Encouraging Students In A Positive Community: ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a free app and communication platform that is taking classrooms into the 21st century. The company has dedicated its app to improving communication and collaboration between teachers and parents to create a positive community feel within the classroom. The easy to use app has grown in popularity with teachers, students, and parents.

Teachers love ClassDojo because it lessens the workload on them, allowing them to create community within their classroom. The easy to use features of creating classes, using premade templates, and creating customized behaviors has allowed ClassDojo to evolve into the app it is today. Teachers can customize it to fit the needs of their class. Through the instant and constant communication, it allows the home to school connection to strengthen. It gives parents the empowerment needed to help their children in the classroom and teachers and parents the connection to improve the student academically and behaviorally. This app encourages change from the ground up, giving everyone a stake in creating the community they desire.

Features like the picture and video messaging have created a way for teachers to share those moments within the classroom that parents miss. This positive communication allows teachers and parents to create a positive community and helps the student grow as a learner. Students enjoy watching their monster earn points and become class leaders. ClassDojo has decided to take this positive community goal a step further.

Growth mindset is a popular term in the education field and means that the student needs to recognize that all people can learn regardless. Their minds are able to expand and take in information and be successful. ClassDojo has partnered with Stanford to create a series of videos starring the popular monsters. These videos are in hopes that students will stop thinking they can’t do it and start believing in themselves. Research has shown that how a student views themselves can affect their progress. ClassDojo wants to help students be successful and grow as learners.

ClassDojo has grown and evolved since its early stages. The features, videos, and presentations they have all are geared towards helping students achieve their maximum potential and helping to ease the workload of teachers.


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