Christopher Linkas: Commercial Real Estate Investor Par Excellence

For many real estate investors such as Christopher Linkas, diversification of risks is a critical investment decision. However, not all investors begin their investment journey through a diversified portfolio. Some investors, buoyed by the familiarity of the investment vehicle and personal experiences as homeowners, usually venture into single-family house ownership. Despite its superficial attractiveness, such an investment vehicle comes with numerous disadvantages that make them unattractive in the long run. Due to the little cash that single-family houses generate, investors are constantly faced with the problem of inadequate cash flows. The lack of investment diversification means that investors are more often faced with excess risks, high maintenance fees and inability to harness the benefits of economies of scale. Single-family houses also come with binary occupancy and overreliance on the market to determine property value challenges.

To overcome such challenges successful real estate investors usually opt for the passive commercial real estate as an investment vehicle. This is because they come with reduced risks due to diversification and non-reliance on the market to determine property value. Such investors are exposed to limited losses and have a chance to co-invest with seasoned investors such as Christopher Linkas through various avenues including starting a real estate company or limited partnership. Despite the advantages associated with single-family rentals ownership, they offer the much-needed hands-on experience that is required to be a successful passive commercial real estate investor.


Christopher Linkas is a vastly experienced commercial real estate investor who boasts of a huge wealth of investment knowledge gathered through professional experiences. His sharp and excellent investment prowess began in 1991 when he joined a repackaged loans consulting firm after graduating from Bowdoin College. He later moved a real estate investment firm specializing in credits, debt servicing, and investment. He rose through company’s ranks to head its commercial real estate and debt divisions.

Christopher Linkas later moved to Europe where he heads a group of twenty investors who specialize in investing in opportunistic investments in the United Kingdom and Europe. Drawing from his wealth of knowledge, Linkas opines that starting to invest early is the key to a comfortable life as a retiree. This is because it allows individuals to benefit from compound interest and take early risks with ample time to recover in case of losses.


Whitney Wolfe Reaches Deep With Dating App

Whitney Wolfe has been doing her thing when it comes to creating change in the dating app world. Everyone that has been able to utilize Bumble will see that Whitney Wolfe looks at the world much differently.

She could have chosen the same route that other dating app entrepreneurs chose, but she knew that she wanted to do something with her company that had not been done before. She did not want to engage in a type of complacency that has plagued the dating app industry for so long.

What Whitney Wolfe wanted to do was create a company that could evolve far beyond dating alone. She knew that it would be difficult to do this with Bumble in the beginning because there were already so many other social media avenues out there. The smart thing that she has been able to do is slowly chip away at different aspects of social media to get people interested.

The dating app is where she started, but Bumble has expanded in great ways since Whitney Wolfe has gotten married. As her transition from a single woman to an engaged woman ensued she picked up the pace with making changes to the dating app. As she furthered her journey into couplehood from an engaged woman to a wife she expanded Bumble beyond dating. She would engage people with a component of the app that allows them to consider the possibility of making friends.

One of the best things about Whitney Wolfe and her innovation is that it does not stop. She is the entrepreneur that truly realizes the meaning of innovation. It is not about making one new thing one time and resting on your laurels while the world passes you by. What Whitney Wolfe realized with Bumble is that she had the ability to create a social media app that could blur the lines between dating, networking and simply building friendships. It appears that most of the app developers were so focused on one particular niche. They did not have their mind on drawing in a plethora of different people that had different social needs.

Whitney Wolfe is the smart one that actually considered these things. She became the person that would lead the way when it came to dating app innovation. She would also lead the way when it came to changing the rules of dating with women taking the lead.

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Fabletics, Redefining Athletic Gear for All Women

If you thought Kate Hudson was only about making movies, you’re in for a big surprise. In recent years, the actor has moved into fashion in addition to her normal spot on Hollywood’s red carpet scene. She has been a driving force for design and spokesperson for Fabletics. The company offers a new approach to athleticwear for women. Incorporating fashion, versatility, and comfort the “athleisure” model of clothing design has taken off with a boom. Since 2013, Fabletics has risen from a small startup to over 250 million in revenue. Hudson was sought out for her strength in what she stands for. While she still considers herself an artist above all else, Hudson not only sports the athleisure look herself publicly but also is involved with the operations side of the business.


