Creating a Plan with Richard Dewayne Blair

Richard Dewayne Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions. He has made a name for himself through the work that he does for his clients on a day to day bases. Wealth Solutions is a finance management and retirement planning company that is based out of Austin, Texas. The company has provided people in Austin, Texas and surrounding areas. He helps all of his clients make sure that they a prepared to live a prosperous life starting by putting a plan into place that allows them to be financially stable. His company has been able to be successful because he has a strong love for teaching. He got his love for teaching from his mother and grandmother. His mother and his grandmother were both very passionate teachers, and he grew to love teaching by seeing their passion for teaching. After finishing college, he began his career in finance in 1993 and opened his own firm in 1994. His love for teaching allowed him to put together a plan to make sure that he would be able to serve all of his clients in a very detailed and efficient manner. He instituted the three pillar as a guideline for every plan that he makes for his clients. He understands that all of his clients will not be in the same situation, so he goes by the three pillars. The first pillar allows for Richard Dewayne Blair to look at the failures and success that his clients are having in their finances. He has to make sure that he has a clear understanding of where they are and where they are trying to go. Pillar number is where he puts a plan in place to make sure that his client is able to reach all of the goals that they have set. The third pillar is where Richard Dewayne Blair allows for the plan he made to work. He monitors the account to make sure it is headed in the right direction; if he finds that things are not going right, he makes sure that he fixes whatever may need to be adjusted.


Alex Pall Tells all in Interview

Alex Pall is a founding member of The Chainsmokers. Along with Andrew Taggart, who joined him in 2014, they make incredible pop music. Even though the group is only 4 years old, they have already released near countless hit records. They have released “Roses,” “Paris,” “Don’t Let Me Down,” and many more.


One of their most recent songs is “Closer.” It features the singer Halsey and also has additional vocals from Halsey.


After the release of “Closer,” The Chainsmokers conducted an interview, discussing the song, their future, and their origins.


“I was in college right before I met Alex,” said Andrew Taggart. When Taggart was told that a DJ from New York needed a new production partner, Taggart got on a bus and left Maine for New York.


As soon as they met the duo knew that they would work well together. They discussed the current music scene, their own interests, and how to craft their own sound. This resulted in efficient work and a unique sound that they could call their own.


As previously mentioned, Halsey also came up during the interview. Alex Pall called her incredible and confessed to the interview that he was anticipating the day when he would collaborate with Halsey. “She’s a very cool and unique artists,” said Pall.


The Chainsmokers have been getting more popular as time passes. In today’s music industry, an act is lucky to last even a year. The Chainsmokers have went against the grain, proving that they are able to outlast other acts.


Thanks to Instagram, The Chainsmokers are able to watch their fan base grow. South Africa and the Philippines are just too countries that The Chainsmokers have became known in. “It seems like we’re reaching the 16 to 25 demographic,” said Pall. “It’s pretty split between boys and girls.”


Taggart chimed in on the topic saying that they do have an under 15 audience, and they do have an over 30 audience.

How The RealReal Improves Confidence and Self Worth

There is a lot that goes into depression and feelings of low self worth. Often times, people who struggle with their self worth tend to wear clothes that they are not all that impressed with. While clothing does not necessarily dictate mood, it can have a great influence on the mood of the individual as it depends on them. There are other factors at work when it comes to a person’s mood. For those that are depressed because of how they see themselves, there are ways that they can overcome their low feelings. There are also ways that they can improve their self worth.

One of the best ways for people to improve their self worth is by going to secondhand thrift stores. The RealReal is one of the best examples of a secondhand clothing store. One of the reasons that this is such a good store is that there is a wide variety of styles. Men and women can have fun with the different types of fits and fabrics that they won’t be able to find at any store at such a high quality. The items are priced at a reasonable rate as well. Therefore, people are going to not only enjoy the new outfits, but also experience an increase in their sense of value.

One of the best things The RealReal has to offer are locations where people can look at the items and even try them on so that they can see how well it would fit them. Of course, they have to make sure that they have the item in their size. The RealReal has something for everyone. This is more than what can be said about designer stores as well as department stores. People are going to enjoy some of the styles that they did not even know existed.

Academy of Art University on Fashion and Brands

Academy of Art University seems to making a huge dive into the fashion world. One thing that this university is doing is sharing a lot of insights on fashion. One thing that a writer of a blog on Fashion School Daily has said is that it is important for someone to treat themselves as the brand. This is an important piece of advice when it comes to many different aspects of life. For instance, in business, it is more important than ever for people to market themselves as the brand. With social media and other platforms, it is a lot easier than ever as well.

When it comes to fashion, this piece of advice is useful. One thing that comes with brand is image. Therefore, people want to make sure that they are presenting some kind of image to people as their brand. One thing that they want to do about their image is make sure that it is respectable and respectful. The image also has to represent what they believe in and the message they want to present to the world. This image is what people are going to be known for. Therefore, they have to choose their images carefully.

