Shervin Pishevar: Will His Tweets Predict The Future?

Are there any interesting bits of information you can take pull from Shervin Pishevar’s 21-hour Twitter escapade? Shervin Pishevar has been an investor in some of America’s fastest growing businesses, such the popular rideshare Uber. He was strangely quiet and absent from the Twitter landscape until suddenly his observations began to pour out. He managed to come out with bits and pieces to make Twitter and other financial followers sit up and take notice.

Shervin Pishevar tweeted about the giants in the business world. Apple, Google, and Microsoft were not off limits in his discussions. Pishevar went on to say that these big boys of the business world have a certain Monopoly mentality. They have built up the tendency to buyout new entrepreneurs and absorb their ideas before the new start-ups can become big or any sort of threat. This technique may have suited their pocketbooks well, but in the end, will it eventually be their demise?

Perhaps the most interesting tweets that will be talked about around the water cooler are the comments on America’s infrastructure. He tweeted on how the current system is crumbling and willfully ill maintained. The one shining star that he can see coming out of the infrastructure mess maybe companies that are moving into space living and exploration. In particular, he noted Elon Musk’s space company.

Shervin Pishevar went on to discuss the rise and fall of the US Stock Market. He shared his thoughts on Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency was quite a fad when it first hit the stock market and its price rose quickly. Pishevar believes that this market will stabilize.

Shervin Pishevar is no stranger to investments, and perhaps some of his tweets should cause people to stop and pause and do a little more research. Many of his tweets capture interesting issues, but how many of them will come to be into fruition in the near future?

HGGC Acquisitions Shows Proactive Strategy Of Growth

A Palo Alto middle-market private equity firm is making waves with a series of bold acquisitions that has industry insider taking notice. The firm, HGGC, has been making aggressive moves over the past two years. Some of its most recent acquisitions include:

RPX Rational Patent. This company deals in patent risk management. It spent some $2.5 billion to buy 23,000 patents since 2008. That was the year RPX was founded. HGGC acquired the business for $555 million which was a $10.50 per share in cash.

HelpSystems. This Minnesota-based company is a global provider of systems and doc management, security and business intelligence services. It is valued at more than $1.2 billion including debt. HGGC acquired controlling interest in February of 2018.

American Megatrends International (AMI). Based in Norcross, Georgia, this firm is a hardware and software company that specializes in PC hardware and UEFI firmware. Press reports say that HGGC has made a “major strategic investment” in AMI.

Idera, Inc. This is a software Houston company providing systems and application management software for Microsoft and Linux servers. It also has offices in Australia, Austria and the U.K. Idera manages and monitors servers and also application for small to mid-size companies. It has 50,000 customers worldwide.

This just a few of the most recent high-profile activities of HGGC.

The firm was established in 2007. One of its founders is Steve Young of NFL fame. Young was quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers which he led to three Super Bowl championships. He was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in 2005.

Richard Lawson is CEO, Co-Founder and Chairman. Lawson was formerly established private equity funds with Huntsman Gay Capital Partners. Lawson also worked at Morgan Stanley in mergers and acquisitions. Other key members are Gregory M. Benson, Leslie M. Brown and Neil H. White.

HGGC today reports cumulative commitments of $4.3 billion. It has completed 120 portfolio transactions. Its portfolio companies represent some 62,000 employees. The companies. It has $20 billion in total transaction value.

The company has gained considerable attention for its “Advantaged Investing” model that is breaking new ground for middle-market private equity firms.

Amazon, Shervin Pishevar, and Data Management Opportunities in Blockchain

In a recent news headline Amazon made the public aware of its intentions to compete in the transport industry. This is a long time coming. Over the past several years, Amazon has been vocal about its analysis of transport costs. It continually called out companies like UPS and FedEx, saying that its deliverables operations would be better conducted by Amazon. Some industry experts scoffed at Amazon’s assertions. They point to a lack of infrastructure and experience. It is the experience that will probably prove to be overblown.

