The Growing Fascination With Organo Gold Career Opportunities

Organo Gold is taking off in a very unexpected way. There is a lot of interest in this company and there is potential for it to break beyond Asia and America. It has easily become a game changer in the gourmet coffee industry, but this is just one small portion of what this coffee brand is able to do. It is also a leader inside of the personal care product line as well. This has been somewhat unexpected because the brand did not originally start off with any type of personal care products. Now there is strong showing for health products that support things like detox. There are bountiful number of options for people buy from independent distributors.

Bernardo Chua has been able to make sure that coffee consumption is completely different now. He knows that there are more people that are utilizing the Internet when it comes to coffee. Chua realized that there are people that only hear about new products by way of television. This is why he has been able to bypass the traditional television marketing. He does not worry about print ads either. He knows that his biggest audience is going to reside online. This is why I put so much training independent distributors. This is also why Bernardo makes a conscious choice to embrace social media like Twitter and Facebook. It is evident that he realizes that the shift in coffee culture is going to come from the Internet crowd. You realize that this is the best platform to get business out to the mainstream, and this has allowed him to reach millions. It has even given him the opportunity to gain more independent distributors as he looks for ways to connect more consumers to a plethora of Organo Gold products that are coming into the spotlight.

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Blockchain technology can be defined as the expertise that manages a record database of a network of global networks. In 1989, Serge Belamant created the first incarnation of blockchain technology. This brilliant entrepreneur holds the patent for this amazing technology.

Net1 Technologies came up with the blockchain technology that caused a revolution in banking. This is because through Mr. Belamant the company came up with the first debit card that can use blockchain technology. The company produced the first smart card which can be used as more than a debit card.


Serge Belamant grew up partly in South Africa and France. However, the brilliant inventor was born in France in the Tulle locale. When he was 14 years he migrated to South Africa. He even learned English while studying at a school called Highlands North High. In addition to this, he was also an excellent chess and rugby player.

The magnificent inventor then proceeded to Witwatersrand University in South Africa. He first chose to study engineering but later he decided to study Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. However, this was only for a period of two years. Thereafter, he decided to discontinue with the studies and he took courses through UNISA where he studied information systems.

In July 2018, Mr. Belamant started Zilch Technology Limited. He is also Net1 UEPS Technologies consultant. Prior to this, he worked for the latter company as a CEO between May 2000 and 2017. From October 1989 to September 1995, he worked for the same company as The Net1 Investment Holdings Limited Managing Director.

Apart from the current roles, Serge Belamant also holds a number of advisory and board member roles for some companies. They include MediKredit Integrated Healthcare Solutions where he is the Director of the board and Prism Group Holdings where he is also the Director of the board. He started both of these roles in 2000. However, he was the Director of the Net1 UEPS board between May 1997 and May 2017. He was also the chairman of the same board between February 2003 and April 2017.

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Paul Mampilly: Artificial Intelligence

Financial expert Paul Mampilly feels that one of the most promising areas for investors to place their money is Artificial Intelligence. From shopping on Amazon to making music selections from popular music apps based on the listener’s history, Artificial Intelligence is now in many parts of our lives. There is still some controversy over Artificial Intelligence, however, most applications of the technology are harmless and are meant to make life simpler. Companies that are starting to adopt Artificial intelligence are going to have a competitive edge over companies that fail to do so. Paul Mampilly believes that more companies are going to start adopting Artificial Intelligence in the next few years. It is anticipated that Artificial Intelligence is going to help generate trillions of dollars in additional revenue by as early as 2022.

Paul Mampilly has a track record for picking solid investments, so it is at least wise to listen to him when he says he is bullish about the future of Artificial Intelligence. Kinetics Asset Management hired him to manage their hedge fund and he grew the assets from $6 billion to $25 billion, averaging a twenty-six percent yearly return during his tenure. He was able to achieve these results during the financial crisis of 2008 when everyone else was panicking out of equities. Many financial outlets have asked him to share his investing advice live. Right now, Paul Mampilly feels that investors should bet on Artificial Intelligence equities while most of the general public is still unaware of them. Many of these companies are small but offer enormous profit potential.

One promising company that Paul Mampilly believes his followers should own is Baidu. This company is the Chinese equivalent of Google. The CEO of Baidu realizes the importance of utilizing Artificial Intelligence, especially due to the fact they will not be able to rely on online advertising revenue growth forever. Another recommendation from Mr. Mampilly is Nvidia. This company released a few artificial intelligence products in 2016 and recognition for the company is growing. The technology produced by the company is being used in self-driving vehicles and gaming applications.

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An Insightful Interview on Ted Bauman

Recently Ted Bauman sat down with the to discuss some of the strategies that he believes it made him successful as a writer for Banyan Hill publishing. Ted Bauman is a celebrated graduate of the University of Cape Town and he holds dual degrees in both economics and history. This is given him a unique perspective as he works to produce Alpha Stock Alert, Plan B Club, and The Bauman Letter. These articles are specifically designed to help his readers protect their assets and privacy as well as learn more information on migration issues and lower risk investment strategies. He has proven to be an exceptional source in this area.

One of the first questions that Ideamensch wanted to ask him is how he is so capable of maintaining his success. Sometimes, success can be followed by a downhill run. Ted Bauman explains that he is so successful because he has mastered the art of time management. He believes that time management is very important to his overall success. One of the most important parts of his day is in the morning. He explains to his interviewer that because this part of his day is so important he makes it a habit to never engage in any other activities during that time. It has worked out very well for him.

