The Transformation of Fortress Investment Group Under the Leadership of Peter Briger

Over the past 20 years, Peter Briger has been playing an integral role in Fortress Investment Group’s headline-toping success stories. Last year (2018) was a promising and impactful year for Fortress a firm at the heart of the finance and investment industry. Fortress Group was acquired by SoftBank, a financial conglomerate, for a $3.3 billion fee. The acquisition of Fortress by SoftBank marks the end to the firm’s era as a publicly traded company. Experts and pundits in the investment and finance industry are terming the acquisition of Fortress by SoftBank as a significant bet on infrastructure.

While we wait and see what the future holds for Fortress, Peter Briger believes that the acquisition will lead the firm into promising markets in the world of cutting-edge technology, the realm of high-end property developments, and in private equity funds. Fortress Investment group started making its headlining stories immediately after its establishment in 1998. During the firm’s assertive ages in the 90s, back when it was a hedge fund, the advisory role that Peter Briger played was a significant contributor to the firm’s robust growth that saw it become one of the highly soughed after financial partner and investor. After ten years of operation, the hedge fund that had successfully transitioned into a world-renowned financial lender and partner was listed on (NYSE) New York Stock Exchange for its (IPO) Initial Public Offering under the leadership of the firm’s executives such as Peter.

Fortress’ listing on the NYSE happened in 2007. After ten years, Fortress Investment Group which had initially gone public was steered back to private equities after the acquisition by SoftBank. Peter Briger played a big role in facilitating the purchase, and at one point, stating that the acquisition was a step in the right direction. The acquisition was duly finalized in December 2017. Details released about the acquisition affirm that Peter and his co-principals at Fortress (Nardone and Edens) will continue steering the firm and its affairs, while the headquarters remain in New York. Softbank will be represented In Fortress’ board, but SoftBank will not be interfering with Fortress’ operations.