The Techstyle Fashion Group sought out to make quality athletic clothing that would be comfortable and liven up the bland look that had been on the market for so many years. Above all else, the company values quality. It’s reported that the company had forgone $250k in merchandise due to poor quality, also delaying the launch of the line by about half a year. Combining Hudson’s strong convictions along with business and marketing savvy entrepreneurial efforts the company took off and has enjoyed much success in recent years. Recently Demi Lovato has also been involved in launching her own line created by Fabletics. Lovato not only touts the clothing, she also has publicly stated she is a strong believer in what it stands for. Having a company that incorporates all different types of women and lifestyles was a key factor in her choice to join in with her own line.


One of the company’s biggest advantages is that it uses a business model known as the “reverse showroom technique.” This strategy allows customers to visit a retail location to see the products before they commit to a monthly subscription. The model also benefits the company by allowing in-store merchandise to be limited to only what is needed to be on hand. The personal service combined with the comfort of shopping from home has benefitted the company and its customers in many ways. It also helps keep prices affordable, a primary concern to both the creators and consumers. The website is available to preview, order and subscribe to Fabletics. The company also helps define the style that’s right for its customer’s by offering a lifestyle quiz to find the best athleisure gear possible.

The Continued Success of Athletic Wear Company Fabletics

Looking good at the gym has never been so in. With the rise of Instagram fitness models, a new standard has been set for those looking to hit the gym. Kate Hudson saw the need for a brand of workout attire that would help women feel better about the way they look while working out. Long gone are the times of baggy sweatpants and a t-shirt. Hudson has taken on the activewear industry to provide high-quality workout gear that boosts confidence. Her company Fabletics has skyrocketed over the past three years and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.


In an industry where Amazon controls 20% of the fashion market online, it can be very difficult to stand out above this giant. However, Fabletics has grown into a $250 million dollar business in a relatively short period of time. The monthly subscription business model which Fabletics has implemented is a large reason why these revenues have been so impressive. It looks like individuals who are getting serious about their fitness are willing to pay an extra price every month on top of their gym membership in order to have new athletic wear to sport at the gym. It makes sense why having new gym clothes each month would help to motivate an individual to keep returning to the gym.


Fabletics is also committed to growing their brick and mortar retail side of the business as well. With their merger of e-commerce and retail, Fabletics is showing that there is a whole new way of doing things in modern business. When a potential customer walks through the door of a Fabletics retail store, they are usually already VIP members. This pre-existing business relationship helps customers spend money without having to decide whether or not they trust the company. Other e-commerce based businesses are now realizing how mixing brick and mortar retail options along with their online stores could help to raise revenues drastically.


This business model which Fabletics is introducing has proven to be very successful over the past three years. The online data which their e-commerce can provide helps Fabletics to more appropriately decide where to open their retail stores across the nation. Also, making higher end activewear available to those on a limited budget proved to be a very wise business move. There is a lot that other companies could learn from the continued success of Fabletics and their business practices.

The Ingenious Marketing Of Fabletics

Amazon is currently in control of twenty percent of all fashions sold through e-commerce. Despite this fact Kate Hudson has managed to turn Fabletics into a business worth $250 million in just three years. She uses a subscription to enable her site to sell clothing that is unique, convenient and inspirational.


The combination of quality and price is no longer enough to become successful. Exclusive designs, brand recognition, excellent customer experiences and gamification have become necessary as well. The market must suit the modern consumer due to the economic shift.


Fabletics has modeled themselves after Warby Parker and Apple and their positioning and strategies are paying off. In addition to the sixteen physical locations they already have Fabletics plans to open more stores in Florida, Hawaii, California and Illinois. Their secret is establishing a brand of extremely high quality from their first day. Their membership is also highly personalized and offers fashions at approximately half of what their competitors are charging.


Fabletics runs their physical locations differently in several important ways. Instead of individuals looking at showrooms and then making their purchase somewhere less expensive Fabletics has completely reversed the model. Due to how they began their business they have made browsing quite positive. They take the time to build relationships with their customers and use activities and events to truly understand the current market. This has resulted in between thirty and fifty percent of all individuals walking through their doors already being a member. An additional 25 percent sign up for membership in the store. When their customers try on clothing it is placed in their online shopping cart as well.


Fabletics has become quite popular in posts and blogs. A Foodie Stays Fit often features Fabletics. A review of Fabletics explains that as a VIP Member the first outfit you purchase is just $25 and a la carte items are discounted. You are never obligated to make a purchase or pay any monthly fees. When you join you get monthly outfits created just for you and a two or three piece outfit is only $49 to $59. If you do not purchase anything there is no fee. You simply take a survey when you sign up for a membership and state your preferences. This lifestyle quiz is amazing and really zeroes in on what you like and are interested in. Everyone should at the very least take this quiz.


