Vijay Eswaran Stills Finds A Lot Of Variety In His Work:

The Qi Group of Companies is one of the most successful multi-national companies in operation today. The company is founded by a true innovator in the world of entrepreneurship. This is Vijay Eswaran and he is the company’s Executive Chairman in addition to his role as a co-founder. Beyond his work with Qi Group, Vijay Eswaran is also notable as the author of multiple books as well as the fact that he is a highly sought after public speaker and many different business conferences across the globe. The different awards and honors that Vijay Eswaran has garnered over the years are numerous and include being named an International Leader in Global Business Strategies, the Lifetime Achievement Award for Global Entrepreneurship and the Malaysian Business Awards CEO among many others.

One of the major factors that help Vijay Eswaran to stay motivated and excited about his work after all these years is the fact that every day is different. Vijay notes that this has been the case for him for the last decade. A typical day in the business life of Vijay Eswaran could see him waking up and working in literally any city in the entire world. He also makes a great deal of use of his smartphone as it has become one of the main tools in his business arsenal.

Vijay Eswaran continues to get a great deal of enjoyment and benefit out of talking to a lot of different people on any given day. He still comes up with a lot of his ideas from the inspiration that he gains from those that he surrounds himself with. Talking to those who can bring a different point of view continues to be a major part of the process that Vijay Eswaran utilizes in gaining success in his business ventures.