As someone who is very invested in the economy one of the trends that Ted Bauman says excites them the most is that his readers are beginning to question the nature of how the economy works. He likes knowing that his readers feel empowered with the information that he is giving and also take that knowledge to go and do their own research. As a writer, he feels it is very important to conduct good research. He hopes that as people become more aware of these events in society they will take steps to be more financially stable. When he started writing for Banyan Hill publishing he wanted to give his readers the freedom that they needed to be financially sound. He hopes that they take the information that he provides and use it to reach that goal.

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Richard Blair Wealth Solutions: Wealth Management for the 21st Century

Richard Blair’s Wealth Solutions offers a comprehensive package for protecting individuals putting their valuable real estate to work with the popular service, Airbnb. We advise that potential users of Airbnb fully educate themselves of the risks prior to utilizing the service. Here is our brief list of items to consider.


Would you let a stranger spend a night in your house? Most individuals would answer, “No”. When you rent you home with Airbnb you run the risk of theft, property damage, illegal activities and even lawsuits. Do not let yourself be on the business end of a bad mistake.

2)Insurance Coverage

Typically, most homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover short term rental activities. Consider this point when evaluating all of the risks of renting your property. Be sure to check your policy details before moving forward.


Protection services offered by Airbnb and other provides is secondary coverage. For the layman, this means that the coverage will only kick in after you have exhausted all of your financial resources.
These three items are what we consider at Richard Blair’s Wealth Solutions. We offer other services in wealth management, retirement planning and much more.

The individual behind the Wealth Solutions is Mr. Richard Blair. Some might confuse Richard Blair with the most interesting man in the world. He has more than 20 years in the financial services sector and leveraged the experience to found Wealth Solutions. He currently serves as the Chief Investment Officer of Wealth Solutions.He has acquired numerous certifications in the field of personal finance. These include the following; Retirement Income Certified Professional [RICP] Certified Tax Specialist [CTS], Certified Income Specialist [CIS], Certified Fund Specialist [CFS], Certified Estate and Trust Specialist [CES], and Certified Annuity Specialist [CAS]. In addition to the number of certifications he has acquired, he also holds a Bachelor’s of Finance from the University of Houston.

Outside of the impressive amount of certifications Richard Blair has earned, he enjoys spending time with his three kids and wife. He has also developed a love of teaching from a young age. This is primarily attributed to both his mother and grandmother being teachers. From this appreciation of teaching, Mr. Blair is able to help educate and influence clients to ensure the best possible outcomes.

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Madison Street Capital Talks Reorganization Services For Troubled Businesses

All businesses have felt the harsh reality of the global recession. Micro, middle-market and large-scale operations have reached liquidation. With rising external and internal factors threatening financial independence, it’s almost impossible to run a sound operation. For survival, businesses need reorganization services. This puts a dying business in a better position to escape bankruptcy or mastermind an excellently thought out exit strategy. Without the lead of an experienced reorganization services specialist, reaching the best decision is nonviable. As businesses navigate the landscape, prevailing the crisis of trying times singularly requires understanding the mechanisms of the process.
With expertise in reorganization services, Madison Street Capital prevails as world-class proficient. It recommends practical pre-bankruptcy strategies to restructure company assets and prevent early retirement. While filing bankruptcy is essentially encouraged by financial experts, it’s not always a company’s singular ultimatum. With Madison Street Capital’s Youtube ad, identifying situations that warrants the instrumentation of best practices is feasible. Essentially, it’s a reasonable intervention to protect lenders and creditors while preserving troubled business value in the same breath. Certainly, reorganization services present intricacies that require extensive knowledge to interpret each situation and provide remedial guidance. It’ll carefully take into account the changing regulations of bankruptcy court machinations, pre- to post-planning which considers lending vendors, creditors, and suppliers.

The reorganization services that Madison Street Capital provides focuses on masterminding an advantageous restructuring strategy. It aims to repair lender and vendor relationships, increase business stability and generate liquidity. What makes Madison Street Capital an excellent candidate according to lies in the reality that it has expertise in multiple financial areas. With this, it’s expeditious in recognizing solutions that’ll help clients evade filing bankruptcy or another complicated circumstance, however, convenient. Mergers, reorganization, sales innovation and capital restructure are effectively productive resources to utilize so as to reach a sensible outcome. With seasoned professionals in-depth expertise in loan restructuring, crisis management, asset recovery, organizational realignment and other areas of specialization; Madison Street Capital promises immense success.

A committed United Way sponsor, Madison Street Capital established in 2005 is a 2016 M&A Awards nominee. It’s successfully prevailed in five specialty areas: Corporate/Strategic Acquisition, Professional Services, Technology, Cross-border M&As and Industrial Goods/Basic Resource. The top-ranked Chicago investment banking boutique known for handling debt and private equity financial recently announced its nominations. The firm expressed immense gratitude in being considered for five titles.

The 8th annual staging of the celebrated International M&A Awards Gala will launch at the NYAC (New York Athletic Club) venue on April 12 and will be streamed live on youtube. Madison Street Capital chiefly consults for middle-market business prospects that need expert guidance in affairs such as hedge fund/private equity administration, financial reporting, M&A investment banking, financial opinion, asset management corporate advisory and valuation services. It operates on multiple verticals, transportation, technology, agriculture, consumer retail/healthcare, media, pharmaceutical, construction, oil/energy, manufacturing, and telecommunications.