Wedding Planning Made Easier With Slyce

New Technology In Shopping For Wedding Presents

Have you ever tried setting up a gift registry? Whether you are getting married, having a baby or another reason to have a registry at a store, traditional gift registries can be troublesome. In an article from Yahoo! the journalist talks about their experienced with setting up a traditional gift registry. Apparently, the systems in place within retailers’ locations are often not that efficient. The journalist in that article claimed that the registry didn’t update automatically, so they ended up getting more than one of the same gift.

The article proposes that new technologies might be the answer to this problem. There are some new technologies that allow users to set up a registry in more than one location, and the software links those locations, so your guests will be able to see all of the registries at one time. This prevents people from buying the same gift twice. There are also other technologies, like image recognition software. This technology would make setting up a gift registry much easier.

The image recognition software of today is rather effective in clearly recognizing products in a user’s environment. One of the biggest image recognition companies out there is called Slyce, and they are working around the clock to make their image recognition tools better than any of the competition. Slyce has innovative and creative features that make their software very user friendly, and their application has so many features that none of the competitors have. Slyce Link and the Universal Scanner are two of the best image recognition tools that have ever been invented.

The Universal Scanner has capabilities of scanning any barcode or QR code in the user’s environment. It can also search based on any 2D or 3D image the user captures with their smart phone. The user can take a picture of a print ad, for instance. They can also use a real picture of the product to conduct the search. Alternatively, the user can use their computer to conduct the search, and they can use a stock image on their computer to search for their product. Any method will yield results, which gives users more options to use to find what they want to buy online. More options means more value from Slyce.