Sightsavers Urging Health Groups to Prevent Blindness in the Commonwealth

Sightsaves and several other health organizations have come together to issue a letter to take preventative action for people losing their eyesight. There are over 85 million people in the Commonwealth who either have poor vision or are completely blind. The governments are being pressured to bring together supporters, advocates, and service providers to bring vision back to everyone.

The CEO of Sightsavers, Dr. Caroline Harpe, has stated that to bring about this change everyone must work together. The goal is to raise the quality of care offered by eye health services since it’s been estimated that the amount of people with limited or no eyesight will triple in 2030. To prevent this from happening, they want organizations to join together to provide better eye care to these people.

People with limited or no eyesight will face greater challenges compared to people who have excellent eye health. Today people are living longer lives and as they age their eyesight will continue to decline if preventative measures aren’t put in place ahead of time. People across the world are a disadvantage since they face a greater risk of economic, educational, and social hardships.

The open letter is urging leaders from several countries to come together to bring vision to everyone, everywhere and to take action now. The goal Sightsavers has set their eyes upon is 2020 and the meeting carries with it the urgency of preventing or at least limiting these hardships for people of the Commonwealth. In the letter, it’s stated the tools to start taking preventative measures are there, but unless leaders and their countries take action people with declining eye health will only continue to suffer.

The submission of the letter will hopefully urge leaders into action to start taking these measures seriously and looking into bringing people quality eye care services. Millions more people could potentially be facing declining eyesight with others who may end up going completely blind. Sightsavers is stating now is the time to act to prevent the numbers of people with poor eye health from rising and to help those with declining eyesight now, not later.

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff Sean Penn’s Reality Check

Sean Penn’s career has spanned many years, he is a director, Academy Award winning actor, producer, screenplay writer, has worked as war correspondent, wrote several articles, and interviewed some top political and non political figures. With all of this he is still upping the game, with putting aside his acting to become an author with Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.

Sean Penn was recently in Los Angles, CA. finishing up that leg of his book tour before heading to Austin, TX. Sean looks at writing his first book as he can walk away and its all his, good or bad, its completely all his own. When you are doing a film’s he has explained that you can walk away perhaps proud of the final outcome but you are collaborating and this can lead to disappointments and basically something of your own, you do not have to be apologetic. Sean does have more to come as far as another book on the back burner. Sean has stated that he lets his readers come to their own assumptions about where his creativeness comes from, some associates compare him to other novelist and he is not saying yes or no to any of his flair coming from authors his has read.

Sean looks at Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff not as an opinion piece. It is about the culture and the reality of our society at the present time. Sean has pointed out that the book is about including people and if we are not, then we are just dividing ourselves as a society.

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff follows the life of Bob Honey. He is a character with a blue collar job as a septic tank worker and his alter career as a hired killer for the United States government. It includes American politics, everyday life, and the reader can see through the main character the struggles of a changing culture in his country. Penn has his own unique style that he lends to the character and situations, Penn’s own detachment from the movie industry tends to go in the same vein as the main character in Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.

Shiraz Boghani: Leader In Healthcare And Hospitality

Shiraz Boghani is a known figure in the UK business scene. He is popular for his community and service-oriented projects within his local community, as he initiated a number of entrepreneurial companies within the hospitality and healthcare industry.

Shiraz Boghani is one of the earliest entrepreneurs to grow London in having several limited-service branded hotels. He has grown his company since 1990, which is named Splendid Hospitality Group. During his time working in his own company, he was able to place 25 projects in London. Mr. Boghani is the leader of the organization and serves as the chairman. He is responsible for giving direction and creating plans for the Splendid Hospitality Group. At present, the company owns 20 hotels, and some of them are in the process of construction and development.

One of the most well-known hotels in his company is the Hilton London Bankside. It is a large hotel with 292 bedrooms. Among the others are Conrad London St. James, and Holiday Inn Wembley. Shiraz Boghani is also considered the founding partner of another hotel group, Sojourn Hotels LLP. The aided the hotel group to many deals and grow its presence in the UK.

Aside from hospitality, Mr. Boghani is also a known figure in healthcare. He is the Joint Chairman of Sussex Healthcare, which is one of the largest nursing homes for the elderly and mentally challenged individuals. Sussex Healthcare is one of the largest in the area, and they are currently known for their high-quality care for geriatrics, providing them with customized services depending on their needs.

One of Shiraz Boghani’s role in Sussex Healthcare as a Joint Chairman is to give vision and inspect the company’s facilities and services. Being a figure in the hospitality industry, he is known for his attention to detail, making good customer services practices, and instilling good organizational ethics. Since his role in the company, Sussex Healthcare has grown to have 20 nursing homes both in Sussex and London. They also have plans for growing further and improving their service through innovative practices.

Shiraz Boghani received several awards throughout his career life. One of his highest achievements was being the Hotelier of the Year in the 2016 Asia Business Awards. Mr. Boghani became an active member to help out the Ismaili community in the UK as well. He became a National Council Member as well as a Resource Development Point-person in the Aga Khan University.

Learn more about Shiraz Boghani:–chairman-of-splendid-hospitalit/1459340640012

Robert Deignan and the ATS Digital Services

Robert Deignan and the ATS Digital Services.

Robert Deignan is a known businessman an entrepreneur. He I the Chief Executive Officer and the Co-founder of ATS Digital Services. Robert attended the St. Thomas Aquinas High School. From here, he proceeded to Purdue University. He graduated from the university with a Bachelor of science degree in Business Management. Three years after finishing his university studies, Mr. Robert co-founded the Fanlink, Inc. he worked with this company for three years before moving to iS3. Here, he served as the Executive Vice President for over nine years. In 2011, Robert Deignan joined ATS Digital Services.

The AppEsteem Corporation has certified ATS. This has enabled then to render superior services to their customers. ATS received their certification after adhering to the over thirty regulations of the AppEsteem. The company has, for almost seven years, provided services to nearly a million customers. They offer their services through the telephone. One can as well access their services remotely.

Customer satisfaction primarily drives the provision of their services. The Chief Executive Officer of ATS, Mr. Robert Deignan, has shared that the company has conducted reviews since the beginning of last year. These reviews had enabled them to comply with the AppEsteem rules. He as well stated that the firm is focused on committing themselves to their services. They have as well hired vendors, security personnel, and regulators. He as well went ahead and stated that it is due to the honor of being verified by a company of high statue such as AppEsteem that they decided to certify the firm. He expressed his joy in working hand in hand with AppEsteem and looking forward to more opportunities to work with them.

ATS provides various digital services. These include mobile services, computer services, digital data storage and network service. Mobile services provided include mobile hardware repairs, software problem resolution and security provision for private information that one might hold on their phones. Computer services offered by ATS are Windows and Macintosh services. These include installation and troubleshooting. The firm provides online data storage facilities. This enables one to store photos and videos to The Cloud. Their network services are very reliable and not easily attacked.