Vijay Eswaran Stills Finds A Lot Of Variety In His Work:

The Qi Group of Companies is one of the most successful multi-national companies in operation today. The company is founded by a true innovator in the world of entrepreneurship. This is Vijay Eswaran and he is the company’s Executive Chairman in addition to his role as a co-founder. Beyond his work with Qi Group, Vijay Eswaran is also notable as the author of multiple books as well as the fact that he is a highly sought after public speaker and many different business conferences across the globe. The different awards and honors that Vijay Eswaran has garnered over the years are numerous and include being named an International Leader in Global Business Strategies, the Lifetime Achievement Award for Global Entrepreneurship and the Malaysian Business Awards CEO among many others.

One of the major factors that help Vijay Eswaran to stay motivated and excited about his work after all these years is the fact that every day is different. Vijay notes that this has been the case for him for the last decade. A typical day in the business life of Vijay Eswaran could see him waking up and working in literally any city in the entire world. He also makes a great deal of use of his smartphone as it has become one of the main tools in his business arsenal.

Vijay Eswaran continues to get a great deal of enjoyment and benefit out of talking to a lot of different people on any given day. He still comes up with a lot of his ideas from the inspiration that he gains from those that he surrounds himself with. Talking to those who can bring a different point of view continues to be a major part of the process that Vijay Eswaran utilizes in gaining success in his business ventures.

James Dondero: Giving To Cherished Causes

Giving to charity is a gift that many people do not understand the value of taking on. It will make a person’s life more fulfilling knowing that they helped someone else instead just hoarding all of their profits for themselves. People who give not only understand that it is good that is reciprocated back and when you pass away it’s not going with you. So you might as well put your money to good use and be happy for it. James Dondero is a prime example of what it means to give and does so all the time. Read more about James Dondero at Nexpoint Advisors.

When the Dallas Zoo lost their hippos, the enclosure was not used for nearly 20 years. As a result, people who lived in the city that frequent the zoo started to complain about having new hippos in the space. Well, the zoo officials caught on and tried to do something about. It was James Dondero that came to the rescue and donated money for the new hippos and new enclosure to house them in. Once things took shape, the officials not had a new hippos enclosure but also built a lodge for the Dallas company right across from it for helping out in the time of need. This brought in not only more guests but also a lot of revenue. Read more about James Dondero at

Dondero also hosted a Mother’s Day event at the Dallas Zoo where he invited all of the mothers and their children to enjoy a day out on him. He also believes in uplifting the women which is what we need in this day and time. So giving is just something you can expect from Dondero and he loves to do it. He loves his city of Dallas and wants to help improve it anyway he can. Giving makes him happy. Visit:

Fortress Investment Group Looks Into Japan Under SoftBank Direction

One of the biggest stories to come out of the 2017-18 investment year was the acquisition of New York asset fund manager Fortress Investment Group by Japanese conglomerate SoftBank. SoftBank purchased Fortress for a cool $3.3 billion. The purchase finalized in 2017 with SoftBank taking over in 2018. Fortress Investment Group was founded back in 1998 by co-founders Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Peter Briger. Starting off as a hedge fund Fortress grew into a powerhouse asset manager. In just a decade Fortress became a billion-dollar business with fingers in collective pies all over the world.

The noted asset manager has invested in technology, real estate, public transportation, and numerous other initiatives. Now, under the direction of SoftBank it has become a very large subsidiary. Nardone, Edens, and Briger still independently manage their respective regions but function now as principles. SoftBank is a veteran of information technology and up until now has been largely involved in innovative trends. SoftBank provides financial backing for such areas as robotics, IoT, and AI advancement. Its purchase of Fortress was the first step into expanding its operation into asset management.