Before looking a bit closer at an Amazon transport division, consider the insights of Shervin Pishevar. He believes blockchain technology will play a significant role in the future of online business. Few people are aware of how useful blockchain applications are proving to be. Amazon and discerning economic forecasters like Shervin Pishevar recognize the importance of increasing the efficiency of data management operations. This is the key. Shervin Pishevar focused more on the applications for small business. He even called out Amazon over its dominance that make it comparable to a monopoly.

While Amazon’s dominance is a pressing issue, the battle looming in the transport industry deserves its own discussion. Yes, Amazon successfully competing with UPS and FedEx would further its monopolistic agenda. However, the fault might be that of these existing transport companies failing to realize what Shervin Pishevar highlighted as an important transition in the global economy.

Blockchain technology represents a transformation in the way data transactions occur. Its ability to manipulate, record, secure, and effortlessly move data is so disruptive that traditional businesses are aggressively exploring their own private blockchain applications. From IBM and Oracle to Alibaba, any company concerned with logistical efficiency recognizes a new future in data transactions. Amazon is not merely one of these interested companies. Rather, Amazon’s cloud services have already begun adopting blockchain technology. It is marketing these services to existing clientele. The timing of Amazon’s blockchain applications and entrance into the challenging logistical industry of package delivery are not likely a coincidence. Existing companies need to take notice and adopt blockchain to compete.

InnovaCare Health’s Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides Recognized as Health Leaders

InnovaCare Health, a leading healthcare operational firm, has spent the past 20 years creating ways to improve the value of health care. CEO Rick Shinto and CAO Penelope Kokkinides contribute to this as well as overall quality of medical technology. As a result, they have been recognized as leaders in their own ways.

InnovaCare Health Moves Forward

This company is more than a century old. However, InnovaCare Health has began to accelerate its efforts toward sustainable, value-based systems within the past two decades. This includes initiatives launched in Puerto Rico, where MMM Healthcare now is recognized as one of the “most trusted and largest federal health care plans.” At the same time, solutions are becoming less of a carbon footprint.

InnovaCare Acquired MMM Healthcare in 2006. Since then, MMM’s structure became reshaped, which involved the streamlining of the way they carry out analytics and contracts. This includes new ways of helping patients take charge of their own well-being. To keep patients well is one goal, and the provision of a new network of physicians that are incentivized to engage with their community is another. This mixed with new technologies has all been set up to improve the quality of care each patient receives.

Dr. Richard is one of Top 25 Minority Executives

In 2018, President and CEO Dr. Richard Shinto received the honor of “Top 25 Minority Executives in Healthcare.” This award was given to the executives who advocated for more affordable healthcare solutions for people of color. It also recognized the company management who worked hard to see that people who lived through natural disasters received the protection and help they needed.

Penelope Kokkinides InnovaCare Health Contributions

CAO Penelope Kokkinides is well-known for her contribution to InnovaCare Health. She has applied her two decades’ worth of experience in clinical program development to every company project. In addition, she has tapped into her health care management expertise when focusing on improving the efficiencies of healthcare structures. This resulted in physicians being able to work in a way that more quickly provided patients what they needed.

Examples of health models designed by Kokkinides before InnovaCare Health include those created for UnitedHealth Group. In addition, she provided the strategies that set the overall direction for Touchstone Health and Americhoice.


Blockchain technology can be defined as the expertise that manages a record database of a network of global networks. In 1989, Serge Belamant created the first incarnation of blockchain technology. This brilliant entrepreneur holds the patent for this amazing technology.

Net1 Technologies came up with the blockchain technology that caused a revolution in banking. This is because through Mr. Belamant the company came up with the first debit card that can use blockchain technology. The company produced the first smart card which can be used as more than a debit card.


