Safeguard Your Credit

I know you must have heard about the security breach at Equifax. The breach exposed personal information of 143 million Americans. Because of this incident, you may want to protect your financial history from fraud and theft.

At Freedom Financial Network, our main aim is to help people avoid debt and attain financial freedom. Here are a few steps you can take to protect yourself from fraud.

• Apply for credit monitoring and identity theft protection.

You have until Nov 21st to register for a free one-year protection. You will have access to your credit report and have the choice of freezing it, which will result in creditors not being able to access your credit information via credit bureaus. Creditors cannot give credit without first checking your credit history. Therefore, scammers cannot access credit in your name. In case you need to access credit, all you need to do is unfreeze your credit.

• Review your credit reports.

Ensure you carefully review your report and look out for misspellings, credit accounts that are unfamiliar to you and incorrect addresses. You can access your report through your bureau either through their website or by contacting them personally. In the event you find any errors in the report, make this known to the bureau immediately.

• Monitor your accounts.

Ensure that you check your accounts weekly, both bank and credit accounts, for any transactions that you didn’t undertake. Scammers start off with small amounts, before they make their big move on you. Report any discrepancies to your bank or creditor.

• Change your passwords

When coming up with a password, use numbers, symbols and mix letter cases. Avoid predictable passwords such as birthdays. Don’t use the same password for different accounts and change them monthly if possible.

Ensure you don’t provide your personal information to anyone without verifying with your bank or creditor, destroy any evidence of your personal information on paper and always check your children’s credit. Protect yourself and your loved ones.

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