Jeff Herman and His Successful Career

When Jeff Herman graduated from law school, he did not expect to transition his career into protecting child abuse victims. However, that is how it turned out for him. It all happened when he decided to meet a client who was in crisis in regards to her son being abused sexually. However, the family had not received justice yet. Therefore, Herman stepped in to help the little man by representing him. Of course, his efforts were victorious in the long run. That marked the beginning of his career as a man who represents children and adults who have been abused sexually. Until now, he has been on the forefront of dealing with such like cases. In a recent interview by IdeaMensch, Herman narrates his life and passion for helping sexual abuse victims to regain their confidence. In a different chapter of his career, he also offers a few tips on how parents as well as caregivers can protect children from child molesters.

A Sneak Peak

Jeff Herman has been influential in battling cases of sexual abuse, especially in children. He continues to insist that parents need to be more concerned about their children because all that matters is protecting their children. He also goes ahead to say that with the following tips, children can be protected from child sexual abusers.

Talk to Children Early Enough

Since children are fast learners, you should introduce them to the straight talk early enough in their lives. For instance, immediately they can grasp some basic knowledge about their bodies and how inappropriate it is for a stranger to touch them in any way.

Use Appropriate Language

Sex is a sensitive matter to discuss with children. Therefore, consider using the appropriate language since children tend to me, fast learners. With that said, the choice of language should often reflect the ability of a predator to harm the kids.

Keep Talking about it

Children can be forgetful. For them to hold onto such details as the dangers of associating with predators, an individual must maintain the talk about these people. That way, the kids will always recall the lessons.