George Soros Helping Fight Against Injustice and Discrimination

The political sphere of the United States has many influential public figures, but one of the prominent personalities that have been associated with the political circle of the country for long is George Soros. He has been indirectly playing a very critical role in the United States’ political sphere and is also pulling the political strings globally through his power of wealth and influence. George Soros is amongst the wealthiest people on the planet today with the wealth exceeding over $26 Billion, which he has made through smart investments in the financial market. George Soros is considered to be amongst the most successful hedge funders to have ever lived, and his earnings continue to soar with each passing day.

George Soros had very humble beginnings growing up in Hungary in a Jewish family. However, due to the Nazis occupation of his homeland and the threat to his life and family, he was forced to move to London along with his family. Over 500,000 Jewish people died in the Nazi Holocaust in Budapest, but due to the political connections of the father of George Soros, they miraculously got saved. In London, George Soros worked part-time along with studying Economics at the London School of Economics. However, even while studying, George Soros always dreamt of moving to the United States to pursue his career in the field of finance while being active in the world’s biggest financial district, Wall Street.

It is what George Soros did after completing his studies in London. He moved to New York, United States, and after working for a merchant bank for a couple of years started his own hedge fund company by the name of Soros Management. The first fund he started was Quantum Fund with $12 Million along with his partner and other investors. It continues to be one of the most significant and most profitable funds of all times, and the due credit has to be given here to the smart investment ideas and choices of George Soros. Along with his tremendous business success and acumen, George Soros is also known for his philanthropic work. He recently transferred a massive sum of $18 Billion to the organization he started in 1993. The organization works in conjunction with many other charities from across the globe to help the poor, fight against injustice and discrimination, and provide help and support to the poor in various ways and forms.

George Soros is an out and out democrat and has been supporting democratic ideals in every single way he can. One of the reasons he is so politically inclined is because he feels that the wealth he has earned and accumulated over the years gives him the responsibility to use it wisely for the betterment of the world we live in. In one of the articles George authored recently, George Soros wrote about how people today should be worried about not communism but a Capitalist threat. It is for this very reason he supports democratic ideals as he believes everyone is equal and everyone should be treated equally, given equal opportunity, and there should be no discrimination based on caste, creed, or color.

Rocketship Education: Creating Balanced School Environment

Rocketship Education is an alternative learning institution that is headquartered in California. The educational system includes several schools in the state of California, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and in the city of Washington, D.C. Rocketship Education provides an alternative way of learning, by developing the child’s mental, social, and physical skills. The school not only enriches the knowledge of the students through studying, but they are also encouraging them to focus on their talents and to become better at it. Rocketship Education does not enforce a strict grading system achieved by passing examinations, because they believe that every child is unique. The school system is also known for involving the parents and the community towards the child’s learning experience.

Recently, when a river in California overflowed, hundreds of homes were washed away. The community affected by the flood is situated near a Rocketship Education school, and some of the affected residents are sending their children to the school. The school administration immediately contacted their connections and raised more than $60,000, and they used the money to help the residents. They provided temporary shelter and food among the victims, and the school made sure that they are attended to and all of their needs are given. Parents are grateful as to how the Rocketship Education School responded to the calamity. They are living by their mantra that the school should coordinate with the community to provide the students with better education.

Teachers who are working with Rocketship Education are also required to visit their students. It is necessary so that they can see how the child behaves at home, and it also gives them a chance to formulate new methods on how to teach the child. Rocketship Education also incorporates interactive ways of learning by using the latest technologies and having the students tries it out for themselves. The kind of atmosphere provided by Rocketship Education affiliated schools shows how the parents and the community can work together for the benefit of the students. This kind of approach is proven to be effective, as students coming from Rocketship Education schools are scoring high on state sponsored tests.

How Boraie Is Turning Atlantic City Around

Boraie is a housing developer focused on the state of New Jersey. Founded by Omar Boraie as a way to combat the urban decay of the state, it has emerged as one of the most successful real estate giants in the city with apartment complexes propping up everywhere from Atlantic City to New Brunswick. That level of success would make anybody proud but it isn’t enough for Boraie Development or its founder. He won’t be happy until the entire state is formed to his vision of perfection and he is willing to do whatever he needs to do to get there.

Boraie is currently in the process of doing just about everything it can to help uplift the state of New Jersey. It has its work cut out for it with all of the urban decay the state has experienced over the years. Abandoned and old houses are found throughout its various cities. There’s a need for more housing and this housing must be of high quality. Thanks to the work of this developer we are going to see it in action for ourselves. The question of what to do in the future of Boraie will be something for everyone to think about. For more details visit Bloomberg.

Atlantic City has experienced a slump recently and that has brought a new for better housing in the city. When people talk about Atlantic City, they look forward to what Boraie plans on bringing to the city and what others would like to see overall. The 250 housing unit complex being developed by Boraie is going to change the way the people of the city think of themselves and their city overall. Things are going in the right direction and if Boraie is allowed to do what it has done in other cities, we’ll be entering a new age of prosperity. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms to see more.

One thing nobody disputes about Omar Boraie is that he is a man of vision. He understands very well what creates a good business and how to give people exactly what they want. That’s why his efforts to renovate Atlantic City have taken off. People want to see the state of New Jersey change for the better and they’re hoping he’s going to be the one to do it. If we can look at his work in New Brunswick and how well things went there, we’ll be able to predict a bright future ahead of Atlantic City. Visit State Theatre New Jersey to know more.

