George Soros Helping Fight Against Injustice and Discrimination

The political sphere of the United States has many influential public figures, but one of the prominent personalities that have been associated with the political circle of the country for long is George Soros. He has been indirectly playing a very critical role in the United States’ political sphere and is also pulling the political strings globally through his power of wealth and influence. George Soros is amongst the wealthiest people on the planet today with the wealth exceeding over $26 Billion, which he has made through smart investments in the financial market. George Soros is considered to be amongst the most successful hedge funders to have ever lived, and his earnings continue to soar with each passing day.

George Soros had very humble beginnings growing up in Hungary in a Jewish family. However, due to the Nazis occupation of his homeland and the threat to his life and family, he was forced to move to London along with his family. Over 500,000 Jewish people died in the Nazi Holocaust in Budapest, but due to the political connections of the father of George Soros, they miraculously got saved. In London, George Soros worked part-time along with studying Economics at the London School of Economics. However, even while studying, George Soros always dreamt of moving to the United States to pursue his career in the field of finance while being active in the world’s biggest financial district, Wall Street.

It is what George Soros did after completing his studies in London. He moved to New York, United States, and after working for a merchant bank for a couple of years started his own hedge fund company by the name of Soros Management. The first fund he started was Quantum Fund with $12 Million along with his partner and other investors. It continues to be one of the most significant and most profitable funds of all times, and the due credit has to be given here to the smart investment ideas and choices of George Soros. Along with his tremendous business success and acumen, George Soros is also known for his philanthropic work. He recently transferred a massive sum of $18 Billion to the organization he started in 1993. The organization works in conjunction with many other charities from across the globe to help the poor, fight against injustice and discrimination, and provide help and support to the poor in various ways and forms.

George Soros is an out and out democrat and has been supporting democratic ideals in every single way he can. One of the reasons he is so politically inclined is because he feels that the wealth he has earned and accumulated over the years gives him the responsibility to use it wisely for the betterment of the world we live in. In one of the articles George authored recently, George Soros wrote about how people today should be worried about not communism but a Capitalist threat. It is for this very reason he supports democratic ideals as he believes everyone is equal and everyone should be treated equally, given equal opportunity, and there should be no discrimination based on caste, creed, or color.