Whitney Wolfe Used A Negative Situation To Create Something New In The Dating Industry

It takes quite a bit of work and determination in order to be successful in the tech industry. Whitney Wolfe has managed to not only become a huge success in app development, but she has been empowering women all over the country through her words and her new dating app, Bumble. As CEO of Bumble, Whitney Wolfe is dedicated to improving her dating app experience and giving more control to women so they can feel safe while attempting to date online.

Bumble has become one of the leading dating apps on the market today thanks to the efforts of Whitney as CEO and her idea for a good dating experience. Bumble is worth billions today, despite Whitney’s initial investment of less than a million dollars. Whitney Wolfe ended up filing a lawsuit during her time at Tinder, which ultimately made her start her own dating app and it was one of the best decisions she has made in her career today.

Bumble is the only dating app on the market today that will focus on women rather than men, giving women the ability to choose how every situation will go. Many more men on dating platforms are eager to start conversations and typically have a set of common conversations starters. Bumble aims to eliminate a lot of this behavior by letting women contact men spontaneously whenever they choose.

Not only has Bumble become one of the leading dating apps on the market today but Whitney Wolfe has also become one of the leading businesswomen in the tech industry for her accomplishments. While Whitney does have a formal education, studying at the Southern Methodist University, she has learned the most of what she uses today through working on the job. Whitney Wolfe co-founded Tinder at a young age and has managed to continually bring new changes to the way people date.

Saad Saad Invents Devices that Mitigate the Health Risks on Patients.

After Dr. Saad Saad left the University of Cairo, he was so determined to make tremendous changes in the medical field in the way operations, and procedures were done. He went for his internship in England and later flew to the United States to start his medical practice. Throughout his medical career, Saad Saad had felt that there was a need to improve the methods and the procedures that the physicians used to reduce the risk to which the patient’s health is subjected. This pushed him to keep learning during his practice so that he could be able to identify the underlying problems and the best solutions that they required.


One of the main problems that he identified was with the use of the traditional endoscope while locating objects inside the children’s bodies. This device helps the pediatricians to locate and remove external materials that may have been swallowed by children accidentally, without having to operate them. However, for this device to function, there must be a lens that enables the doctors to keep the visual of the target objects inside the bodies. This lens, however, when they come into contact with the body fluids, they form a mist that obstructs the doctors from focusing on the object.


Recently, Saad Saad came up with a more advanced endoscope that is fog-proof and will enable the efficient operations by the pediatricians. These modern devices will allow the physicians to complete their work without having to stop and trying to retrace the target objects due to the effect of the fog. Another invention that Dr. Saad Saad has made is that of a modern catheter that will be using electromagnetic energy to function. To explain a little bit, a catheter is a device that is used to treat various diseases by the physicians. The gadget is also involved in the performance of complex surgical procedures that the doctors need to treat critical health conditions. Learn more: http://medicaldailytimes.com/doctors/hard-to-swallow-advice-from-dr-saad-saad/3663/


The problem with these catheters was that they had to be placed in the patient’s body using a guide wire which would sometimes break and cause some complications to the patients. Upon insertion, the devices had to be traced again in case the patient needed further medical attention. To locate the position of the catheters, doctors and surgeons have been using X-rays, which have been causing a lot of health complications to the patients. For instance, the constants exposure to the X-ray leads to various cancerous diseases that put the health of the patients in a riskier position. To overcome this challenge, Saad Saad invented this catheter with its locator that would use electromagnetic energy to detect the gadget. Once the device identifies the location of the catheter in the body, it transmits some electric signals that enable the doctors to locate the catheters without having to put the patient’s health at risk.

Get TeenSafe To Avoid School Internet Loopholes

An NBC affiliate in Chicago has reported that Parents were surprised to find out that school accounts don’t block inappropriate content from the school computers used by students. One mom discovered her kids were able to get around the settings she put in on the home computer when her kids were using the google accounts provided by the school’s administration.


Bypassing With Help Of The School

Most parent’s already understand that kids are a minimum of one step ahead with today’s technology. With a separate google platform, her kids and others are able to get around parental settings on the computers or handheld devices at home when signed in through the given accounts. A high tech police detective suggests this is why using applications like TeenSafe are important when it comes to keeping our kids safe while they’re on the internet.