Reviews show the clothing is high quality, holds up well and looks good. Customers have been impressed by the excellent variety available in styles along with the uniqueness of Fabletics lines. The value is solid and the pricing is much less expensive than brands making similar items.


The website is easy to navigate and use with a nice appearance. Placing an order is quite simple. Most users recommend Fabletics. They are extremely happy with the items they purchased and delighted with both the quality and style. They appreciate that you can always skip months and not owe anything. This way customers only buy when they see something they really like and want to have.

Black Friday week is still going strong! Shop the sale in stores and online. (Link in bio)

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Adam Goldenberg and How eCommerce is Changing the Fashion World

Adam Goldenberg began his working career while still a teenager. He sold his business Gamers Alliance at the age of 15. At the age of 20 he became the youngest Chief Operating Officer of Intermix. It was at Intermix that Adam and Don Ressler met. In 2006 they began their own eCommerce business dealing with beauty products. While Don handles the fashion trends; Adam handles the tech and eCommerce side. Adam Goldenberg has experience in Internet marketing, product development and management. As their businesses grew, JustFab Inc. became the parent company to several other fashion brands including: JustFab, Fabletics, ShoeDazzle,FL2 and Fabkids. Their business uses a membership model on Crunchbase that guarantees a personalized shopping experience. This membership allows customers to opt out each month, but it also helps to retain customer loyalty.

Adam Goldenberg believes that the dinosaur companies, companies that are mostly or only brick and mortar are losing business. Whereas eCommerce is an opportunity to provide great customer service and a great product at a much better cost. eCommerce has seen a large growth in the past ten years. It is important that an eCommerce business can provide a great product, have 24-hour customer service and free shipping at About fifty percent of fashion shopping is being done online today. That leaves another fifty-percent going to brick and mortar businesses, which is why JustFab has begun to slowly open some brick and mortar stores. They feel like they are offering great styles and products, so they want some of that other fifty-percent of sales.

Kate Hudson joined Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, bringing Fabletics with her. Kate Hudson is the daughter of Goldie Hawn and Bill Hudson. She is an Oscar-nominated actress along with being a mom and author. Fabletics is based in Los Angeles. She had the idea to make quality active wear and to offer it at a reasonable price on She felt you shouldn’t have to pay lots to be comfortable. Fabletics offers a Flexible VIP membership to online shoppers which gives them special discounts and earns points toward free merchandise. Fabletics like JustFab has gone global with brick and mortar stores along with their online business.

Fabletics: Dedicated to breast cancer awareness

Breast cancer is when abnormal cells begin to invade the tissue. These cells develop a tumor that causes a lump in the tissue. It is important to note that not all lumps are cancerous. While most cancers begin in the nipple and the glands that make the breast milk, a small number can develop in other parts of the breast tissue. This explains why breast cancer not only affects women but also men. October is breast cancer awareness month. Kate Hudson continues to recognize the importance of breast cancer awareness.

Kate Hudson is the co-founder of Fabletics. Launched in 2013, Fabletics was created to provide stylish high quality fitness gear that was affordable. Since its launch, Fabletics has been dedicated to providing active wear for women of all shapes and sizes. The product line designs outfits that are stylish and practical accommodating all lifestyles. They offer high quality active wear for both men and women. The Fabletics team has taken their support of breast cancer awareness a step further.

Kate Hudson and the Fabletics team have joined forces with the Council of Fashion Designers of America as the 2016 Ambassador for Fashion Targets Breast Cancer. For over 20 years, this council has been providing women of all nationalities with preventive breast health information. They also provide help to women that have been diagnosed and need access to quality health care. Fabletics has launched a limited edition pink seamless active wear collection in support of breast cancer awareness. Unlike the traditional breast cancer awareness pink, this collection is a darker shade of pink with a magenta hue. Kate says that this color change was inspired because she wanted “to create something wearable and not just a fundraising tool.” The proceeds will benefit the Council of Fashion Designers of America Fashion Targets Breast Cancer initiative.

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Fabletics Is A Growing Company That Offers An Excellent Clothing Selection

For those looking for affordable, new clothes each month, Fabletics’ clothing of the month club often has just what they are looking for. Subscribers can choose from many stylish outfits for a monthly rate of $49.95. If you are a fan of exercise attire, their clothes could very well be just what you are looking for, because their outfits are designed with exercise in mind. Kate Hudson is one of the Fabletics’ founders, and she has always been passionate about exercise.

The clothing made by Fabletics has gotten a very good reputation. There are numerous excellent reviews of clothing by the company on the internet, and the company has even been featured by well known magazines, such as Elle, Glamour, People, and Shape. More than a million people have subscribed to their clothing of the month club, and this number is likely to go up in the future. The business is also Better Business Bureau accredited, and it has gotten a very good grade through the organization.

