Jewish community, he was aware that the Israelis in Israel, as well as those in the United States, need philanthropic aid. In Israel, most of the amenities are offered freely to the public; therefore, there are no charities. Adam came up with the idea of creating an organization to encourage philanthropy as this would help in fortifying the bond between the U.S and Israel. He is ow the chairman of the Israel- American Council. This is a non-profit organization based in the U.S that serves more than 500,000 Israeli-Americans.

The Israeli-American Community (IAC) has come together to make an identity and root their lives in the United States while connecting to their heritage, as well as their Jewish identity. This community helps the younger generation to keep in touch with the Jewish heritage and identity and also learn the language of Israel; Israel and Hebrew.

Adam Milstein is Transforming the World of Philanthropy

In the modern world, everyone wants to be called a philanthropist.These people have a lot of respect in the society. However, in most of the cases, the philanthropists are just individuals who make simple donations to some of the needy people in the community. Some of the money is given to charities in different places in the world. Although giving money to assist the needy is very important, the heart must be involved. There are so many activities that donors can do apart from offering their money to assist charities. Adam Milstein is one of the individuals who is changing the philanthropist’s department. Apart from giving his hard earned money, the businessman has looked for different ways so that he can be involved in philanthropy. In his entire career, the real estate investor has focused on helping others to make it in life. Adam Milstein efforts are slowly changing the lives of many people in the world.

The businessman has been active in philanthropist for very many years now. His activities involve doing more for the society. The Israeli born real estate investor focuses on making the lives of the Israelis better. Adam Milstein has a popular foundation known as the Adam and Gila Family Foundation. The institution was established several years ago, and it is slowly changing the lives of many people in the world. Apart from offering financial support to charities in the world, the foundation is doing a lot to connect young people with their origins in Israel. The foundation has a team of professionals who take their time to help people in many ways so that they can remain connected.

Adam Milstein has also been influential in connecting the Jews and Christians living in Israel. These two groups have not been enjoying peace for several decades. The Jews are blamed by Christians because they killed Jesus Christ. However, the leaders in both communities have introduced doctrines to reduce the hatred in these communities. The Jews are now allowed to settle and work in the areas that are dominated by the Christians. Adam Milstein has been instrumental in this change.

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George Soros, Paving The Way For A Better Community and Political System

George Soros is a man worthy of praise, owing to the number of lives he has benefitted through this life. George is known as one of the biggest philanthropy to invest in American Organizations and has been mentioned in various top billionaire lists released by Forbes. George Soros has been trying to make a difference to communities around the world and has helped numerous organizations while doing so.

George grew up in Hungary. When he was younger, he lived in a part of the country that was still under the regime of a pro-Nazi party. Since a very young age, he witnessed the oppression that political systems on Snopes can cause its people and thus decided to help people who were oppressed members of society. Since then, he has come far and helped countless lives along the way.

In 2016, George Soros decided to establish a foundation aimed at helping refugees from war-torn countries. The foundation was mainly set up for refugees entering different parts of Europe, to aid them in their efforts to build their life back up. The foundation helped refugees establish themselves professionally, and helps them to set up their own businesses to support themselves and their families. Through his lifetime and career, Soros has donated around $12,100 million towards efforts to help people. Read more on

Over the years, George Soros’ contribution to various organizations has greatly benefited the causes they support. Since passing out of London School of Economics, George has come a long way in making a name for himself. He earned his fortune by building up a hedge fund after he came to America and started working on Wall Street. With a number of risky currency trades, George Soros has managed to build up his fortune making him one of the richest people in the United States and one of the highest-earning hedge fund managers. Currently, Soros looks after his company out of his home in New York City.

Soros has also played a major role in the American Political Scene. In the last presidential elections, Soros was an avid supporter of the Democratic Party, gifting them as much as $25 million. Soros’ generous donation helped the party with all their campaign efforts. In addition, with the money, the party was able to help numerous organizations and charities and help benefit the lives of countless people.

Even though the Democratic Party lost the political elections, George doesn’t plan to back down from the American political scene. He plans to continue fighting for the just rights of the community. He believes that in the hands of the current ruling party, the American citizens are going to face some serious repercussions and therefore he plans to help the people in whatever way he can.