Lifeline Screening- Avoid Cardiovascular Silliness

Lifeline Screening is a private wellness company that is dedicated to providing the best life screening test aimed at identifying diseases are related to cardiovascular issues. Cardiovascular illnesses in the United States have been increasing in number. The problem is related to poor eating habits by the people nowadays. There is a lot of junk foods that are being sold in the stories. These are foods that have high levels of cholesterol and other harmful substances. An increase in the amount of cholesterol in the body is likely to cause cardiovascular disease. Most of the cardiovascular diseases that we see today can be controlled if people observed good feeding habits while at the same visiting the hospital to have their health checked. If one goes for regular cardiovascular checks, there is less likelihood that he or she will suffer from emergency cardiovascular related illnesses.

Cardiovascular diseases also happen to be very prevalent among people who have obesity. When a body has excess fats, one suffers from a condition known as obesity. This is a condition that is also caused by poor eating habits without exercising. People who suffer from obesity are more prone to cardiovascular illnesses than those who do not. So it is very important for obese people to make sure that they go for regularly medical checkups, to make sure that there is no underlying health issue that is developing. Cardiovascular diseases are normally fatal and can cause death with no earlier symptoms.


The United States is one of the countries which has the highest number of deaths that are related to cardiovascular diseases. More than six hundred thousand people are estimated to die from cardiovascular related illness every year. This is a huge number.

Lifeline Screening is a company that offers services that are aimed at easy detection of cardiovascular diseases. Life screening test can reduce the number of deaths by a huge margin. People who are tested can know how they can live safely with no risk of developing these disease. At Lifeline Screening, the tests that are done include blood tests, EKGs, and ultrasounds.

The blood tests that are done by Lifeline screening are aimed at having a in-depth analysis of the health status of the patient it give more detailed results than the other tests procedures.

People who attend Life Screening tests will help you know if any signs of cardiovascular diseases may be developing without your knowledge. Most cardiovascular diseases usually get people off guard. Be the one to avoid this by visiting Lifeline Screening.


Andrei V. Gudkov and Mikhail V. Blagosklonny Direct the growth and Publication of Oncotarget

The Oncotarget project is a large journal which has now migrated from bi-weekly to weekly publication. This has been an exponential growth from eight issues published in 2010 when it was founded to weekly releases within just six short years in 2016. This exponential growth has enabled readers to get a broad range of information on oncology and cancer research and papers through the weekly journal. The study of cancer and more specifically oncology is regarded as some of the most important areas of scientific research in the modern medical field. Two people are at the center of this all important development. These are the chief editors of Oncotarget Andrei V. Gudkov and Mikhail V. Blagosklonny. Both these committed cancer and oncology researchers work at the Buffalo based Roswell Cancer Institute and dedicate their time to the editing and publication of the journal in a timely and efficient manner.

The two chief editors are highly respected in the field of cancer research, and each of them has specialized their efforts to specific areas of research. Andrei V. Gudkov is more concerned with the discovery of new drugs on which may be used in the treatment in the areas of gene discovery, cancer treatment and the enhancement of the use of molecular targets while treating cancer. Mr. Andrei V. Gudkov took his studies in the Moscow State University and furthered them at the National Cancer Institute. His colleague Mikhail V. Blagosklonny is more concerned with studies majoring on signal transduction, clinical investigation, cellular senescence, cell cycle studies and molecular biology. He is also concerned with anticancer therapeutics, attempting to determine new ways of cancer treatment using basic scientific methods., one of his most recent projects was able to prove a connection between signal transduction pathways which have been used extensively in cancer treatment and aging. This has been hailed as a significant step towards the treatment of aging related diseases and aging itself.The two chief editors Andrei V. Gudkov and Mikhail V. Blagosklonny have used their extensive training and knowledge in cancer-related research to direct and oversee the publication of Oncotarget each week. They ensure to use this training and experience to ensure that the information carried in the journal is factual, recent and helpful to readers, serving to offer much-needed insight into the treatment of the disease, which is one of the greatest cause of the death of the 21st century.

Do You Have an Excuse for Inactivity?


Commitments, Responsibilities, and Inactivity
A good question had been posed on The question inquired what excuse you may use for being inactive. There are some people like Sergio Cortes who experienced a large change in their activity levels once they began their professional lives. This may have occurred upon their graduations. Responsibilities and commitments had changed their once active lives into excuses for being inactive.

Growing and Maturing
The activity level of an individual in their mid-20s may change and slow as the grow and mature. This may simply occur as the years pass from the 20s and ease into the 30 age bracket. There are constraints may lead to some excuses for inactivity.

Physical Activity is a Privilege
Physical activity is a privilege as well as a life-long commitment. There may be a drastic occurrence that will serve as a good reminder that physical activity is indeed a sacred privilege and a commitment. Do you have an excuse for being inactive?

Sergio Cortes Helps Xerém

Dengue is just one of the many problems that come from flooding occurring in different places. There are many different things that could happen as a result. The dengue that people may get from the floodwaters doesn’t even come from drinking the water that is contaminated by the flooding. The disease can kill people and they don’t even have to drink the water. Mosquitos carry the disease and a person can be infected with something as simple as a bite. For this reason, it is important that people who live in an area that has recently been flooded to take measures to avoid insects.

While diseases like dengue can be detrimental to the health of people, they can be prevented. People who have been through a flood can prevent disease just by staying away from the water and from being around mosquitos. By using insect repellant and drinking bottled water, residents of Xerém will be able to be able to have a better chance of not getting sick. In the Extra article, Sergio Cortes warns people of the different things that can affect them after a flood. There are many things that they can do and many things that they can avoid after the flood has occurred.

The secretary of health, Sergio Cortes, is responsible for taking care of the people who have been through the flood. He is supposed to be able to provide them with the information that they need to be able to survive without contracting any types of disease from the contaminated water. Sergio Cortes works to provide the people with the wikipedia information that they need to be able to get what they need like bottled water and hypochlorite. He has also been able to direct the staff of medical offices to have them further educate their patients on what they need to do following the flood.

Health centers are a major part of making life better after a flood. The health centers are set up throughout the town to ensure that people have access to the medical care that they need. These centers are designed to provide people with medical care, but also give them access to the information that they need on prevention of diseases that come from floodwaters. The medical centers that Sergio Cortes on wikipedia has set up also include hydration centers. Residents can get bottled water, hypochlorite and become more hydrated while they are there.