Hair Care Do’s & Don’t’s

We all love our hair. It defines us all (in-a-sense) since everyone is completely different in nature. Whether it’s a man’s short follicles or a lady’s long flowing locks; hair is a direct reflection of self that should always be maintained to the best of our abilities. Did you know that many people does not take care of their hair properly? The very things we do on a day to day basis could be setting us up for disaster and this is why. Here are some of the top reasons people experience bad hair days:

  • Too Much Washing of The Hair
  • Constance Use of Perms and Dyes
  • Weather Conditions

Did you know that over-washing your hair causes damage in the long run? Yes and according to Wikipedia, that’s because your actually stripping the natural oils and moisture right from the scalp itself. Dyes and Perms may give you a distinct appearance, but these products are chemically based. You’re pretty much playing “Russian Roulette” with your glorious locks which causes dryness, breakage, and hair loss in extreme cases. If you live in warmer more humid climates then you should prepare yourself for some frizz action. For colder climates a loss of volume is common as well as flakes and breakage. The best thing to do is understand your climate situations, cut back on hair treatments, and ditch the chemical additives.

WEN Hair gives people a much more healthy way for growing and maintaining healthy hair. This brand created by stylist Chaz Dean is exclusive as it can handle the toughest of situations thanks to it’s organic source of ingredients. Lavender, cucumber, fig, sweet almond oil, pomegranate extract, wild cherry bark, rosemary extract, panthenol, glycerin, and many more makes up the advanced formulas. For total hair care that’s backed by facts, expertise, and nature; (WEN) products are the best way to go. The products are sold on QVC stores and Sephora.

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