While making the clothes exercise friendly is important to the company, making the clothing stylish is just as big of a priority for them. In fact, a lot of the clothing made by the company is designed with nice looking colors and patterns. If you are more of a fan of dresses than traditional exercise attire, Fabletics has that too. Fabletics also offer a great selection of swimwear that looks great and is very comfortable.

When you subscribe to the clothing of the month company, you can select your preferences to ensure that you get clothing that fits your tastes and needs. They offer a one minute quiz, and the questions on it help to determine the clothing that would suit you.

If you would like to try out some items from Fabletics without subscribing to the clothing of the month club on, that’s easy to do. In fact, you can purchase an outfit from the company for 25 dollars.

While most customers shop for their clothing online, you can also shop at Fabletics offline. Fabletics has 11 stores currently, and this number is going to rise. The company is growing very quickly, and as time goes on, dozens of new offline locations are likely to open across the country.

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Fabulously Fit With Fabletics

Marie Claire reveals the secrets of the active wear industry. Kate Hudson and her famour brand Fabletics have taken the industry by storm through their innovative business model. The Fabletics brand is an e-commerce label which allows customers to subscribe and based on their tastes and preference can receive clothing of their choice on a month to month basis. The brand has been so successful that the 20-30 different outfits sell out every month due to the high demand and undeniable love for Kate Hudson’s active wear. Every month there are two outfits that are in the highest demand and those are the Salar leggings as well as the seamless Samana bra.

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The Fabletics collection makes the wearer just want to go out there and be more active as the clothing will simply make you look good. This is no secret as many Fabletics fans share their successes with Kate Hudson directly through social media. Kate Hudson is always in high demand and finds herself juggling her very successful acting carrier with her business role at Fabletics. She does so with great ease as the brand keeps updating their collection giving the fans what they ask for. More of Kate Hudson and her eye for active wear.

Kate Hudson is a mother, actress and business women and her talents know no boundaries. She manages to balance her life in such a way that allow her to keep moving forward with the Fabletics brand while not neglecting any of her other duties. This April, Kate Hudson announces on Marie Claire Magazine that she will be launching their new line of performance swimwear and athleisure dresses for Fabletics. This has been a normal progression according to Kate Hudson as we want those active women to also be casual when having a night out on the town. The athleisure dresses allow the wearer to be as active as possible whilst still offering comfort and elegance. In the interview Kate Hudson was asked weather she believes that someone could do a mild hike wearing the dress and she said that this would not be a problem at all. All the dresses are made from performance fabric that is incorporated into the rest of the clothing. Source:

Some dresses also come with a built in sports bra whilst others offer easy incorporation. The dresses wrap around the wearers body in a similar fashion to leggings. This tucks away all the necessary making the wearer feel comfortable and sexy at the same time. This is similar with the performance swimwear which promises protection whilst still remaining stylish. Sports at the beach or a session of yoga no longer have to be contemplated. Anything can be done with great confidence.

JustFab Gets the Attention of Curvy Women

The Curvy Fashionista is the site that women check out when they are interested in getting tips on some of the best fashion that is out there for the plus sized crowd. Women that are checking out this website recently got the word that there are going to be a lot of JustFab clothes that are going to present curvy women with options.

The JustFab site has been quietly growing in many ways. Women are starting to realize that shopping online is one of the easiest things that they could do. It is just so simple because females can put things in their cart with a couple of clicks. They can check out in the course of a couple of minutes. This level of convenience is something that plus-sized women have been looking for, and they have found this with JustFab.
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JustFab has conjured up the best way to lure curvy women by presenting beautiful women in the curvy section of the website. These women have access to beautiful clothes, and the photos tell the whole story. These women look sexy and alluring. They seem like they are have so much fun. That is why plus sized women are taking interest in what is being sold with JustFab. They want to rock the same delightful smile that the curvy women on the website are rocking with their awesome outfits.

The clothing industry is changing in a lot of ways. People are trying to figure out how to stay ahead of the fashion game, but the Internet is the only true way to do it. This is where the latest fashion news breaks. That is why people that are connected to JustFab are going to be up on the latest trends. Many of the hot magazines like Essence, Glamour and People magazine have highlighted the clothes that are sold on this website. It has become a site that is perfect for all those people that are trying to keep a trendy wardrobe.

Ordering clothes online is easy, and JustFab makes it fun. The prices are affordable and the styles are fabulous.

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