Rocketship Education: Creating Balanced School Environment

Rocketship Education is an alternative learning institution that is headquartered in California. The educational system includes several schools in the state of California, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and in the city of Washington, D.C. Rocketship Education provides an alternative way of learning, by developing the child’s mental, social, and physical skills. The school not only enriches the knowledge of the students through studying, but they are also encouraging them to focus on their talents and to become better at it. Rocketship Education does not enforce a strict grading system achieved by passing examinations, because they believe that every child is unique. The school system is also known for involving the parents and the community towards the child’s learning experience.

Recently, when a river in California overflowed, hundreds of homes were washed away. The community affected by the flood is situated near a Rocketship Education school, and some of the affected residents are sending their children to the school. The school administration immediately contacted their connections and raised more than $60,000, and they used the money to help the residents. They provided temporary shelter and food among the victims, and the school made sure that they are attended to and all of their needs are given. Parents are grateful as to how the Rocketship Education School responded to the calamity. They are living by their mantra that the school should coordinate with the community to provide the students with better education.

Teachers who are working with Rocketship Education are also required to visit their students. It is necessary so that they can see how the child behaves at home, and it also gives them a chance to formulate new methods on how to teach the child. Rocketship Education also incorporates interactive ways of learning by using the latest technologies and having the students tries it out for themselves. The kind of atmosphere provided by Rocketship Education affiliated schools shows how the parents and the community can work together for the benefit of the students. This kind of approach is proven to be effective, as students coming from Rocketship Education schools are scoring high on state sponsored tests.