Steve Lesnard insights on marketing sports products and services

Steve Lesnard insights on marketing sports products and services

From his experience working for strong brands throughout the world, Steve Lesnard is knowledgeable about taking brands to a new height. The wealth of experience he has acquired in the field over time makes him understand the dynamics of consumer needs. Steve Lesnard understands the role of technology and data play in the marketing field and growth of products. Steve Lesnard was interested in sports; this helped him to learn the values and skills of sports, and this has helped him grow as a sportsperson throughout life.

Investment in the Business of sports

Steve Lesnard initially worked in the luxurious fashion brand Wolford which is based in New York. He was the marketing director and through his efforts made the company to open retail stores and become one of the established businesses in New York. Steve Lesnard learned that he was more interested in sports than in the fashion industry; thus he jumps careers holding the position of sports marketing and production in the sports industry. Steve Lesnard ventured into product development later; this was one of the key experience that enabled him to grow as he went forward to create products. This was a learning experience as he was able to transform his ideas into finished products that consumers could use.

Steve Lesnard has had the opportunity to work for various companies in the product marketing capacity. As a career man, he has had the opportunity to lead several Olympic campaigns. Steve Lesnard commands a strong record of innovation and marketing which is a key skill in making sales in the field of sports.

Big data and innovation is a tool for marketers

Steve Lesnard believes that organizations that are data-driven are more likely to acquire customers than those who are not data-driven. The key to making profits is understanding the needs of the consumers, and this enables companies to predict future behavior of the consumers. You should aim at knowing the needs of the consumers to create products that meet their needs. When you provide personalized and meaningful services, you will be creating consumer loyalty. Sports runs in his blood, and he seeks to create innovative ways of meeting the needs of sportspersons.