Background Information on freedom Checks Recommended by Matt Badiali

Freedom Checks are primarily enjoyed by corporations that are listed as Master Limited Partnerships. MLPs are restricted to the real estate and energy sectors. The two industries are regarded as requiring high amounts of capital. MLPs are designed to help maintain constant capital flow. Freedom Checks need investors to have an initial investment which records capital gains at regular intervals. Freedom Checks can thus be regarded as being an offering of publicly traded limited partnerships Companies. MLPs have many benefits such as offering tax benefits and increasing the capital gains that are received by the investors. It is critical to note that taxation only occurs during the sale of the shares as opposed to when an investor is receiving the capital gains.

Rather than offering shares, many MLPs provide units. Just like shares, the units can also be traded on stock exchange platforms. Matt Badiali introduced the freedom checks investments concept. During his career, Matt Badiali spent most of his time moving from one country to another. He investigated oil fields and colas mines. During these engagements, he interacted with many business leaders and CEO who increased his skills in trading and investments. In 2008, an economic crisis saw a decline in the oil and gas prices. The trend alarmed many investors. However, Matt Badiali saw it as a platform to invest. He went against the market odds and bought many stocks in the energy sector. Two years later, he sold the shares and recorded a 4400% profit. The vast earnings saw him become a global investment and financial analyst.

Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali is a trained geologist who later turned into investments in the energy sector. He is credited for the introduction of freedom checks which requires one to have an initial investment in MLPs. He successfully made a financial breakthrough after purchasing energy stocks in 2008. During this period, the economic crash had reduced the price of oil and gas. However, he bought many shares which he sold in 2010 making more than 4, 400%. He argued that focusing on the pool of raw materials of each corporation can offer a hint of its future operations. The reduction in oil imports and an increase in the demand for energy in the USA are likely to foster the growth of American industries.

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Dick Devos is Committed to Changing the Status Quo

Dick Devos was born into a wealthy family that was the force behind the Amway Corporation. In spite of his privileged background, Dick Devos worked hard to make a difference for his family’s corporation and for his hometown.


Mr. Devos worked his way up in the family business, and he eventually became the CEO of Amway in 1993. Even before then, Mr. Devos was highly respected by the business and civic community in his hometown of Grand Rapids, MI.


In 1991, there was a proposal to build a new arena and convention center in the outskirts of Grand Rapids. Dick Devos feared that the same thing would happen to Grand Rapids’ downtown as occurred in Detroit. When Detroit built its major sports stadiums in the suburbs, downtown Detroit stagnated economically, and this contributed a great deal to the problems that Detroit continues to face today.


Dick Devos used his influence as a prominent businessman to get the convention center and arena to locate downtown. This led to a revitalization of that area, and it boosted the economy of Grand Rapids in a significant manner.


Dick and his wife Betsy have been actively involved in working for the betterment of the Grand Rapids area. Their foundation has donated over $130 million over the course of the last 20 years. The Devos family has helped to construct a new hospital wing, and they’ve given millions to religious and educational causes as well.


One area that is a particular interest to Dick Devos is the area of education. Mr. Devos recognized that the education status quo was leaving behind many students. Mr. Devos believes in school choice, and he believes that vouchers are a way to let families have access to the best educational choices.


Dick and Betsy Devos have worked tirelessly as school choice advocates. Almost half of the states in the United States have adopted some form of school choice. This is due in large part to Dick Devos’ efforts to reform education.


Dick Devos has also sought to alter the status quo when it comes to labor laws in his home state of Michigan. He believed that old labor laws hindered businesses from wanting to locate within Michigan. He believed that if right-to-work laws were implemented, it would improve the business investment climate within the state. Mr. Devos led a successful effort to implement right-to-work throughout the state of Michigan.


Recently, Dick Devos has started a new business venture, and he is actively involved in the school that he has founded. This school has an aviation theme, and many students throughout Grand Rapids desire to be part of this exciting educational opportunity.


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OG Perez celebrates his 50th Birthday in Style

Style, class, and extravagance spells the birthday celebration of OG! Jay-Z spent 113,000 for his brother from another mother’s 50th birthday celebration. Just to say the least $13,000 was spent on dinner, another $9,000 on drinks, $91,000 at the club.Everything from nightclubs, to restaurants, to fine wine and dining, Jay-Z made sure that his brother and homie had a night to remember. According to sources, JAY Z and OG Perez, Roc Nation execs, OG’s wife Desiree Perez and friends started the celebration in Midtown at a resturuant called Zuma. On the menu for the night lobster, steak and sushi. All of this totaled to 13,000 dollars.