The end goal is for the company to gain management expertise from the best source around, Fortress Investment Group. So far Fortress Investment Group has still operated as an independent entity. It manages its numerous assets and invests in new areas as always. SoftBank’s hand is now behind it, however, nudging it in the direction it wants to go. So far that direction is in Japan as SoftBank has made a number of real-estate purchases under Fortress’s banner. Fortress itself is not stranger to Japan as it has already invested 600 billion yen into Japanese real estate. So far SoftBank has targeted data centers, condos, hotels, and office space. According to sources within SoftBank the end goal is to retrofit these spaces and turn them into high quality housing.

Stream Energy Cares For Kids And More

For many companies throughout the United States and the world, philanthropy is just a way to try to get some good public relations work done after making a mistake or trying to increase their visibility. While it’s fortunate that this still gets needed resources and services to people that need it, there are still companies such as Stream Energy that participate in philanthropy because they genuinely want to give back. The company has been devoted to helping others since they were first founded, but their efforts have been growing considerably over the years and their work has been quite impressive.

Many companies stepped up to help Texans after Hurricane Harvey devastated thousands of families across the state. Among these companies was Stream Energy who started to take action the moment they were able. As a provider of electric and gas, they saw that many of their customers were struggling to pay their bills while trying to rebuild their lives after the storm. This is when they announced that they didn’t have to worry about what they owed their company and instead should focus on their lives and pay whenever they could.

The help that Stream Energy was able to provide inspired the company and their team to do even more. This is why their organization Stream Cares was founded. This organization is devoted just to their philanthropical efforts that extend to many different areas including helping the military, the homeless, and many others across Texas and the United States. Charity is important and has become built into to brand of Stream Energy. When people think of Stream, they don’t just think of competitively priced and reliable energy, they think of everything that they do to help people in need.

One of the projects that Stream Energy is passionate about helping is the Hope Supply Co. While homelessness impacts adults, the children that are struggling to survive during this difficult time are often forgotten about. With the help of sponsors like Stream, Hope Supply Co. is able to provide necessities to children that help them live their lives with a sense of normalcy.

Rick Cofer Talks Trash in Austin.

Rick Cofer, a criminal defense attorney in Austin, Texas, was busy on June 11th reassuring unhappy Austin residents. The residents were bleak over the Texas Supreme Court’s decision not to ban the single-use plastic shopping bags as they are a major pollutant to Austin’s environment.

Cofer is a fourth generation Texas resident who is dedicated to his community through activism and support of the environment. Cofer belongs to marginalized groups nationally as well as locally. He serves on the board of Austin City Parks and Recreation. Cofer also is a director for the Pease Park Conservancy Board, Texas Health Action Board, Kind Clinic, and the Ending Community Homeless Organization. He currently serves a Travis County Assistant District Attorney and has for the last eight years, reports

Rick Cofer is very progressive in his mission to show Austin residents that the key to being healthier is having an healthy environment. He does this by being a major supporter of local and small farmers that produce food in a way that is best for the environment. By supporting his local co-ops, Cofer knows he is helping to build a stronger local community and a stronger community builds a healthier environment. He is proactive about his position as chairman of the City of Austin Zero Waste Advisory Commission. The commission ensures its citizens that the City provides an environmentally and economical system of waste reduction, recovery, and disposal.

Even though the Texas Supreme Court Ruling was not what Cofer would of liked. He reassured the public that the number of bags found in Austin has gone down by seventy-five percent in the first six months. Rick Cofer expects large retailers to continue the policy of not giving away single-use plastic bags for free. The majority of Austin residents want to keep the plastic bags out of stores. Cofer mentioned that stores are more willing to accommodate the customer wishes because it increases the stores net profit. Stores lose money when they have to attract new customers, it costs less to keep the current customers happy. Cofer also mentioned that retail stores in the Austin area are profiting from selling reusable bags for a small fee.

Rick Cofer continues to engage the public in developing environmental awareness. He sets that bar high by serving his community. When it comes to problem solving and taking action he has pushed to make the city of Austin a better place to live in. Cofer continues to be passionate about conserving the world around him by speaking and engaging with people of Austin. To know more about Rick Cofer visit