Bypass Prevention Can Be A Challenge

A veteran police detective focused on technology crimes says its tough because the schools are monitoring content on their equipment, but the responsibility still falls on the parent to monitor their kids web surfing. Parents assume that things are safe because they come from the school but that’s not the case. The equipment is safe while the kid is at school, but at home is a different story.


Parental Settings Are Not The Total Answer

Channel 5 NBC news investigators report parental settings are not guaranteed to work 100%. They are even less likely to work in a crossover situation like this. If you have a particular browser set up for kids to use, while this browser may block certain content, all your kid has to do is download and install a different browser and they would be able to bypass parental settings and have full access to the internet.


Be Proactive, Use TeenSafe

The detective wants to remind parents that it is their responsibility to know what’s going on. Monitoring is a parent’s job at least until kids reach the age of 18. TeenSafe is a great app to help parents who don’t have the time to monitor consistently. They spend a lot of time on the internet, so it helps to have an app that works.


IC Systems – Innovative, Customer Service Driven, the Future of Accounts Receivables

IC Systems has been in the account receivable field for more than eight decades. Using their family value principles, they have become the steeple of account receivable companies around the nation. The principles that IC Systems has in place, ensures that their patients receive a secure financial resolution. IC Systems’ strong moral practice is the thriving force behind their customer service and true respect for their patients.


IC Systems weighs customer service as a top priority, and entrusts their staff to carry the torch forward. From contacting patients via phone or written communication, respect for the patient is the utmost importance. Because customer service is such an high priority; independent contractors evaluate IC Systems staff periodically to ensure that all interactions with patients are respectful, courteous, and resourceful.


In addition to customer service, IC Systems believes in securing their patients information. Their resourceful and innovative processes help to ensure all patient data is secure; which further eases the minds of their patients. Third party auditors audit IC Systems practices and procedures periodically to make sure that all HIPPA, FSMA, and FTC rules and regulations are followed precisely. IC Systems believes in keeping up with governmental regulations as well as creating innovative technological systems to protect all data from piracy and theft.


IC Systems is a licensed and bonded accounts receivable company, and is licensed to work in all the states nationwide. Therefore, IC Systems can legally operate and maintain data security nationwide. Because of their license and bonding, patients do not have to worry about data integrity or personal information breaches.


IC Systems is changing how patients view collection agencies one day at a time. By securing patient data, operating within legal rights, and great customer service; IC Systems has proven time and time again that they are the cream of the crop in the accounts receivable industry. IC Systems’ top notch quality service and commitment to all in the collection process; has continuously proven to be a standard in the industry.


Custom Companies Is Now Offering The East West Express

Custom Companies has been around since 1986. When they first opened their doors they did so with the goal of providing a wide range of transportation solutions to their customers.


The company quickly started to grow and within a few years they went from a small two truck operation to now being a nationwide household name.


Introducing The East West Express


Do you have shipments that need to be immediately delivered to or from the Chicago and Los Angeles commercial zones?


If so Custom Companies East West Express service can help. With this service you will be able to ship your items 3 day LTL each way from Chicago to Los Angeles.


And the best part is you are able to track your shipment from loading all the way to its destination.


All Custom Companies trucks are equipped with top of the line satellite tracking technology. This gives you the ability to log in and track your shipment anytime during its transport.


To take advantage of this specialized service you will need to contact a Custom Companies territory manager.


Other Services Offered By Custom Companies


Being that Custom Companies is a full service transportation cmopany they offer a host of services designed to meet all of your needs.


Some of the other services they offer include:


Dedicated Contract Cartage

Expedited Ground Service

50 State LTL

Intermodal Services

Local Cartage

Logistics Management

Pick and Pack


Just to name a few…


Backed By The Black & Gold Guarantee


If you will be shipping from the Chicagoland local delivery areas to or from the SoCal delivery areas, you will be covered by the Black & Gold Guarantee.


The guarantee ensures you are provided with consistent, on time service between Los Angeles and Chicago commercial zones.


To learn more about Custom Companies and the many transportation services they provide, visit them online at CustomCo.com.