Then they went to a restaurant and night club called Made in Mexico. There he spent another 9,000 in liquor. They then wrapped up the night at the Playroom Nightclub where they again spent 91,000 on 40 bottles of champagne. They have been best friends for years. Their friendship and long time bond started when they were introduced by a mutual friend at Roc-A-Fella records back in 1996. Ever since then they became business partners through their mutual love for the sports entertainment industry. Jay Z on several occasions has mentioned his love and appreciation for OG in several of his records.

OG has every right to celebrate the big 50. His brand Roc Nation Sports Mission has successfully been able to support the goals and missions of other athletes. Together they have been able to help the individual needs of athletes under their brand to become a success. The birthday bash indeed was a true indication of their long term friendship and business partnership. I am sure OG would never forget such a memorable night.

Future Plans for OSI Group

When it comes to modern-day food suppliers, what organizations tend to come to mind? If you have some knowledge of this field, then you’ve probably heard of OSI Group. This company just so happens to be a global supplier of foods, and it has been dominating the market for decades. OSI Group started out in Oak Park, Illinois, but it’s now headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. When it comes to the production of food products, OSI stands out above the competition. This company produces food that come from every major food group, including:

  • Beef Patties
  • Chicken Wings
  • Cheese
  • Beans
  • Onions
  • Stake
  • Flavored Sausages
  • Cooked Sausage Links
  • Fritters
  • Chicken Fried Steak
  • Soups
  • Poultry Products
  • Chili
  • And many more

On May 7, 2018, OSI Australia announced to the world that it will be merging with Australia’s Turi Foods to produce a world-class food group. This announcement has shaken-up the industry. This new merger will also be known as Turi Foods Ltd. This merger will strengthen both companies because they share the exact same goals. Turi Foods is already based in Thomastown, Victoria, Australia. The company is a major supplier of foods to the area’s quick-serve restaurants, roast chicken outlets and neighborhood supermarkets. “Turi and OSI Group has already built a rock-solid reputation,” said David McDonald, president of OSI.

These types of mergers have allowed this company to grow at an outstanding rate. As of 2018, OSI has an employee-base of more than 20,000 individuals, and it has facilities in 16 countries. The future of the foodservice industry appears to be in great hands, and this short article won’t do OSI Group any real justice.

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Popular DJ Duo The Chainsmokers Talk About Music and Fames Influence

Side Effects is the latest song that the Chainsmokers have released has defied fan expectations with funky disco vibes rather than their traditional EDM and dance sounds. Since the beginning of this year, the Chainsmokers have started producing a variety of new sounds, steering away from their time in the dance and hip-hop mix genres. According to recent interviews with the Chainsmokers, the biggest reason for this change in musical sound is to combat the influence of fame on their music.

The Chainsmokers are far from finished with their music careers and have promised there is much more to come for their audiences around the globe. While the Chainsmokers love the EDM genre and they know many of their fans will be disappointed they are changing their pace, they feel it is best for their careers to change things up. The Chainsmokers blew up faster than most other artists in the music industry, but that kind of fame came with a pressure to keep producing their sounds frequently under the same conditions, which becomes less enjoyable over time.

The Chainsmokers started on their musical journey’s to exercise their passion and bring their music to audiences around the country and today it has spread to the entire globe. In the future, the Chainsmokers have many things still in the works that have yet to come, but they want their fans to be prepared to hear new things. Starting in January 2018, the Chainsmokers have started changing up their musical style, focusing more on their music message rather than just the beat. Mostly, the Chainsmokers write their songs based on what they experience and observe on a regular basis out in the world.

Side Effects is a welcomed changed by the Chainsmokers fans, which are quickly becoming accustomed to the Chainsmokers new musical exploration. Many artists have done this in the past with great success, switching up their normal style to explore new ones. Whatever they are producing, the Chainsmokers are going to put more effort into creating relatable music that their fans can connect with.

End Citizens United-Shining a Light on Campaign Finance Reform

Anyone can make a poor choice, a bad decision. The people have the power to do something about it when the government makes poor choices and bad decisions. That’s the beauty of our right to free speech. Groups of concerned citizens like End Citizens United freely speak out, join together and advocate change to make the nation better, stronger. Here are some facts about the empowered grassroots movement and their impact on the American political landscape.

 End Citizens United Origins

End Citizens United began life in 2015 firmly dedicated to eliminating the disastrous fallout from the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United vs F.E.C. The court ruling empowered corporations to act as citizens in support of political candidates.

