How Does MB2 Dental Help Practices Manage Themselves?

MB2 Dental is a management firm that has many affiliate offices around the country where they ensure their clients are managed properly. They reach out to dental practices every day, and they are responsible for hiring and human resources services that are simply too great for the office to handle. This article explains how a company such as MB2 Dental will help a dentist make the most of their staff.


#1: HR Takes Too Much Time


There are quite a few dentists who have enough staff to run their businesses, but they do not have so many staff they may do their human resources work internally. The practice must have an outside partner who will help them, and they require assistance for their hiring that will move quickly. Every dentist must have a proper number of staff members, and they cannot manage their payroll alone. The office may hire through MB2 Dental, and they may hand over records that allow for proper payroll services.


#2: How Does MB2 Dental Make Businesses More Efficient?


A dental office that manages its appointments and services easily does not have extra time for taxes or payroll. MB2 Dental will assign someone to the case, and they will help the company understand the maintenance plan for their payroll. They will create tx records at the end of the year for their accountant, and they will manage a ledger that shows all the payroll activity for the business.


#3: Finding New Recruits


The office may not have much time to recruit for their business, and they will not have hygienists or new dentists coming through the door applying for jobs at a rapid clip. They cannot venture from the office to hire, but they may ask MB2 Dental to help them. The staff at MB2 will show the business many new recruits, and the hiring process may begin. The dentist may have as many new staff members as they like, and they will hire each when they are ready.


MB2 Dental takes quite a few things off the plate of the client, and they will help the dentist sit in the chair every day knowing their practice is taken care of. They do all the human resources management that is required for a business, and they will help find new hires when it is time. Everything the dentist cannot do is completed by the MB2 office.

MB2 Dental: A Management Firm Founded By Dentists For Dentists

MB2 Dental Solutions is an organization in the dental industry that is a partner to affiliated dentists and practices in numerous locations. They provide a plethora of services to help those affiliates run their practices without having to relinquish their control of patient care and the practice’s standards. This organization has over 70 affiliated locations in an astounding 6 states. They were founded in 2009 by Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, the company’s CEO. Dr. Villanueva, DMD, started out like most dentists and became frustrated with the many problems in the practice models of the industry. He founded MB2 Dental to be able to provide dentists with the ability to get back to what they do best: Being dentists, while still being able to reap the benefits of their talents. He sought to combine the great attributes of single practitioners and group practices while eliminating the negative ones. Since its establishment in 2009, the company has risen to its high credibility, their many affiliated locations, and has a staff of over 75.



At MB2 Dental the importance of patient care and satisfaction is their utmost concern when it comes to their affiliated practices. They take the load off of these practices by taking care of all non-clinical areas of management which can be very taxing and time consuming. They handle human resources by managing the practice’s staff, from benefits to write-up. They take care of every small item when it comes to staffing management. When it comes to accounting and finance, MB2 Dental tracks spending, gives reports and recommendations, and helps practices to make sound financial decisions. They even take care of their affiliate’s credentialing because they know their affiliate’s patients depend on them. MB2 Dental also takes care of their affiliate’s compliance regarding every dental regulation, which can be sometime overwhelming. They give each affiliate a personalized approach to their compliance issues. In addition to these services, they provide affiliates with all of their IT needs, giving them updated systems and technology to help ensure their operations always run smooth.



MB2 Dental is a management firm built by dentists, for dentists. This helps ensure their values as a company are always met: patients before profits. Dr. Villanueva, CEO, has years of experience as an associate dentist, associate dentist trainer, and mentor. Their President, Justin Puckett has been an attorney in the industry, and an executive at a dental practice management company. Justin Carroll, the Chief Operating Officer has served the industry in private equity investing and operations improvement consulting.