Serge Belamant grew up partly in South Africa and France. However, the brilliant inventor was born in France in the Tulle locale. When he was 14 years he migrated to South Africa. He even learned English while studying at a school called Highlands North High. In addition to this, he was also an excellent chess and rugby player.

The magnificent inventor then proceeded to Witwatersrand University in South Africa. He first chose to study engineering but later he decided to study Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. However, this was only for a period of two years. Thereafter, he decided to discontinue with the studies and he took courses through UNISA where he studied information systems.

In July 2018, Mr. Belamant started Zilch Technology Limited. He is also Net1 UEPS Technologies consultant. Prior to this, he worked for the latter company as a CEO between May 2000 and 2017. From October 1989 to September 1995, he worked for the same company as The Net1 Investment Holdings Limited Managing Director.

Apart from the current roles, Serge Belamant also holds a number of advisory and board member roles for some companies. They include MediKredit Integrated Healthcare Solutions where he is the Director of the board and Prism Group Holdings where he is also the Director of the board. He started both of these roles in 2000. However, he was the Director of the Net1 UEPS board between May 1997 and May 2017. He was also the chairman of the same board between February 2003 and April 2017.

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GreenSky Credit’s David Zalik takes seemingly big risks, but bets on sure things

In the mid-2000s, entrepreneur David Zalik was working on his online consultancy firm, OutWeb. The company had a large number of retail home improvement clients, including the likes of Lowe’s, Home Depot and Benjamin Moore. As part of his work with these firms, Zalik got to take a close look at their business model. But he immediately noticed that something was amiss.

Many of the companies were losing huge amounts of money. But this result was hidden. This was because these losses involved deals that were never getting done in the first place. Customers who wished to remodel their homes were coming into the stores or dealing with contractors who bought from these stores only to find out that what they thought their projects would cost was only a fraction of the true estimated price.

This would inevitably cause severe sticker shock, and, in many cases, the customers realized that they simply didn’t have enough money to complete their desired projects. This gave Zalik the idea for GreenSky Credit. By creating a form of instant bridge financing at the retail level, GreenSky would be able to help customers get their projects done and would help home improvement companies and contractors to earn billions that otherwise would have fallen through.

All in on GreenSky

But this idea would hinge on yet-unproven technology. Zalik had to develop a user interface that would allow for instant approval of loans in the five- to six-figure range. He quickly discovered that although the business model was extremely sound on paper, no bank was willing to lend him the money to start the company. As a result, Zalik ended up liquidating his entire $12 million commercial real estate empire and going all in on the founding of GreenSky. If the company would have failed, Zalik would have lost everything.

But the bet not only didn’t fail, it turned out to be what may amount to one of the greatest successes in self-financing a startup in the history of fintech. Today, GreenSky is doing more than $5 billion in loans per year. And the company has grown to a value that some analysts are putting in the $10 billion range.

Southridge and its CEO, Stephen Hicks.

Southridge Capital is a private equity initiative that is located in Connecticut. The firm was established in 1996 by Stephen M. Hicks who is the CEO to the firm. The firm heavily deals with security brokerage and investment in banking services.


Stephen Hicks is a graduate of King’s college with a BS in Business Administration. His diverse experience in the field of business such as banking experience, structuring in finance and arbitrage risking, has enabled him to run the firm more appropriately and efficiently.


Stephen Hicks started Southridge Capital while working at a small NY hedge fund. His experience here equipped him with enough expertise to start his private firm. The firm has progressively grown to higher levels under his management.


The firm has various foundations and organizations which it has collaborated with to meet their objectives. Making more efficient medicine has been achieved through its collaboration with A5. The organization is contributing to individuals who are above 60 years through Founders Hall.


At Southridge, Mr. Hicks does numerous activities to keep the undertakings of the firm to be active always. Every day he reassesses the firm’s collection of documents and orchestrates what is to be done and achieved by his affiliates and him. He also plays a significant role searching for new investment opportunities for the firm.

