Fabletics, Redefining Athletic Gear for All Women

If you thought Kate Hudson was only about making movies, you’re in for a big surprise. In recent years, the actor has moved into fashion in addition to her normal spot on Hollywood’s red carpet scene. She has been a driving force for design and spokesperson for Fabletics. The company offers a new approach to athleticwear for women. Incorporating fashion, versatility, and comfort the “athleisure” model of clothing design has taken off with a boom. Since 2013, Fabletics has risen from a small startup to over 250 million in revenue. Hudson was sought out for her strength in what she stands for. While she still considers herself an artist above all else, Hudson not only sports the athleisure look herself publicly but also is involved with the operations side of the business.


The Techstyle Fashion Group sought out to make quality athletic clothing that would be comfortable and liven up the bland look that had been on the market for so many years. Above all else, the company values quality. It’s reported that the company had forgone $250k in merchandise due to poor quality, also delaying the launch of the line by about half a year. Combining Hudson’s strong convictions along with business and marketing savvy entrepreneurial efforts the company took off and has enjoyed much success in recent years. Recently Demi Lovato has also been involved in launching her own line created by Fabletics. Lovato not only touts the clothing, she also has publicly stated she is a strong believer in what it stands for. Having a company that incorporates all different types of women and lifestyles was a key factor in her choice to join in with her own line.


One of the company’s biggest advantages is that it uses a business model known as the “reverse showroom technique.” This strategy allows customers to visit a retail location to see the products before they commit to a monthly subscription. The model also benefits the company by allowing in-store merchandise to be limited to only what is needed to be on hand. The personal service combined with the comfort of shopping from home has benefitted the company and its customers in many ways. It also helps keep prices affordable, a primary concern to both the creators and consumers. The website https://www.fabletics.com/ is available to preview, order and subscribe to Fabletics. The company also helps define the style that’s right for its customer’s by offering a lifestyle quiz to find the best athleisure gear possible.

The Continued Success of Athletic Wear Company Fabletics

Looking good at the gym has never been so in. With the rise of Instagram fitness models, a new standard has been set for those looking to hit the gym. Kate Hudson saw the need for a brand of workout attire that would help women feel better about the way they look while working out. Long gone are the times of baggy sweatpants and a t-shirt. Hudson has taken on the activewear industry to provide high-quality workout gear that boosts confidence. Her company Fabletics has skyrocketed over the past three years and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.


In an industry where Amazon controls 20% of the fashion market online, it can be very difficult to stand out above this giant. However, Fabletics has grown into a $250 million dollar business in a relatively short period of time. The monthly subscription business model which Fabletics has implemented is a large reason why these revenues have been so impressive. It looks like individuals who are getting serious about their fitness are willing to pay an extra price every month on top of their gym membership in order to have new athletic wear to sport at the gym. It makes sense why having new gym clothes each month would help to motivate an individual to keep returning to the gym.


Fabletics is also committed to growing their brick and mortar retail side of the business as well. With their merger of e-commerce and retail, Fabletics is showing that there is a whole new way of doing things in modern business. When a potential customer walks through the door of a Fabletics retail store, they are usually already VIP members. This pre-existing business relationship helps customers spend money without having to decide whether or not they trust the company. Other e-commerce based businesses are now realizing how mixing brick and mortar retail options along with their online stores could help to raise revenues drastically.


This business model which Fabletics is introducing has proven to be very successful over the past three years. The online data which their e-commerce can provide helps Fabletics to more appropriately decide where to open their retail stores across the nation. Also, making higher end activewear available to those on a limited budget proved to be a very wise business move. There is a lot that other companies could learn from the continued success of Fabletics and their business practices.

The Ingenious Marketing Of Fabletics

Amazon is currently in control of twenty percent of all fashions sold through e-commerce. Despite this fact Kate Hudson has managed to turn Fabletics into a business worth $250 million in just three years. She uses a subscription to enable her site to sell clothing that is unique, convenient and inspirational.


The combination of quality and price is no longer enough to become successful. Exclusive designs, brand recognition, excellent customer experiences and gamification have become necessary as well. The market must suit the modern consumer due to the economic shift.


Fabletics has modeled themselves after Warby Parker and Apple and their positioning and strategies are paying off. In addition to the sixteen physical locations they already have Fabletics plans to open more stores in Florida, Hawaii, California and Illinois. Their secret is establishing a brand of extremely high quality from their first day. Their membership is also highly personalized and offers fashions at approximately half of what their competitors are charging.


