The Three Centuries Long History of AXA Advisors and the Role Vincent Parascandola is Playing Towards the Current Success

There are very few people that think seriously about their retirement with the seriousness that it needs. The other percentage of people who start thinking and planning their retirement, they make the mistake of investing in the wrong sectors and the end result is just as dismal. Companies like AXA started their operations with the hope that they would manage to help people plan for their sunset years. The company has been around for the past two centuries and they have representation is almost all of the five continents. The company currently has branches in Middle East, Africa, Europe and the Asia Pacific.

How they arrived at the name AXA

When the company was started, it went with the name Ancienne Mutuelle. The company was started in France and most of their customers were based in Paris. With time, the company started expanding and they bought several other businesses in the process. When they decided that it was time to go global, they started looking for an appropriate name to their stature. AXA is not an acronym for anything, rather, it is a name that would be easy to pronounce regardless of the language of the speaker. Companies that they have assimilated in the process include Sun& Life Provincial Holdings, UAP, Druout and many others.

Currently, the country is under the leadership of Vincent Parascandola. He has been with the company for more than a decade and has a lot of valuable experience in insurance. He first joined the company in 1987 when he finished college. He has 25 years of experience in insurance, which is invaluable to AXA. Vinny has a BSC from PACE University in New York. In addition to being an exemplary leader, he is also a motivational speaker. Recently he went back to his alma mater to give a commencement speech. Vincent believes that not all people are born having perfected the skill of leadership. He believes that it takes a lot of time and dedication for one to grow a business, create the harmony and corporation that is needed for success but all this is made easier when you have the right team.