The peaks and valleys of Victoria’s Doramus’s life

Victoria Doramus is a media personality whose life is an inspiration to the current and future generations. A BA holder in journalism and mass communication, Victoria has experienced both the good and the bad that life has to offer. She is an alumnus of the University of Colorado and is a force to reckon in the creative industry due to her unique talents and way of doing things. She began her career at Mindshare immediately after her graduation, and since then has worked with a series of other notable companies in the same realm such as Stila cosmetics, Creative arts agency and Trendera.

Being a graduate in mass communication and journalism, Victoria Doramus boasts excellent writing abilities which have seen her write for a long string of renowned platforms such as the USA today, the Cassandra report, the cosmopolitan and the Huffington Post among many others.

Victoria’s drug addiction experience

Addiction is something that millions of people in the world struggle with on a daily basis. It is also something that has taken the lives of a million others. Fortunately, there are those who struggle with it for a long time, and finally, manage to become clean, and Victoria Doramus is among them.

Having struggled with addiction to hard drugs for fifteen years, Victoria now works arm in arm with the Army Winehouse foundation, a non-profit organization which continuously comes up with initiatives aimed at eradicating stigma among the youth, and educating them about addiction. Victoria uses her successful struggle with drugs to inspire those who are struggling with the same, that they can make it out and also uses her experience to prevent other youths from indulging in drug use.

Besides the Amy Winehouse Foundation, Victoria Doramus has a big heart and her love extends to both humans and animals. This is why she works with various charity organizations, such as the Women’s prison association, a non-governmental organization focused on offering women behind bars proper representation, as well as helping those who are free avoiding arrest, by helping them make positive changes in their lives. She also works with the Best friends animal’s society, also a non-profit foundation dedicated to rescuing animals in kill shelters.