Lauren Conrad Gives Event Planning Advice

Lauren Conrad is a fashion, publishing, and social media guru. She has successfully tackled all three. Now, as an event planner, she is offering party planning tips to make your next house party fun and entertaining.

Conrad suggests that at every house party, every guest should be made to feel welcome. She points out that you should not get too technical and fussy about every little detail. She emphasizes that if the hostess is relaxed and comfortable, then the guests (and your spouse!) will feel welcomed.

Conrad also emphasizes the art of compromise when planning that perfect house party. Conrad tells how she and her husband throws a hoedown party because everyone owns a pair of cutoff jeans and a plaid shirt. This way, her guests do not feel pressured to go out and purchase a new outfit just for one occasion. Less pressure equals more fun.

Conrad finishes up by saying that having fun is the most important piece of any house party equation. When the hostess is having fun, then all of the guests can have fun equally as much.

Comfort, compromise, and fun are all keys to hosting that perfect house party. But if you want to work with some experienced party planners to make your party even more special, then feel free to check out 23 Layers. 23 Layers is an event planning company that is based in New York City. 23 Layers can help you plan various types of celebrations from corporate get togethers to birthday and anniversary celebrations. Thanks to 23 Layers many connections with established vendors, 23 Layers can help you plan the party that fits your lifestyle and budget.

23 Layers offers various services to help you get your party off the ground. Some of the services that 23 Layers offers includes branding, photography, venue selection, entertainment, and styling. 23 Layers can make your party entertaining and you and your guests happy. 23 Layers has got you covered for all of your event planning needs.

Creating An Ambiance With Details: 23 Layers

When a small boy needs a first birthday celebration to create big memories, who better to call in than 23 Layers. This premiere party planning service based out of New York City caters to companies large and small, as well as intimate private celebrations. The experience in party planning of the duo has a lot to do with how well they execute their parties and celebrations today. A combined 16 years in the professional party planning industry have set the stage for a to z party planning.

23 Layers can handle all aspects of the planning process starting with the custom printed invitations tailored to the clients desired effect. Menu planning and custom bar and cocktail creation is a major constituent to a perfect party. 23 Layers delivers not just deliciously catered foods but hones in on presentation and expertly crafted food display. Lighting, gorgeous flowers and bouquets, and custom place settings all set the stage for guests to enjoy these custom culinary creations. 23 Layers truly focuses on the alchemy of the perfect party, leaving the guests to marvel at the glittering gold.

A recent party for one year old Teddy had a country farm theme. Not a single detail was missing from the setup, all swathed in a classic checkerboard gingham. All aspects echoed the quintessence of country, from the bulbous shining red apples to the perfectly sized hay bales set upon the desert bar.Farm themed birthday

23 Layers truly said it with food and drew the guests in for a closer look at the details. Little flags evoking a country fair elevated a bite sized apple pie, while a rustic wood and metal wheeled wagon displayed an assortment of classic candy apples.

They considered all the guests when designing the perfectly appointed country farm desert bar. Adults could truly appreciate the delicately decorated cake pops fashioned into farm animal characters, while little one year old fingers could easily grasp the cake pop stick and munch.