Sergey Petrossov Is the Youngest CEO and Entrepreneur

In the aviation business, Sergey Petrossov is the youngest influence just of age 28. At that young age, he has already achieved being the CEO of JetSmarter. The company deals with the mobile marketplace, and it’s the largest in the world. He has gained the reputation of a principal, and each day he will try to come up with ways that he can innovate other companies. The hard work and diligence he puts into coming up with new ideas is the reason why he was on the top 30 under 30 in the category of Consumer Technology in Forbes. Besides, Sergey is well recognized in South Africa as being a professional. The zeal that he has to achieve started while he offered his services to other companies.

The other companies that he offered his services to before joining JetSmarter, he was involved in the co-founding of different IT projects. One that gained the most success was an online chat system, and the other was a site for distance learning. Besides, at a private jet operator that was located in South Florida Sergey offered his services. The idea of starting his venture started when he was working on the first tenure that required him to fly a private jet. While he was working on this particular post, he recognized that they were different challenges in the Brick-and-mortar model. It was in that period that the mobile marketplace was developed. Through that, he knew that he would be of help in making use of technology the reason why JetSmarter was founded.

Sergey Petrossov decided to gather his development team in getting the idea he had started. After a lot of planning, JetSmarter in 2012 launched the beta-version together with the element of select users. Since the company was established, it has grown to become a reputable company under the leadership of Sergey Petrossov. Currently, the company is billing itself with 14,000 paid members of the private jets Uber. In the company latter, it’s okay in sharing the seats on the jets once payment is made even by other individuals. Because of the companies diligence, they have offered their services to famous celebrities.