Infinity Group Explains Why Cash is Better Than Credit

The world today is geared towards instant gratification and convenience. Credit cards are a prime example of that. Users get the instant gratification of spendable money, and it all it takes is a simple swipe or insert. This carries numerous pitfalls, however, ones that sink people into debt. It is to these pitfalls that Infinity Group Australia throws a financial rope.


Founded and headed by Graeme Holm, the debt reduction institution dedicates itself to freeing clients from debt and restoring wealth. Infinity Group has a great reputation. Its clients average debt elimination of around $41,000 dollars in debt per year. Home loans have even better statics with clientele achieving 100% payoff in the course of three months. The key is taking control of one’s finances. Something easily done through the use of cash.


Graeme Holm has a lot to say about cash. So much so that Infinity Group is a strong advocate of it. Cash breeds something that is lost through use of a credit card, accountability. This is why turning to cash can be a very wise decision for a number of reasons.


Cash is a lot easier to track. Credit cards are so simple to use that many consumers forget all the swipes they have made. It can get downright reckless if one is not careful. Using cash is a far more effective way to keep a budget. It rules out extra money and provides a far more reliable sense of what is left. Cash is also far more of a hassle to use than credit, which is a good thing.


All it takes is swipe or insertion to make a transaction. This is a very easy thing to do. It does not allow the consumer to think about the purchase, and takes away the weight of that purchase. Using cash adds weight as it is a very visual idea of how much is being spent. It also slows the process down so that the customer can think for a second.


Cash takes away the instant gratification credit cards provide. It forces people to wait. Waiting is good because it breed thought, and it is never a bad decision too look before leaping. Cash also has no hidden fees, and saves one from working with funds they do not have. This is very important because credit cards deal in unrealized funding. It means spending money you do not have. Cash allows you to only spend the money that you do have.

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