Brian Bonar Leaves a Mark in the World of Business and Finance

Throughout his career life, Brian Bonar has always believed in innovation, re-invention, and focus as the key drivers of development. He has continually impacted the business world and the society by creating and promoting institutions and brands.

The leadership positions he holds in different organizations in various sectors of the economy have enabled him to give opportunities to individuals that have positively impacted the business world through transformative creativity.

Brian’s achievements are a pure representation of what levels, ambition, dedication, and focus can get any aspiring business person. The fact that he started out as a professionally qualified mechanical engineer didn’t stop him from becoming one of the most accomplished marketing and financial professionals the country has seen. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

Throughout his career, lasting close to 40 years, Brian Bonar has worked in various industries heading various departments in different companies ranging from marketing, finance to founding and management positions.

Career achievements

Brian started out as a procurement manager for IBM, being responsible for procurement of motherboards for different IBM personal computers. Later on, he served as the director of engineering for QMS before moving on to become the Vice President Sales and Marketing for Rastek Corporation. However, these positions and experience seem to have been paving the way for his current role as the Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation.

Having worked with the Corporation for close to two decades, Brian Bonar has served in different positions within the corporation. He started out as the organization’s sales director before being elected to head the Board of Directors in 1999 a position he has maintained to date.

Through his leadership, the corporation has grown exponentially to becoming a leading financial hub in the region. His rich background in leadership and managerial positions have made it possible for him to not only head such an organization efficiently, but to also steer its constant growth.

Other accomplishments

Apart from serving and managing top profile corporation in the country, Brain has been instrumental in the promotion of startups and future companies throughout his career life.

According to Spokeo and Bloomberg, Brian Bonar also founded and sits in the board of other frontier companies such as AMS outsourcing and Trucept. Brian also takes pride in the fact that numerous other businesses have been established or expounded because of his sound advice and mentor-ship to young and upcoming entrepreneurs.

Awards and honors

Throughout out his professional life, Brian Bonar has received various awards and recognition from leading institutions and organizations for his outstanding achievements and personality. This explains his almost steady transition and promotion from one leading company to another.

The most prestigious honor yet, came in when he was named the Executive of the year in Finance for Cambridge Who’s Who in 2011. The award is the highest honor any business leader in the nation’s professional networking community can receive.