OSI Food Solutions Spain Rises to New Heights In Chicken Production

In Spain, OSI Food Solutions recently expanded its production capacity to be able to produce more chicken. OSI Food Solutions even added more jobs to the facility in order to accomplish the task. The plant was constructed in Toledo and seems to be dominating the production of chicken. While the cost of production is about 17 million Euros, it was necessary to more than double the production of their chicken output.

OSI Food Solutions is one of the top American chicken suppliers and a private company that has grown to become an international brand. The company has been so successful that they have expanded into Europe to aid in their production. The company has about 65 outlets across the globe and seems to show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. The company employs thousands of people and operates in about 17 countries.

OSI in Spain has gone from producing 12,000 chickens to doubling that at 24,000 chickens annually. The expansion has helped to give OSI a leg up in the competition in Europe since the plant being built. The company expanded partially due to rising demand in some European countries for their products. This can be seen as a smart investment given the rising demand for their meat products.

Interestingly, OSI food Solutions has been considered to be an ethical producer of chicken. The UK awarded the company the Globe of Honor by their safety council. OSI Food Solutions has been praised for its job of managing the risks to the environment. They have also won awards in the United States and other countries for both quality and ethics.

The company is truly on the march with its well established company continuing to expand. It happens to be one of the largest companies that produce meats in the world and its expansion in Spain is evidence that there is a rising demand for their products. At this rate OSI Food Solutions will continue to grow as a company despite being cover a century old. We will see a continued rise to success as demand for their meats continue to rise.

About OSI Food Solutions: www.kununu.com/de/osi-food-solutions-germany-osi-group-inc