Christopher Linkas: Commercial Real Estate Investor Par Excellence

For many real estate investors such as Christopher Linkas, diversification of risks is a critical investment decision. However, not all investors begin their investment journey through a diversified portfolio. Some investors, buoyed by the familiarity of the investment vehicle and personal experiences as homeowners, usually venture into single-family house ownership. Despite its superficial attractiveness, such an investment vehicle comes with numerous disadvantages that make them unattractive in the long run. Due to the little cash that single-family houses generate, investors are constantly faced with the problem of inadequate cash flows. The lack of investment diversification means that investors are more often faced with excess risks, high maintenance fees and inability to harness the benefits of economies of scale. Single-family houses also come with binary occupancy and overreliance on the market to determine property value challenges.

To overcome such challenges successful real estate investors usually opt for the passive commercial real estate as an investment vehicle. This is because they come with reduced risks due to diversification and non-reliance on the market to determine property value. Such investors are exposed to limited losses and have a chance to co-invest with seasoned investors such as Christopher Linkas through various avenues including starting a real estate company or limited partnership. Despite the advantages associated with single-family rentals ownership, they offer the much-needed hands-on experience that is required to be a successful passive commercial real estate investor.


Christopher Linkas is a vastly experienced commercial real estate investor who boasts of a huge wealth of investment knowledge gathered through professional experiences. His sharp and excellent investment prowess began in 1991 when he joined a repackaged loans consulting firm after graduating from Bowdoin College. He later moved a real estate investment firm specializing in credits, debt servicing, and investment. He rose through company’s ranks to head its commercial real estate and debt divisions.

Christopher Linkas later moved to Europe where he heads a group of twenty investors who specialize in investing in opportunistic investments in the United Kingdom and Europe. Drawing from his wealth of knowledge, Linkas opines that starting to invest early is the key to a comfortable life as a retiree. This is because it allows individuals to benefit from compound interest and take early risks with ample time to recover in case of losses.


Johanan Rand Providing Holistic Approaches Every Day

Johanan Rand is the man behind the most holistic approaches in the medicine industry. Rand is a hardworking doctor that wants to always be a step ahead of the world with his different strategies and techniques. He always knows how to create a solution that works. He operates business specifically at throughout the Healthy Aging Medical Centers, and he works towards finding not just a cure or a solution but a way to help a patient achieve a better way of life. He is a leader in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. His method has been used by countless patients to reach their optimum health in life.


Johanan Rand works hard to help those with specific problems find a way to get their health back in order. If you are dealing with anxiety, depression, night sweats, hot flashes, insomnia, fatigue, or a low sex drive, Rand can give you a lifestyle change and a few holistic medicine to help you overcome the issue. When you go to his health centers, he can provide you with regenerative treatments, weight-loss plans, alongside other types of care to help with hormone therapy.


Men and women everywhere are dealing with hormonal imbalances, weight gain, a lack of testosterone, and plenty of age-related hormonal problems. This can be dangerous and tough to handle, but speaking to Rand will help you discover what is truly wrong with you instead of going to the very first medication a different doctor decides to prescribe. His technology using bioidentical hormonal therapy is so unique that this treatment helps mimic the patient’s specific hormonal makeup as close as possible to help treat the other imbalance in the body. This treatment is holistic in the fact that he does more than provide a treatment but also a solution with a lifestyle change to further help the patient get even more better health.


Rand is the man behind the story of his holistic approach. He loves and enjoys what he does, striving to do more than possible and creating more than just an overnight solution but prescribing patients with a lifestyle change for overall better health.


Stansberry Research and The Fruits of A Tree Rooted in Excellence

There are companies that are one-hit wonders in that when they succeed, they just as soon go bankrupt and disappear from the market without a trace. There are also companies that are intelligent enough to understand that success takes time, takes patience, like waiting for a tree to bear fruit or farmers waiting for their produce to get harvested. Just as the fruits of a tree will be ready to harvest, a company will get its success after planting the right seeds into its leadership. And the kind of seeds being planted by Stansberry Research right now are seeds of excellence.


Stansberry Research is one of the most trusted, established and pioneering subscription-based publishers of any kind of information that’s related to finance. It is a publishing firm aiming to educate millions of investors all over the world, guiding them how to plant their own seeds, so to speak, and how to grow their assets in ways that are both risk-averse and opportunity-ready. Stansberry Research’s seeds of excellence have now resulted to growing companies, individuals and other investment entities into where they should be in terms of profit growth.