His achievements in the firm have been due to the masterly of experience of working with other personnel. These efforts involve knowing each member in each department and also aiding out other individuals and companies with financial constraints. Apart from these, the firm also reaches out to other organizations to enable it to perfect its service delivery to its clients.


Mr. Hicks has also played a marvelous role at Southbridge Capital in accessing numerous details and genesis of various diversified markets. The firm also obtains emerging issues of multiple enterprises and demands by the use of different resources. For more details you can checkout


OTC markets and Quotestream, are some of the resources that get the firm updated and this with time has enabled both him and the firm to be more productive. The CEO has at one juncture spent his time agitating the issues engulfing cryptocurrency at the global level.



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Whitney Wolfe Used A Negative Situation To Create Something New In The Dating Industry

It takes quite a bit of work and determination in order to be successful in the tech industry. Whitney Wolfe has managed to not only become a huge success in app development, but she has been empowering women all over the country through her words and her new dating app, Bumble. As CEO of Bumble, Whitney Wolfe is dedicated to improving her dating app experience and giving more control to women so they can feel safe while attempting to date online.

Bumble has become one of the leading dating apps on the market today thanks to the efforts of Whitney as CEO and her idea for a good dating experience. Bumble is worth billions today, despite Whitney’s initial investment of less than a million dollars. Whitney Wolfe ended up filing a lawsuit during her time at Tinder, which ultimately made her start her own dating app and it was one of the best decisions she has made in her career today.

Bumble is the only dating app on the market today that will focus on women rather than men, giving women the ability to choose how every situation will go. Many more men on dating platforms are eager to start conversations and typically have a set of common conversations starters. Bumble aims to eliminate a lot of this behavior by letting women contact men spontaneously whenever they choose.

Not only has Bumble become one of the leading dating apps on the market today but Whitney Wolfe has also become one of the leading businesswomen in the tech industry for her accomplishments. While Whitney does have a formal education, studying at the Southern Methodist University, she has learned the most of what she uses today through working on the job. Whitney Wolfe co-founded Tinder at a young age and has managed to continually bring new changes to the way people date.

Robert Deignan and the ATS Digital Services

Robert Deignan and the ATS Digital Services.

Robert Deignan is a known businessman an entrepreneur. He I the Chief Executive Officer and the Co-founder of ATS Digital Services. Robert attended the St. Thomas Aquinas High School. From here, he proceeded to Purdue University. He graduated from the university with a Bachelor of science degree in Business Management. Three years after finishing his university studies, Mr. Robert co-founded the Fanlink, Inc. he worked with this company for three years before moving to iS3. Here, he served as the Executive Vice President for over nine years. In 2011, Robert Deignan joined ATS Digital Services.

The AppEsteem Corporation has certified ATS. This has enabled then to render superior services to their customers. ATS received their certification after adhering to the over thirty regulations of the AppEsteem. The company has, for almost seven years, provided services to nearly a million customers. They offer their services through the telephone. One can as well access their services remotely.

Customer satisfaction primarily drives the provision of their services. The Chief Executive Officer of ATS, Mr. Robert Deignan, has shared that the company has conducted reviews since the beginning of last year. These reviews had enabled them to comply with the AppEsteem rules. He as well stated that the firm is focused on committing themselves to their services. They have as well hired vendors, security personnel, and regulators. He as well went ahead and stated that it is due to the honor of being verified by a company of high statue such as AppEsteem that they decided to certify the firm. He expressed his joy in working hand in hand with AppEsteem and looking forward to more opportunities to work with them.

ATS provides various digital services. These include mobile services, computer services, digital data storage and network service. Mobile services provided include mobile hardware repairs, software problem resolution and security provision for private information that one might hold on their phones. Computer services offered by ATS are Windows and Macintosh services. These include installation and troubleshooting. The firm provides online data storage facilities. This enables one to store photos and videos to The Cloud. Their network services are very reliable and not easily attacked.