Business Owners and University Students Benefit from Wikipedia Contributions

A new take on writing is integrated into the coursework of the students at the University of Sydney. Academics have recognized the importance of incorporating digital literacy into the required assignments of the English department. Wikipedia has made its foray into the education of Sydney’s students in more ways than one. Business owners know that having an entry on this site benefits their business by establishing a foundational element of your online reputation. The globally connected site is capable of introducing and enhancing your business in a world where online accessibility to your business is crucial and expected. It’s time to think about getting business listed in a positive light on the 7th most visited site in the world, Wikipedia. 

Students at the University of Sydney are being encouraged to not only edit a Wikipedia page when it has false or out of date information on it, but participate in Wikipedia page creation as well unlike the advice of many academics. While the majority of academia disparages the utilization of Wikipedia in coursework, students haven been given a stimulus to gain a new perspective on the potential the online encyclopedia offers. The resource permits individuals to correct and add to the articles as well as make a Wiki page that’s totally new. University of Sydney’s lecturer’s see this as an opportunity to enhance student’s digital literacy. The lecturer’s in Sydney’s English department believe that students will apply themselves more to articles that will be read and appreciated by thousands. This innovative style of teaching goes against the traditional model of having a single academic review the article and then the article is likely never read again. The model of adding to Wikipedia’s database by writing entries on contemporary topics is employed by senior English department lecturer Rebecca Johinke. The model was adopted after noticing that many essay’s containing extensive lecturer notes were left unread by students. Wikipedia page creation allows students to provide valuable information to the world at large, immensely extending the lifespan and readership of their writing work. Students will feel that their work has a greater degree of value and permanence. 

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