This effectively opened the doors for billions of dollars in campaign contributions by big business and super wealthy individuals. Money that is untraceable and unregulated in any way. End Citizens United fights to get the decision overturned. Learn more about the group on Crunchbase

 Influence and Action

Limiting the power of big business to influence the electoral process at the grassroots level puts emphasis on garnering popular support for legislation at the state and federal level and promoting candidates in favor of campaign finance reform.

The grassroots awareness group strives to raise public awareness regarding campaign finance abuse and overturn the court ruling. One way to achieve the goal is working in partnership with elected reform-minded public officials like Rep. Tom MacArthur and Rep. Claudia Tenney.

 Shining a Light on Abuse

Putting campaign finance abuse under a spotlight goes a long way towards creating public awareness. Former Florida Gov. Rick Scott is under that spotlight now with charges of campaign finance abuse filed with the Federal Election Commission by End Citizens United.

The increased public scrutiny by this group and the public, in general, is producing positive results. Several prominent members of Congress now report they will no longer accept campaign funding by corporate PACs.


Southridge and its CEO, Stephen Hicks.

Southridge Capital is a private equity initiative that is located in Connecticut. The firm was established in 1996 by Stephen M. Hicks who is the CEO to the firm. The firm heavily deals with security brokerage and investment in banking services.


Stephen Hicks is a graduate of King’s college with a BS in Business Administration. His diverse experience in the field of business such as banking experience, structuring in finance and arbitrage risking, has enabled him to run the firm more appropriately and efficiently.


Stephen Hicks started Southridge Capital while working at a small NY hedge fund. His experience here equipped him with enough expertise to start his private firm. The firm has progressively grown to higher levels under his management.


The firm has various foundations and organizations which it has collaborated with to meet their objectives. Making more efficient medicine has been achieved through its collaboration with A5. The organization is contributing to individuals who are above 60 years through Founders Hall.


At Southridge, Mr. Hicks does numerous activities to keep the undertakings of the firm to be active always. Every day he reassesses the firm’s collection of documents and orchestrates what is to be done and achieved by his affiliates and him. He also plays a significant role searching for new investment opportunities for the firm.

His achievements in the firm have been due to the masterly of experience of working with other personnel. These efforts involve knowing each member in each department and also aiding out other individuals and companies with financial constraints. Apart from these, the firm also reaches out to other organizations to enable it to perfect its service delivery to its clients.


Mr. Hicks has also played a marvelous role at Southbridge Capital in accessing numerous details and genesis of various diversified markets. The firm also obtains emerging issues of multiple enterprises and demands by the use of different resources. For more details you can checkout


OTC markets and Quotestream, are some of the resources that get the firm updated and this with time has enabled both him and the firm to be more productive. The CEO has at one juncture spent his time agitating the issues engulfing cryptocurrency at the global level.



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Fortress Investment Group: The Future Looks Bright Ahead

Financial Investment giant Fortress Investment Group has been the latest billion dollar acquisition of SoftBank. For a company whose focus is mainly geared towards tech and other startups, many wondered about why they would be interested in acquiring Fortress Investment Group.

Fortress shareholders have approved the deal back in July of 2017 with a price tag of $3.3 Billion. The deal then was fully realized in December of the same year. This particular transaction would only make sense upon checking on each of the company’s background history. Both parties have consistently shown the need to expand and rebrand themselves over the years.

SoftBank was engaged in wholesaling of PC Software titles when it first started in the 80s. Now, the firm has stakes in over 400 companies with various services that would include broadband and technical services. Also involved are companies connected with e-commerce and the internet as well as fixed-line communications and much more. As Fortress Investment Group joins SoftBank’s portfolio, the company’s attemt to be one of the biggest investment conglomerates in the world has been further strengthened.

Fortress Investment group has a newer history compared to SoftBank. The firm has started out in 1998 but has grown to be a global leader in alternative asset management. Based in New York City which is known for its fast pace, Fortress now handles assets of about 1750 or more private investors in addition to their institutional clientele. Even with the acquisition, Fortress will operate on their own and will remain in New York. This comes as a surprise that SoftBank will really have no say with regards to how the firm will manage its nearly $40 billion assets. The real reason though stems from the fact that transactions dealing with overseas firms would be subjected to oversight by the US Committee on Foreign Investments. The agency in turn would only be able to sign off the deal if SoftBank would promise to have a limited control of how assests are being managed.

SoftBank also had to deal with another hurdle to fully realize this acquisition as they had to pay the share price with 9 percent premium. The company was also engaged with other transactions that had to be settled prior to acquiring Fortress Investment. But these were still a small price to pay for SoftBank considering Fortess has been enjoying developments for years, including their distinction of being the first private firm in the US to be offered for public trade.

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