ClassDojo Application Revolutionizes Classroom

One of the biggest challenges that parents have today is staying connected with the education of their children. While teachers are more than willing to meet with parents on a regular basis, demanding schedules often preclude this. Fortunately, through the use of a new mobile application, it will be easier than ever before for teachers and parents to connect. Have a peek on for more.


The newest application, which is proving to have a major impact on the classroom experience, is ClassDojo. Teachers and parents can use the new application a number of different ways. One of the basic uses of the application is as a form of communication. The application has a secure messaging service, which will allow for parents and teachers to discuss classroom progress and any other issues that rise. Teachers and parents can also use the public forum option to discuss open items will all other parents of the classroom. Students can also use the messaging services of the application to ask questions of the teacher and other students in the classroom.


Teachers are also able to use the application to act as a video yearbook. Teachers are able to take pictures of students during the class day and post the photos to the applications. Parents are then able to take the pictures to create their own yearbook or print for personal use. Read more:


While Class Dojo is popular with teachers, parents, students, and other users, it is also gaining the attention of investors. The company has gone through several rounds of capital raising and recently raised additional cash at a $21 million valuation. Investors are impressed by the capabilities of the application as well as the significant room for growth in the future. The company will use the money to develop and enhance new uses, market the product, and hire additional talent.


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