Investment The Right And Wrong Approach

Warren Buffet recently wagered that he would receive greater returns on a simple investment in an S&P passive index fund than by going to a group of professional hedge fund managers. This seems to be a safe bet. The world of investment has increasingly become flooded with expensive investment funds that feature low returns and high fees.

On the other hand longer term passive funds often do not provide security for investors in the event of the market turning downward. Prominent among all traditional financial wisdom is the idea that people need to invest to secure a comfortable retirement. So what is the average lay investor supposed to do? Find an active investment fund with two features, low fees and a high amount of manager ownership.

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Timothy Armour has 34 long years of experience with Capital Group. Working his way from an equity investment analyst, Tim Armour began as a participant in the Associates Program and now manages an equity portfolio along with his other prominent positions with Capital Group. He is the chairman and chief executive officer of Capital Group while also leading a subsidiary company and being the chairman of an essential committee. He has epitomized the balance of active and passive investment.

One good example of his leadership is the new partnership with Samsung Asset Management in South Korea. The Korean company will benefit from the expertise of Capital Group. Timothy Armour emphasized the long term vision of helping Korean investors as he helped their American counterparts.