Fabletics runs their physical locations differently in several important ways. Instead of individuals looking at showrooms and then making their purchase somewhere less expensive Fabletics has completely reversed the model. Due to how they began their business they have made browsing quite positive. They take the time to build relationships with their customers and use activities and events to truly understand the current market. This has resulted in between thirty and fifty percent of all individuals walking through their doors already being a member. An additional 25 percent sign up for membership in the store. When their customers try on clothing it is placed in their online shopping cart as well.


Fabletics has become quite popular in posts and blogs. A Foodie Stays Fit often features Fabletics. A review of Fabletics explains that as a VIP Member the first outfit you purchase is just $25 and a la carte items are discounted. You are never obligated to make a purchase or pay any monthly fees. When you join you get monthly outfits created just for you and a two or three piece outfit is only $49 to $59. If you do not purchase anything there is no fee. You simply take a survey when you sign up for a membership and state your preferences. This lifestyle quiz is amazing and really zeroes in on what you like and are interested in. Everyone should at the very least take this quiz.


Reviews show the clothing is high quality, holds up well and looks good. Customers have been impressed by the excellent variety available in styles along with the uniqueness of Fabletics lines. The value is solid and the pricing is much less expensive than brands making similar items.


The website is easy to navigate and use with a nice appearance. Placing an order is quite simple. Most users recommend Fabletics. They are extremely happy with the items they purchased and delighted with both the quality and style. They appreciate that you can always skip months and not owe anything. This way customers only buy when they see something they really like and want to have.

Black Friday week is still going strong! Shop the sale in stores and online. (Link in bio)

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Fine-Haired Bustle Blogger Tries WEN and Posts Great Hair Selfies

It’s hair cleansing at its natural pureness whenever you pick up a bottle of WEN‘s unique no shampoo method. Most people have been in the dark about what ingredients end up in their favorite bottles of shampoos. Harsh detergents are present and serve up damaged, dull locks.
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Bustle blogger Emily McClure was intrigued by the famous WEN infomercials, hoping the cleansing conditioners could work magic on her normally fine, limp hair. So, she chose a bottle of the sephora FIG no-poo and began her own 7-day WEN hair challenge.

Emily kept a daily record and hair selfies to chart her progress, and she appeared to be honest about her hair journey, even when messing up.

For instance, the more WEN product you use in the shower, the better it is for your tresses, because this is not a regular lather shampoo. Emily disregarded that fact and freaked out when learning 16-24 pumps of cleansing conditioner was ideal for her medium long locks. She claims it was excessive and skimped, using only 10 product pumps every time.

We can’t be certain if that affected her results but wish she had properly followed the WEN system.

When Emily stayed on a daily morning WEN wash routine, blow-dried and styled her hair, she looked amazing, and her hair selfies prove it.

If Emily skipped a WEN wash or switched it up in the evening, she felt her hair went flat and greasy.

Emily’s advice: If you’re up on your hair routine, then WEN works wonders. If you’re lazy like her, you won’t see best results.

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How Is Athleisure Described By Designers?

Every designer has their own definition of athleisure, and they all talk about it differently when they start making it. Some people think that it is only workout wear, but other people think that it is just going to be comfortable clothing that is really easy to wear.

Onzie says that athleisure is any kind of relaxed style that a woman can wear even if she is working out or not. Fabletics started by making sure that they were making clothes that women could work out in. Kate Hudson started Fabletics to help women look good at the gym, but she started the athleisure revolution by making other pieces that women can wear.

There are other companies that are trying to think of how to make it as fashion forward as possible, but it is all based on the tights and simple tops that women can wear to relax or go to the gym. They can wear these things to the gym, or they can toss on some of these other things when they are leaving the gym to look great for shopping or a meal.

They can put on a hat to top it off, and there are a lot women who will find casual shoes that work well when they are trying to stay in the athleisure trend. They can look really good, and they are going to feel comfortable at the same time.

Anyone who is trying to make sure that they are going to be in athleisure should make sure that it is going to be able to work with any of their clothes. Athleisure is going to work if a woman is running out of the house, and that is how Kate Hudson made Fabletics work.

She was wearing those clothes when she was taking her kids to school and running errands, and she has made it so that all women can look good in something like this. The definition changes from one company to another, but they all agree that women should be comfortable. All these brands help women look chic and simple at the same time.