Paul Mampilly Says Robots Are Adding Jobs, Not Taking Them Away

Paul Mampilly has quite interesting perspectives on investing in stocks, and big tech is where he’s put a lot of his focus on lately. He writes articles about many industry disrupters and how the Internet of Things is where a lot of future economic activity is going to be taking place. Mampilly wrote in his recent article that despite what many doomsday preachers say about robots and their replacement of human labor, there’s been a study out that shows the scenarios drawn up are not quite as dire as they’ve been made out to be. Despite more robots being put out on the workforce today than ever, the number of jobless claims are also at a 50-year low. Paul Mampilly says this is because with robots and automated technology taking over the more repetitive manual tasks, companies have added demands for human labor in other things that they couldn’t before.

Paul Mampilly has been writing his investment advice articles and newsletters for Banyan Hill Publishing for a few years now. He was formerly an accounts manager for Banker’s Trust and ING, and then went on to be the managing director of one of Wall Street’s top new hedge funds. That hedge fund started out at $6 billion in assets under management, but then it grew to $25 billion as Paul Mampilly started making investments for clients that yielded up to 26℅ annually. He bought stocks in companies that were new and few other experts saw growing big including Facebook and Netflix, and he saw his business portfolio grow by hundreds of thousands of dollars because of them.

Paul Mampilly decided after a little over 20 years on Wall Street that it was time to stop working long hours in the office for millionaire and billionaire clients, and share his expertise knowledge with the rest of Main Street America. As an editor at Banyan Hill, he writes his newsletters and articles in ways that the average person can understand, and many of his readers have given him high reviews from seeing their own portfolios perform great. You can subscribe to Mampilly’s newsletters and discover stocks you may have never considered buying before by going to