Traveling Vineyard And The Fun Profitable Opportunities It Offers

It always pays to have a good job that you’re passionate about every single day. If you’re a stay- at-home mom, having the dream job that you want may not be as easy as some website tells you. This problem makes it even more urgent for you to find more ways to make sure you get a side income while you’re at home. One of the many things you can do to augment your home-based job is to join the business programs offered in Travelling Vineyard.

What is Traveling Vineyard?Travelling Vineyard is one of the companies today that can offer a lot of business opportunities for stay-at-home moms, home-based freelancers and other employees who want to have a side income while doing something fun.

There are also a lot of travel opportunities for those who want to join the direct selling network of Traveling Vineyard. With the flexible hours offered to the members and a strong training program that guide the agents, anyone will find joining the program an exciting and yet a profitable activity.

Who wouldn’t be excited about the idea of sampling wines with old and new friends and still earn? It’s like you’re getting paid to drink and have fun.

How Do You Earn With Travelling Vineyard?The business model in Travelling Vineyard is simple enough. You buy a set or two of the Starter Kit from Travelling Vineyard and then get your friends to buy from them, too. You get discounts whenever you buy from Travelling Vineyard with your membership, and so when you sell wines for your friends to sample, you earn a cut or a certain percentage.

You also get bonus earnings when you get your friends to sign up in Travelling Vineyard’s lineup of wine products. There’s no sales quota with Travelling Vineyard, so you’re guaranteed of unlimited sales without leaving your home-based job.

How great is this business model of Traveling Vineyard? And what are their benefits? Well, there’s a lot of membership from different types of people for Travelling Vineyard’s products because the benefits of earning more while enjoying time with friends are always guaranteed. Just check out their social media presence and see it for yourself!

About Travelling VineyardFounded last November 30, 2001, and also called Phoenix Vintners, LLC, this company has now around 11-50 friendly employees ready to help stay-at-home moms get more business opportunities to learn more about us: click here.

The company only started as a fun idea to get people to try the new wines in the market. The wine tasting was just at home during parties. When many of the friends of the founders liked the idea, that is when they realized to expand it into a real business concept. With Traveling Vineyard, many women are now more inspired to network and have a more fulfilling side job that allows them to have fun and enjoy time with friends.