Talk Fusion Training Program

Many business executives struggle to understand technology. There is a huge need for companies to innovate as much as possible in the years ahead. With all of the new technology coming, companies that do not innovate are going to lose market share and may go out of business.

Talk Fusion is holding a training program for executives who want to learn more in this area. This is a great service provided by Talk Fusion for companies throughout the country. There are a lot of people who believe that this is a great way for companies to increase sales and profits in the years ahead.

Training Program

Technology is difficult to understand if you do not constantly learn what is new. Every few years, the latest technology gets old. Business leaders tend to spend more time working on their business rather than reading about new technology.

Talk Fusion has a training program that business leaders can go through. Although the training program is not long, it is a great way for people to understand how technology is impacting the business world today. There is a lot of new technology coming out in the next few years. Now is a critical time to understand how much technology can impact a business.


One of the biggest areas that business leaders need to look at is automation. Many people are worried about robots taking their jobs in the years ahead. From a business perspective, company leaders need to understand how to invest in artificial intelligence to drive sales and profits. Learn more:


Dr. Jennifer Walden: Plastic Surgery Super Doctor

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a board certified certified plastic surgeon in her hometown of Austin Texas. She moved her practice from New York City to her hometown so her kids could be around family. She is a member of multiple respectable plastic surgery societies. She is also the spokesperson for the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Biology with honors from the University of Texas at Austin. She earned her Medical Doctorate with Honors from the University of Texas Medical Branch. She received her plastic surgery training at the highly respected Plastic Surgery Associates in Miami. Dr Walden on LinkedIn.

In a review by the website Super Doctors, she is recognized as one of the top performers in her field. In a review on the website Texas Monthly, she talks about the challenges of being a female plastic surgeon in a male dominated field. She says the disadvantage is having to prove herself on a regular basis. She says that the clear advantage is that overwhelmingly plastic surgeries are done on women. She feels that it is a more comfortable environment for them because she is a woman and can better relate to their issues. A review of her accomplishments indicates why she is one of the best in her field. Similar to women in other male dominated fields, she had a difficult path to greatness. The review section on her website shows that she has very satisfied customers. If you are in her area and need plastic surgery, she should be a top choice to consider.

Jason Hope Has Always Wanted to be Involved in The Technology Industry at Some Level

The Life of Jason Hope

Running a business is a lot of hard work. This is especially true in the technology industry where things are constantly changing. Over the years, Jason Hope done a great job of running his business the right way. He is excited about all of the progress that he has made in his company.

Early Life

Jason Hope has always wanted to be involved in technology industry at some level. When he was in college, he did not really know what he wanted to do for work. He decided to start a business as a technology consultant. Although he would eventually shut the business down, he learned a lot of great lessons during this time.

Jason Hope then worked for a technology firm for several years before starting his current business. He now runs one of the leading technology companies in this industry.

Financial Planning

A lot of people who are interested in technology are not great with finances. However, this is not the case with Jason Hope. He runs his business as lean as possible in order to maximize profits. He believes that technology is the way that he can change the world.

His company is currently investing in a lot of new technology in the field. He wants to help as many people as possible with his work for more info about us: click here.

Hiring Workers

The technology industry currently has a major shortage of workers. However, Jason Hope and his business never have issues filling open spots. He invests in paying his workers well because he believes this is a competitive advantage for company. Not only that, but he allows his workers a lot of flexible working hours in order to spend time with their families. This is why so many employees love working for his company.

The Contribution of Clay Siegall in the Rise of Seattle Genetics Biotechnology Company

About Clay Siegal

Dr. Clay Siegal is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Seattle Genetics. He also serves as a director at Alder Biopharmaceuticals.

Prior to starting Seattle Genetics, he worked for Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute and the National Cancer Institute. He also served as the director of Mirna Therapeutics

He holds a B.S in Zoology from the University of Maryland and a Ph.D. in Genetics from the George Washington University.

About Seattle Genetics

The company was founded in 1997. It has tremendously grown to become largest biotech company in Washington. It has a market value of approximately $10 billion and a total of 900 employees.

Dr. Siegal has capitalized on his knowledge on human antibodies to manufacture some of the most helpful oncology products. He has invested heavily in research and development to help the firm graduate to the top league of the big pharma industries.

His love for the human antibodies reflects from the models in the company’s headquarters. He has focused on antibody-drug conjugates. The company has 11 oncology drugs in the pipeline.

Company’s Products

Adcetris is the pioneer product of Seattle Genetics. It treats Hodgkin Lymphoma which has the potential to metastasize. The product is approved by Food and Drug Administration as second/third line drug Hodgkin Lymphoma. There are tests being carried out that could convince the oncologists to use it as a first line drug.

Other drugs still in the development stage include 33A which targets acute myeloid leukemia, 22ME, aimed at bladder cancer and LIV1, aimed at breast cancer.

Dr. Clay Siegal has declared that the company will develop more oncology products. His candid assurance came in the midst of speculations of sale of Seattle Genetics to big pharma industries, claims he disputed.

Marketing Structures

Seattle Genetics has vowed to market its products independently. This is a reversal of an agreement where the company had sold its international commercial rights to Takeda Oncology to raise capital for research in the early development stages of Adcetris.

Seattle Genetics has opened an office in Switzerland. The office will enhance the international marketing of its products. In February, they spent $2 billion to get the worldwide rights to commercialize an oncology drug developed by New Jersey’s Immunomedics.

Seattle Genetics’ Growth

The company has recorded a steady growth. Its stock prices have tripled over the last five years. The sales are also on a rising trajectory with $418 million in 2016. This represented a sales increase of 46% from 2014.

Beneful Is an Easy Way to Give Dogs a Great Life

Every dog owner wants to give the very best to their special friend. However, nutritional choices for a dog’s meal can feel a bit overwhelming at times. Most people aren’t aware that some of the highest quality dog foods are actually quite readily available. In fact, Beneful dog food can even be found in one’s local Walmart.

Beneful has long been known as a brand which focuses on the full benefits of a nutrient rich diet. Many people are less aware of the fact that Walmart carries most of what Beneful commercial offers. It doesn’t stop with Beneful’s dedication to high quality nutrition either. Walmart offers a continual rotation of coupons for their stores.

These coupons can either be accessed online or inside physical locations. Beneful appears in these coupons quite frequently, and one can often find an impressive range of savings on the entire line of dog food. By combining great dog food with great savings it’s easy to give dogs the best of the best. And by keeping up with Walmart’s Beneful coupons it’s even easy to sample a wider range of what Beneful has to offer.