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Whitney Wolfe Reaches Deep With Dating App

Whitney Wolfe has been doing her thing when it comes to creating change in the dating app world. Everyone that has been able to utilize Bumble will see that Whitney Wolfe looks at the world much differently.

She could have chosen the same route that other dating app entrepreneurs chose, but she knew that she wanted to do something with her company that had not been done before. She did not want to engage in a type of complacency that has plagued the dating app industry for so long.

What Whitney Wolfe wanted to do was create a company that could evolve far beyond dating alone. She knew that it would be difficult to do this with Bumble in the beginning because there were already so many other social media avenues out there. The smart thing that she has been able to do is slowly chip away at different aspects of social media to get people interested.

The dating app is where she started, but Bumble has expanded in great ways since Whitney Wolfe has gotten married. As her transition from a single woman to an engaged woman ensued she picked up the pace with making changes to the dating app. As she furthered her journey into couplehood from an engaged woman to a wife she expanded Bumble beyond dating. She would engage people with a component of the app that allows them to consider the possibility of making friends.

One of the best things about Whitney Wolfe and her innovation is that it does not stop. She is the entrepreneur that truly realizes the meaning of innovation. It is not about making one new thing one time and resting on your laurels while the world passes you by. What Whitney Wolfe realized with Bumble is that she had the ability to create a social media app that could blur the lines between dating, networking and simply building friendships. It appears that most of the app developers were so focused on one particular niche. They did not have their mind on drawing in a plethora of different people that had different social needs.

Whitney Wolfe is the smart one that actually considered these things. She became the person that would lead the way when it came to dating app innovation. She would also lead the way when it came to changing the rules of dating with women taking the lead.

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Adam Milstein – Managing Partner of Hager Pacific Properties

Adam Milstein is one of the few people who believe that one must understand themselves to understand others. To understand an issue by yourself, you will never rely on other people’s minds. You must always be part of the solution to any problem facing you and anyone else in the world. You must contemplate the issue and understand it for better resolutions at the end of the session.

Mr. Milstein is an active real estate developer and philanthropist. Mr. Milstein is also a community leader and real estate developer based in the United States. Mr. Milstein emanated from Israel in 1981. Before he came to the United States, Mr. Milstein served in the Yom Kippur War. This was right after he graduated from the Technion University in 1978. When he arrived in the United States, Mr. Milstein joined the University of South Carolina to graduate with the highest honors in an MBA degree.

Mr. Milstein graduated from the university and commenced a career in the real estate industry. Mr. Milstein is the CEO and Founder of the Hague Pacific Real Estate Company. This is one of the largest real estate firms in the United States. Mr. Milstein is the CEO and National Chairman and Co-Founder of the Israeli Community based in the United States. Besides working for the community, Mr. Milstein is part of the management of several boards including the Jewish Founders Network, the Hasbara Fellowship, the StandWithUs, the AISH Los Angeles, the Campus Coalition, and the Bright Israel Organization.

Mr. Milstein has always worked through all his endeavors with the help of his wife. Mr. Milstein, including his wife Gala, co-founded the Sifriyat Pijama Company. This is one of the largest organizations that provides monthly Hebrew books to all their generals in a way that assimilates their comprehension of the Hebrew language. The organization connects more than 15,000-Israeli-American families living in the country. When Mr. Milstein came to the United States, he aimed to get an education. Therefore, he joined the University of South Carolina to graduate with the highest honors with an MBA degree. This was the beginning of a successful career.


Aloha Construction: A Home Repair Company Driven by Values

While there are many home repair companies in southern Wisconsin and Illinois, Aloha Construction is perhaps among the firms preferred the most by consumers. According to the company’s website, Aloha has completed over 18 thousand projects in areas such as Gurnee, Grayslake, Round Lake, Lake Villa, Mundelein, etc. But Aloha is not only riding on its expertise in roofing, gutter installation, siding installation, or other home repair services; the company’s founding values that include professionalism, honesty, integrity, and fairness have proved critical to the success of the family-owned entity.

Aloha can perform an array of home repair services, but the construction firm has specialized in roofing and roof installation. The expertise that the company has demonstrated in roofing appeals not only to homeowners but also other contractors who often call in Aloha to install new roofs or repair old ones even if the contractors are capable of mounting the roofs themselves. Aloha refers to itself as “a Roofer who finances.” Indeed, Aloha’s partnership with Synchrony has proved crucial for homeowners who are unable to meet their home repair costs either because their insurance companies have withdrawn their support or any other unavoidable reasons. Synchrony has carved a niche for itself as a leader in consumer purchases.

Aloha is family owned an managed. Dave Farbaky is the innovative entrepreneur behind the company, and he is also the president of the construction company. Farbaky is passionate about homes that are in tiptop condition, and the 46-year-old has made a career out of helping homeowners have perfect dwellings devoid of damages. Farbaky values timeliness and attention to detail at all levels of the organization, and he has made it a mission to impart the values to the company’s employees. What’s more, Farbaky through the Dave Farbaky Foundation sponsors charitable causes in the society. For example, the foundation has on numerous occasions sponsored kids to go on shopping sprees. Mr. Farbaky is a family man; he has a wife and kids.

Aloha is part of the big construction industry that provides jobs to Americans. The company has employed many experts including supervisors, inspectors, technicians, claims specialists, etc.

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