One very important thing for people to remember when it comes to their image is that it has to be representative of the person. For instance, Academy of Art University makes sure that it presents itself as an artistic school. It also presents itself as a very respectable school that not only teaches art but also influences art. Therefore, all of the best teachers who have a lot of passion about art are involved in the school. They teach their students not only how to create art but also how to market their art so that they can make a career of it.

Jeff Herman and His Successful Career

When Jeff Herman graduated from law school, he did not expect to transition his career into protecting child abuse victims. However, that is how it turned out for him. It all happened when he decided to meet a client who was in crisis in regards to her son being abused sexually. However, the family had not received justice yet. Therefore, Herman stepped in to help the little man by representing him. Of course, his efforts were victorious in the long run. That marked the beginning of his career as a man who represents children and adults who have been abused sexually. Until now, he has been on the forefront of dealing with such like cases. In a recent interview by IdeaMensch, Herman narrates his life and passion for helping sexual abuse victims to regain their confidence. In a different chapter of his career, he also offers a few tips on how parents as well as caregivers can protect children from child molesters.

A Sneak Peak

Jeff Herman has been influential in battling cases of sexual abuse, especially in children. He continues to insist that parents need to be more concerned about their children because all that matters is protecting their children. He also goes ahead to say that with the following tips, children can be protected from child sexual abusers.

Talk to Children Early Enough

Since children are fast learners, you should introduce them to the straight talk early enough in their lives. For instance, immediately they can grasp some basic knowledge about their bodies and how inappropriate it is for a stranger to touch them in any way.

Use Appropriate Language

Sex is a sensitive matter to discuss with children. Therefore, consider using the appropriate language since children tend to me, fast learners. With that said, the choice of language should often reflect the ability of a predator to harm the kids.

Keep Talking about it

Children can be forgetful. For them to hold onto such details as the dangers of associating with predators, an individual must maintain the talk about these people. That way, the kids will always recall the lessons.

Vinod Gupta Continues a Legacy of Impact Through Education

Multi-millionaire philanthropist and venture capitalist Vinod Gupta sites education as the main ingredient to his success and largesse. And passing on the gift of educational opportunities represents a zenith in his achievements and life at large.

Before he became the founder and seller of lead generation database giant American Business Information later known as InfoUSA, managing general partner of Everest Group and major benefactor of educational initiatives affecting the lives of many, Gupta attended a small school in the humble town of Rampur Maniharan, approximately 100 miles north of New Dehli. It was here where his father instilled in him his values and principles that created present day successes in his endeavors. It was also here where he eventually contributed his wealth in an extraordinary way.

In order to shorten the gap in educational opportunities for young girls and women amongst pressures of societal tradition, and in favor of gender equality, Gupta donated $1 million to help found Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic- a school established to enable women to quickly earn postgraduate degrees in information technology, web design, textile design and other fields. He also devoted funds to build a school for young girls, all expenses provided.

Gupta went on to earn his Bachelor’s degree at the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur where he would later donate $2 million to found the Vinod Gupta School of Management, a top destination for students not just India but the Asia-Pacific area.

Over the past 20 years, Gupta has devoted over $10 million to help foster success in underserved communities. Gupta currently serves as CEO for Everest Group, a M&A investment firm specializing in acquiring under-capitalizing businesses.

Additional News on Vinod Gupta:

The Long Career of Malcolm CasSelle – WAX is his Newest Creation

Malcolm CasSelle probably considers himself apart of the video game world, but he isn’t a developer. He has been involved in tech since the early stages of the internet, and he has evolved at a pace just as fast as the web. Now, with the popularity of blockchain as great as ever, CasSelle is trying to merge video games and blochchain. He is a part of both OPSkins and WAX, two companies that provide trading services to players of a wide variety of games. While others are trying to convince unlikely people to adopt cryptocurrency, Malcolm CasSelle is targeting an audience that is already knowledge of digital transactions.

The Worldwide Asset eXchange, also known as WAX, is the newest creation of Malcolm CasSelle. He took the idea behind OPSkins and ran with it, expanding his scopes to gamers of all games, even targeting people with other types of digital transactions in mind: he isn’t limiting himself to the gaming community.

Who is Malcolm CasSelle?

Malcolm CasSelle began his career as an entrepreneur in 1995, creating NetNoir, an online media company that shared stories about Afrocentric culture. The company grew as a part of AOL’s Greenhouse Program. In 1998, he expanded his horizons, working as CEO of PCCW, a telco service provider headquartered out of Hong Kong.

In 2006, he returned to Hong Kong as a part of Capital Union Investments, working to expand late-stage internet companies.

Six years later he became CEO of Xfire, a gaming platform that was ahead of its time. The client known as Xfire enabled gamers to share their screens live, share recorded game play footage, and engage in conversations about video games and tech. More popular clients have since emerged and Xfire is no longer in operation.

Malcolm CasSelle, since 2016, is the CTO president of new venture at a company now known as tronc inc. The organization was previously known as Tribune Publishing, and it handles the printing of dozens of newspapers all over the continental United States.