Lesson from Sheldon Lavin, Winner of Global Visionary Award

There are several existing theories of how to be successful in any business venture. This warrants one to read success stories of other entrepreneurs that have made it to the top. Sheldon Lavin, the Chairman and CEO of OSI Group is one of the many successful businesspersons that upcoming inventors can learn from. Why is this so? Well, Sheldon Lavin is among the few distinguished personalities to be awarded the most coveted Global Visionary Award offered by India’s Vision World Academy. He received this award during the Academy’s fifth year of acknowledging notable achievers.

The Global Visionary award credits hardworking individuals in different fields that have turned their visions into reality by demonstrating persistence and perseverance in achieving their goals. By doing so, the award inspires and motivates the next generation to work hard so as to achieve their dreams. Sheldon Lavin steered the OSI Group from a small domestic food corporation and grew it into an international multi-billion dollar food processor with over 60 outlets in 16 countries of the world. The OSI-Vista Processed Foods has been part and parcel of OSI since 1995, and has 8 operational locations across India. It offers custom processing of vegetables, meat, and fruits.

About Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin pursued a course in Finance and accounting at the university and after graduating, he started a financial consultancy firm. Ultimately Sheldon wanted to build a chain of companies offering food and other needs to the consumer. He managed to do so when OSI Industries, previously Otto and Sons approached him for financial assistance which he accepted and managed to grow into several branches of the firm. From Mr. Lavin, you learn that no matter what challenges you face as an entrepreneur, one needs to focus on their dreams and make it work the way Sheldon did.