Securus Technologies Adds GovNetPay to Portfolio

The U.S. Government has this old system that works in a new way. It is streamlining the way credit, and debit cards process. If you ever had a traffic violation, had to pay money to the court or got out of jail on bail you have used the GovNetPay system. The system is the leader in technologies for debit and credit payments. As it sets now, the system is only used by the U.S. Government. However, it is expanding to other organizations outside of the law enforcement realm.

Through the innovation of GovNetPay, the government has processed more than 40 million dollars each year. With plans to the horizon, Securus’ Technologies plan to expand extensively to other agencies throughout the government agency.

Throughout the last 20 years, GovPayNet has provided a secure and dedicated system that the United States Government can use within their agencies. A former sheriff established it in 1997. It was designed to initially help the law enforcement raise their standards and handle cash payments in a more professional and orderly way. With this system, it is easier to process payments using a credit or debit card for various payment transactions to the government. Thanks to Securus’ Technologies and the help of the United States Government, the expansion of their portfolio is excellent. They can now accept payments through this system for many other government-driven agencies such as property tax and child support.

With their home base in Carrollton, Texas, Securus’ Technology works keep their vision alive. The vision of Securus’ is to serve and connect to the public. They continue to do this by offering quick response, including inmate self-service and providing them hope as well as monitoring services for government payments. With an award-winning group of professionals, they dedicate themselves to helping their customers and providing a quick solution to all their problems. They are proud to make our homes safe.

While serving over 3,500 government agencies and over 1,200,000 inmates through the United States, Securus’ dedicated providing hope to those who need it and safety to this who want it. They have come along way, but the journey is not over as Securus’ continues to find better ways to improve our systems that are used by the government.