It’s also worth noting that the approach of Stansberry is multi-franchise-based. This means that the experts in the company are varied, diverse and in-depth with their own specializations. This gives them more breadth in the advice that they give, and this allows them to home in on the right strategies for their clients.


What also stands out in the approaches of Stansberry is the fact that their approach is long-term. They want to build relationships with their clients for the longest time possible through their actionable and profitable advice. The transactions that Stansberry is engaging with are also all transparent. Whether they deal with fiduciaries, other publishers and investment advisors, it is the unique strength of Stansberry to go all ethical and accountable with their advice and suggestions. They have Skin in the Game in that they directly hold themselves accountable to the kind of financial advice that they offer their clients. Not many firms are able to do this, much less in a competitive industry like finance.

Marco Antonio da Silva overturns a decision by the Supreme Court of Jurisprudence

Marco Antonio Marques da Silva ranks among the top judges in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He currently serves in the court of Appeal. Marco Antonio recently shot into the limelight regarding his decision to overturn a sentence of two traffickers. The decision elicited a heated debate among judges, lawyers and other legal minds where every group came up with their own legal interpretation of the decision. Reversing a decision made by a lower court wasn’t easy for Marco Antonio da Silva, especially when it involves a high profile case such as trafficking. But many people agree that his decision was well informed.


His background


Marco Antonio Marques da Silva was born in 1958 in the city of Itapetininga. He gained interest in law at a tender age and by the age of fifteen, he had already made a decision to pursue a career in the legal field. He worked hard in lower classes and qualified to enroll for a Bachelor’s degree in Law. He enrolled at Pontifical Catholic University where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in law in 1981. His thirst for knowledge pushed him to enroll for a Master’s degree and a Doctorate degree from the same university. Marco Antonio also holds a postdoctoral degree in European Economic and Criminal Law which he earned from the University of Coimbra.


Work experience


Marco Antonio launched his career in the teaching profession where he taught Criminal Procedure law at the Pontifical Catholic University in Sao Paulo. He also served as the head of the research group in the same university that focused on Human Dignity and Rule of Law. Marco Antonio also served in other influential positions at the Pontifical University that include serving as the coordinator of the Center for Research in Criminal Law and the president of Sergio Vieira de Mello Academic Program.


After creating a name for himself in academia, Marco Antonio Marques da Silva decided to venture into the field of law. He started by serving as a member of the state judiciary. His main role involved traveling to various counties across the country to carry out his duties. After working for a while in this capacity, he was promoted to become a substitute judge. His immense success as a substitute judge earned him the promotion to serve as a judge for the Court of Appeals.


Jeffrey Aronin’s Mission is to Treat the Untreatable Diseases

Jeffrey Aronin has a philanthropist’s heart. An entrepreneur, Jeffrey Aronin has become the CEO of a biotechnology incubator and investment company, Paragon Biosciences. This company helps people with severe and rare diseases that have been diagnosed as difficult or unable to be treated.


Paragon Biosciences uses advanced research methods to find new therapies and medications other than those known and used in modern medicine. They have had excellent success, however; it is Jeffrey Aronin’s dream to take these advancements to an even higher level. Through his experience and innovative mindset, Jeffrey seeks to treat diseases that have been diagnosed as untreatable.


There have already been fourteen innovative medicines approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) released by Paragon that has gained them a significant status in the biotechnology world. Jeffrey Aronin and his research team are credited for these outstanding discoveries.


Gaining approval from the FDA has not satisfied Jeffrey; his mission continues to also provide financial aid to researchers dedicated to finding even more treatments. Through his help, research continues on finding treatments related to diseases of the central nervous system. He wants patients to live longer with a better quality of life.


With Jeffrey’s help, those who have not had access to advanced medical attention are now able to seek new and effective treatments. Those who have given up hope are now finding new methods to treat diseases they were told were untreatable. Jeffrey’s help and hope are being recognized around the world.


Patients at Paragon Biosciences are never treated as numbers. Staff members strive to establish a connection with all their patients to understand how their condition is affecting their lives. It is these conditions they want to find treatments for so patients can have a healthier lifestyle. Doctors and researchers work together, so patients receive the best medicine and treatments possible.


Those who suffer from central nervous system disorders, dermatology or other diseases that have been diagnosed as untreatable are now finding hope through Jeffrey’s continued support. He is driven by his mission to provide hope to as many patients as possible that have been told there is no treatment for their disease